Dadhichi Toth, The Astrologer and Face Reader

dadhichiIn the 30  years that Dadhichi has been practicing face reading, astrology and other esoteric studies, he has conducted over 10,000 consultations.

His clients are not only limited to his local Australian market but include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures, media and corporate identities from all walks of life in countries as far and wide as England, India and the United States.

Furthermore, Dadhichi has been writing columns and stories for many of Australia's leading magazines including Australian Women's Weekly, New Idea and NW and periodically appears as a guest on most of Australia's leading television networks on which several of his political and worldwide forecasts have proved correct. He combines Face Reading and Astrology, to assist people in achieving happiness in their lives through a greater understanding of themselves.

Dadhichi's intuitive and technical expertise center very much on answers to your immediate and specific questions and his advice and forecasts are of a most practical nature.

Because of this, corporations and executives highly regard his no nonsense approach a careful blend of pragmatism and spiritual insight. Executives are better able to secure the right employees for positions with the wisdom that Dadhichi shares. Dadhichi brings to an audience his own unique brand of human understanding mixed with humor.

Dadhichi successfully launched this website where visitors could experience a wide variety of services including daily horoscopes, romantic compatibility, face reading and the soul shop for all things metaphysical. The site has attracts over 1,000,000 visitors monthly and was launched in March 2001.

For 9 years Dadhichi wrote for Harlequin Mills and Boon and his yearly astrology books topped  the best seller list in Australia for New Age category with over 350,000 books yearly being sold. His books also sold in France, the UK, South Africa, Asia, Scandinavia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

He appears regularly on several radio and TV networks doing psychic talkback.

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  • 2012 Australia
    • The Edge 96.ONE FM Radio - regular interviews and psychic talkback
    • Interview Sun Herald Sports - sports forecasts
    • Australian Womans Day magazine - interview on Face reading and Health
  • 2012 Philippines - Enquirer Face reading Interview
  • 2011 India - Media and PR Tour October 2011 included press, magazine and television interviews including the following
    • NBTV Television interview Chennai India with Jennifer Arul
    • Post Noon - Hyderabad
    • The Hindu - Hyderabad
    • New Indian Express - Hyderabad
    • The Hans India- Hyderabad
    • DNA
    • The Pioneer
    • Hindustani Times
    • Sakaal Times
    • Power of Voice
    • Ravishing Magazine
    • Pune Herald
    • Bangalore Mirror
    • New Indian Express
    • Post Noon
    • The Hindu
    • The Hans India
    • Andhra Prabha
    • Eenadu
    • Prajasakthi
    • Andhra Jyoti
    • Sakshi
    • Maalai Malar
    Electronic and online references
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  • 2011 Philippines
    • Boys Night Out
    • 2011 Philippines Channel NBN 4 Morning Breakfast Show television interview - political forecasts
    • 2011 Philippines DZMM´s Innermind on Radio with Jimmy Licauco
  • 2UE interview George and Paul Saturday Morning Program
  • Toowoomba Radio Interview - Astrology and 2009
  • Channel 7 Today Tonight 2009 Forecasts
  • Channel 7 Morning program with Larry Emdur - 2 guest interviews
  • Nova FM with Merrick and Rosso and Kate Richie psychic talkback segment
  • Inferno Entertainment ( Los Angeles USA )Mexico - guest appearance and key note speaker
  • 2UE guest appearance - David Oldfield
  • WIN TV Wollongong guest appearances Susie Morning Show
  • Syndicated astrology content to Key Magazine Oklahoma USA
  • Guest appearances as narrator Live show - the Peter Northcote Genius Love Act
  • 2GB Regular Psychic talkback segments - Chris Smith
  • 2UE guest appearance - John Stanley
  • 2UE guest appearance - Murray Olds
  • 2UE Psychic talkback segments - Glen Wheeler
  • Channel 9 regular appearances Kerrie Anne Show
  • Channel 7 Today Tonight Guest Interview
  • Channel 7 Morning program with Kochie - guest interview
  • Channel 9 guest appearance - A Current Affair
  • Vega FM Radio guest appearance - Jason Stavely and Mikey Robbins
  • Harlequin Mills and Boon - Book publishing & release of horoscope books UK
  • Channel 10 guest appearance - Ready Steady Cook
  • Channel 2 ABC guest appearance - Hopman Cup Tennis
  • 2GB Regular Psychic talkback segments - Luke Bona
  • New Idea Magazine - featured interview on Face Reading & Health
  • Womens Weekly Magazine - featured advertorial - astrology books
  • Key Magazine Oklahoma USA- regular astrology column
  • Syndicated astrology content to RSVP
  • Syndicated astrology content to Austereo Radio stations nationally
  • Syndicated astrology content to Australian Publishing Network nationally online
  • Syndicated astrology content to
  • Syndicated astrology content to TABcorp Victoria
  • 2GB Regular Psychic talkback segments - Chris Smith
  • 2UE Regular Psychic talkback segments - John Stanley
  • 2UE Regular Psychic talkback segments - Murray Olds
  • 2GB Regular Psychic talkback segments - Luke Bona
  • 2UE Regular Psychic talkback segments - Glen Wheeler
  • Nova FM Radio Interview
  • Channel 7 Sunrise Program
  • ABC TV Hopman Cup Tennis tournament interviews and forecasts
  • Channel 10 Interview with Gretel Killeen Live broadcast New Year's Eve - Sydney Lord Mayor's Party
  • Cleo Magazine 2 page special on Face Reading with Dadhichi
  • Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine lift out feature- Your Time Starts Now
  • Channel 10 Yasmin's Getting Married - panel guest
  • Channel 9 Mornings With Kerrie Anne - regular guest segment
  • Author Harlequin Mills and Boon 2006 Horoscope Books ( To be released Oct 2005 )
  • Weekly columnist NW
  • Weekly Columnist Womans Day
  • Kerri Anne Mornings Channel 9 regular guest, Face Reader and Astrologer
  • Dadhichi launches Australian website
  • 2GB Melbourne Cup Day
  • Content provision for News Corporation websites
  • Affiliation with major publishers syndicate Esoteric content
  • Associate writer with Skyler Entertainment, Franchise Pictures, Hollywood USA
  • Writers Guild of America
  • Regular weekly segment/webcasts - The - Dadhichi's Planet
  • Fairfax Community Newspapers Weekly horoscope columns
  • Contributor to Wellbeing Magazine
  • 2UE Radio regular Talkback Show
  • New Idea feature article Face Reading and Dieting
  • Dadhichi acquires
  • TEAC and TV Mate affiliation for broadband content via astrologyTV and interactive TV
  • Sunday Telegraph Forecasts of December 2002 include correct date of Canberra Bushfires, Russell Crowes Wedding and Nicole Kidman's Academy Award and other Government and Opposition events in parliament
  • Radio Interviews 4BC Brisbane with Brian Bury
  • acquires
  • Contributor and writer for English magazine Spirit and Destiny
  • Regular segments on Radio Triple M FM Radio
  • Lectures to the Sydney Astrological Research Society regularly
  • Lecture to the Australian Federation of Astrologers
  • Corporate Guest Visa International
  • Corporate Guest Commonwealth Bank
  • Corporate Guest Concentric Pacific Asia
  • Corporate Guest KPMG
  • Diplomatic consultations Consul General Trinidad and Tobago
  • Diplomatic consultations Leader of Australia's One Nation Political Party
  • Diplomatic consultations Danish Ambassador to Singapore
  • Diplomatic consultations Consul General India
  • Diplomatic consultations Commercial Consul India
  • Diplomatic consultations Royal Physician to the King of Dubai
  • Diplomatic consultations Regional director of Indian Tourism now in the Australian High Commission in Delhi
1997 to 1999
  • LUnico Restaurant Initiative Cairns Queensland
  • Radio Interview Cairns Fm Radio with John McKenzie
  • Estee Lauder Zodiac ( New Product Launch ) Initiative
  • Qantas formal dinner ANA Hotel
  • Personal consultations with the Consul General of India
  • Special Guest Barnardos & Peter Pan Charity Dinner Ritz Carlton Double Bay
  • Channel 7 Today Tonight Predictions of Earthquake in Balkan Region
  • Radio Interview Today FM Radio with Ugly Phil ONeill
  • Regular contributor to Australian Wellbeing Magazine
  • Public talk on Face Reading at The Wellbeing Holistic Centre
  • 2 S E R FM radio interview with Fran Rabitz
  • NBN Channel 9 Television Interview Newcastle
  • Channel 7 Television Interview 11 AM Program with Anne Fulwood and Andrew Daddo
  • Interview Adelaide Radio with Derryn Hinch
  • Corporate Engagement Malaysian Airlines
  • Seminar and workshop for Wollongong Oracle School of Astrology
  • Interview Wollongong FM Radio with Anthony Maroon
  • Interview 2GB AM Radio with Pardy Parslow and Dave Stretton
  • Consultations with Alectus Personnel ( Division of Morgan and Banks )
  • Lecture to The Australian Council of Vedic Astrology
  • Associate and founding Member of Australian Council of Vedic Astrology
  • Series of Lectures to The Sydney Astrological Research Society
  • Radio Interview Vanessa Morris Illawarra ABC 97.3 FM
  • Corporate appearance at Boomerang Integrated Marketing Christmas Function
  • Guest - Channel 10 - Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton
  • Regular Guest - ABC Triple J Radio - The Ladies Lounge with Helen Razer and Judith Lucy
  • Special Guest at the Museum of Sydney for Indian Government Tourist Office
  • Guest - Channel 10 - Monday to Friday with Greg Evans
  • Special Guest at Malaysian Airlines Corporate Event
  • Regular guest Channel 9 - Midday Show with Kerri Anne Kennerly
  • Series of Lectures to The Sydney Astrological Research Society
  • Guest appearances for Sydney Morning Heralds Icon Site Internet TV segments
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