Eleventh House

The Eleventh House - Friendship and Groups (Aquarius is the natural ruler)

The Eleventh house encourages us to develop strong relationships with our community and establish a group consciousness, seeing it emerge as the house of friendships. The house influences our influence in clubs, groups, hobbies and organizations.

The Eleventh House plays an integral role in defining our identity and sense of self in a group situation, ruling our social circle. It defines the way we change our behavior to get along with more than one person in a time, and indicates the friends that we are attracted to and are attracted to us.

Planets in the Eleventh House are concerned with our connection with friends or groups, and the support needed to accept or value our actions. The house is most commonly associated with aspirations, ambitions, shared ideals, friendships, the future, seeing the larger picture and the desire to make the world a better and more wholesome place.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in different Houses

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the first house

Depending on the strength of the ruler of the eleventh house, the person stands to gain significant wealth and patronage throughout his life. Some Vedic astrologers are of the opinion that this is an indicator of birth into a wealthy family, but not necessarily so as many other factors such as the fourth house need to be looked at to establish that. B. V. Raman indicates the loss of an elder brother in the early part of life but this is more likely if malefics influence this eleventh ruler by hard aspect.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the second house

This can create some difficulties in the family particularly if there are some hard aspects involved and the planets are malefic. Because these two sectors of the horoscope, ie the eleventh and second relate to money, the usual results of benefic planets are considerable wealth through self-exertion.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the third house

Earnings may be through musical or literary activities as the third house is a strong communication sector. Friends and siblings are usually a source of income and improvement in the life of the person. The elder brother will be courageous and can also act as a mediator or communicator on behalf of the person. The negative aspects to the eleventh ruler diminish the results somewhat.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the fourth house

This placement is exceptionally positive for income and benefits to such things as one's own mother, real estate and other conveyancing and/or agricultural pursuits. Look at the significators of these other matters eg Mars in strength will certainly result in the acquisition of properties or an interest in real estate. As the fourth house rules ones inner contentment and the eleventh one's cherished desires, this indicates the person is self fulfilled.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the fifth house

Speculative matters can go quite well when the ruler of the eleventh house is in the fifth. Study the aspects to the ruler of the eleventh house as gamblers are born when malefic aspects are found. Jupiter in hard aspect to planets such as Mars, Uranus and Rahu will be notoriously prone to producing the gambling tendency. On the other hand, if these planets are well dignified the individual can have several children and gain great happiness through his relationship with them.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the sixth house

This is an interesting combination as the sixth house ruling litigation, opponents and enemies can actually give the person the edge, thereby resulting in gains of money through these competitive pursuits. An affliction to the ruler of the eleventh house produces a person who tends to meddle in the affairs of others and alienates himself from friends. One's elder brother being ruled by the eleventh house, may become a source of trouble or an enemy especially during the period of the planets involved with this eleventh ruler.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the seventh house

The close link between the sectors of profits and gain in the seventh house, which is one's wife or husband, is an indicator of wealth gained either after marriage or through the association of that person. The negative aspects to the eleventh ruler indicate a tendency to illicit affairs and many liaisons and the person regards relationships more as a New Age activity. Experiencing as many new relationships as possible is desirable for their karmic growth. Offshore businesses will prove to be beneficial especially if good aspects are evident.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the eighth house

This combination is one of the more negative influences in a horoscope, particularly if afflicted in the eighth house. The reason for this is that the ruler of profits is relegated to the sector of loss, debt and calamity. Generally if hard aspects and a poor placement of this planet occur, the person may lose everything or ultimately may have to resort to borrowing to get by. The elder siblings may suffer danger or even death if under heavy affliction.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the ninth house

Fortune is favored by the placement of the ruler of the eleventh house in the ninth house and gives many opportunities for the gain of wealth and general happiness. As well as endowing the person with much wealth, particularly between the paternal lineage, the Vedic scriptures hint at the fact that the individual may also be charitably and spiritually minded.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the tenth house

There's a constant upward movement in one's business activities and social engagements when the ruler of the eleventh house is located in the best of the angles, the tenth. Business is strongly benefited by this combination and the person is favored by Lady Luck. When people ask an astrologer “Will I win lottery or gain something suddenly?”, this placement is one of the signals that can be answered in the affirmative. Connections with brothers and sisters in business is also indicated by this placement.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the eleventh house

This is an outstanding placement for profitability throughout life and shows the person is lucky, industrious and well associated with friends, brothers and sisters and earns money through them as a result. Depending on which planets are involved in this eleventh house position, the source and nature of those earnings will be evident eg the Sun indicates profits through the father or government, the Moon through women or the mother etc.

Ruler of the Eleventh House in the twelfth house

Gaining the upper hand in business may not be that easy when the ruler of the eleventh is in the twelfth house. This means the person spends everything he earns or waste it in frivolous ventures. These expenditures may also be related to siblings or friends who suffer illnesses or themselves have some setbacks in their financial dealings and the individual chooses to support them.

This is either because of the others' debts or because of their own charitable disposition. The person is also be interested in foreign cultures and may spend much money travelling to learn about spiritual matters there.

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