Fourth House

The Fourth House - Home and Family (Cancer is the natural ruler)

The fourth house represents the challenges faced in developing your capacity for emotional closeness and a sense of security. Cancer influences any planet within the fourth house, marking a domestic influence. It is through this domestic influence that the house is seen as describing both your home, family and the kind of environment that makes you feel most comfortable.

The fourth house takes our early childhood experiences and relates them back to our emotional foundation and subconscious self image, representing to us the way we feel about ourselves. It is through this that our sense of belonging is established and our emotional capacity is defined.

The house is associated with unconditional love, nurturing, intuition and instincts, family, childhood roots and the desire to create a strong foundation of security within our lives.

Ruler of the Fourth House in different Houses

Ruler of the Fourth House in the first house

The ruler of the fourth house when connected with the rising sign indicates closeness to matters of the home and in particular mother and the maternal lineage. The fourth sector also reflects educational achievements and if the planet is in dignity and well aspected, this heralds an illustrious educational characteristic to the birth chart.

As one of the pillars of the horoscope the fourth house has to do with wealth and social standing and therefore, depending on how strongly placed this fourth ruler is, it will determine the status and karma of the person. If this fourth ruler is afflicted then inherited wealth may be confiscated or earnings in the latter part of life may not be so favorable.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the second house

The fourth ruler in the second is an excellent combination for attaining wealth through matters of property and land. This also means that the properties of the family may be inherited and are considerably valuable, particularly if this ruler is in a good sign and aspected by good planets such as Venus, Jupiter or Mercury. There's eloquence of speech but the afflicted fourth ruler here makes their speech bitter, cynical and unpleasant, to say the least.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the third house

Because the third sector, is a sector of movement and travel, the person may be unsettled residentially. If the fourth ruler is well dignified and fortified by aspect, then these changes will be profitable to the person, however traditional Vedic astrology implies that relationships with some relatives may not be so good, principally if this planet is badly afflicted and step-brothers or step-mother may cause trouble for them.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the fourth house

The angular placement of the fourth ruler here in its own sector is a very favorable influence generally on the horoscope and on the person's life. He will have many comforts in life and is interested in improving him or herself educationally. The maternal relationship will also be cordial, especially if this planet is well aspected. Any affliction to this ruler indicates trouble over wealth and properties and depending on the strength of this planet, the latter part of life will either be good, or otherwise.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the fifth house

The ruler of this angular house in the fifth, a trinal house, is very auspicious and forecasts a powerful future for the person especially when the signs involved are friendly and the aspects positive. The person is charitable and spiritual by nature and has affection for children, not only born to him, but of others.

As this fifth house is the house of spiritual initiation and the fourth house has to do with education, the person may take interest in learning about the scriptures and the impact of mantra, yantra and tantra ( Hindu esoteric practices). Vedic astrology indicates acquisition of vehicles and other luxury items as a result of this placement, unless this planet is particularly afflicted.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the sixth house

This is not a particularly favorable position as an afflicted fourth ruler here can cause havoc for the person generally. The fourth house speaks much of the person's internal happiness and being in the sixth house damages these prospects. It makes him ill tempered and selfish and also indicates a waste of both emotional and material resources. With respect to properties and investments, the person should be cautious as debts may arise due to the ill informed speculation he may make. This is a person who may never settle down.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the seventh house

The fourth ruler in an angle is a powerful testimony to a profitable life, particularly after marriage takes place. As the seventh house is the house of movement, travel and change, the person will also earn his livelihood through frequent journeys. The affliction of the fourth ruler in the seventh house causes dissatisfaction in married life though.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the eighth house

When the fourth ruler of personal contentment is found in the eighth house it becomes difficult for the person to achieve any lasting happiness and this is certain if the planet is badly afflicted and badly placed. One of the parents may actually die prematurely as a result and this is also not beneficial for one's ethics and morals. The person may be highly sexed and finds it difficult to attain happiness in relationships. Property matters are a problem as the eighth sector is one of loss. Properties may be confiscated, lost or subjected to litigation.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the ninth house

The ruler of the angle in the ninth or best trine is an portent of good fortune and spiritual blessing for the individual. Because the ninth house reveals one's past Karma, the individual is born with accumulated credits on this count. They are religious and honour their teachers and superiors and do well abroad if they choose to travel or reside there. As the ninth house is also the house of father, he can be a source of great happiness and support, unless of course an affliction occurs in which case the reverse will be found to be true.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the tenth house

The tenth place is a sector of professional recognition and the placement of the fourth ruler here, if well dignified, indicates a powerful personality and someone who will make his mark felt in the world. Because the fourth sector rules ones home and the tenth, one's profession, there's a direct link between work and home and the person may, at different stages of his professional life, choose to conduct his business from a home base.

Some Vedic astrologers are of the opinion that the medical and pharmaceutical professions are favored by this placement. When Saturn, the Nodes or other malefic planets aspect this fourth ruler in the tenth, the person experiences a fall from grace and his reputation may be tarnished.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the eleventh house

The eleventh house being a profitable sector indicates the person gains financially from the family, and in particular the mother. If the eleventh house is a dual sign or the planet is a dual planet, the person may acquire two mothers or may be adopted. This may also be extended to include stepmothers as well. The person is lucky, rich and profitable in all his ventures if this fourth ruler is well placed and dignified. If there are adverse aspects to this planet, the person may be wasteful and suffer on account of friends and business associates.

Ruler of the Fourth House in the twelfth house

This causes troubles in the person's early upbringing and also danger to the mother, or at least illness and deprivation to her, particularly if we find this planetary ruler in poor placement or hard aspect. At some point the person might develop strong spiritual tendencies as the fourth and twelfth houses regulate the spiritual sphere of life. These are called Moksha sthanas or houses of emancipation.

The person may well reside in foreign countries or could at least have an interest in educating himself in foreign cultures or traditions. Depending on how badly afflicted this planet is, the persons life may possibly not go smoothly and there can be some severe Karma from a previous existence.

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