Children of the Zodiac - Cancer

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Jun 22 - Jul 23

There's no doubt your Cancerian born child will shower you with love, affection and exhibit nurturing and protective qualities from the outset, but you do need to be careful that they don't become too shy and homebound in the process.

These admirable qualities are certainly something you should develop but these should be balanced by adequate outdoor activities and sufficient social interaction to make them grow into self-confident human beings.

CANCER KIDThere's the tendency on the part of parents of Cancerian children to dote on them, to accentuate their shy and retiring nature, rather than encouraging them to take some initiative and to get out into the bigger, wider world. If they exhibit creative traits such as art, music and other more sedentary hobbies, you must stress that they need sufficient physical mobility to keep them active and healthy as well as encouraging their artistic and spiritual pursuits.

I mentioned above the protective qualities of a Cancerian child. Don't be surprised to find your young child stepping in front of you if they perceive even the least bit of danger to their parents. You'll be shocked at their bravery and desire to not let anything adverse happen to you. This trait will continue through life and you can always rely on the loyalty of your Cancerian child to stand by you.

Cancerian children have a tendency to sulk and to hang on to the past. You need to monitor these deep and brooding intervals and help them understand that there are alternative ways to deal with problems in life rather than retreating into themselves and not speaking. Here again we see the necessity of physical sport which can easily neutralise these negative emotions in your young Cancerian child.

Another cause of this type of emotional weakness which can become a habit, is lack of attention to the dietary needs of your child. These moods are often a result of poor food combinations and an inability to identify which foods your child may be allergic to. Keep in mind that even healthy foods may sometimes act as triggers which can destabilise your child's emotions.

As with most children, teaching your Cancerian child the value of a program in life, with self-discipline at the top of the list, will help steer them in the right direction and give them a sense of personal worth and achievement. It may appear that you are being hard on them sometimes but discipline with these children, as long as it is done in a loving way, is an excellent assurance of their positive all-round development.

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