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The monthly horoscopes utilize the planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars predominantly to determine the effects on your Sun sign. If you have an exact the time personal horoscope can be drawn up and these transits and then looked at with respect to the rising sign at a time you are born. In Western astrology both the Sun sign astrology and rising sun astrology are given validity. Vedic astrologers calculate the transits with respect to the lunar position more than the rising sign.

Many astrologers base transits on the movements of the Sun to different houses of your horoscope (see the Houses of the Zodiac). Usually by studying month by month where the Sun will be, we can gain an insight into the upcoming trends fairly accurately leading us to develop monthly horoscopes. These transits of the inner planets when making contact with the other planets will obviously trigger the more important events and this is how we can forecast what and when the important highlights of the year will occur for each star sign.

Introduction to the month of August 2016

Over the past few months I’ve been speaking of the imminent conjunction of Mars and Saturn which will begin to occur in the tropical sign of Sagittarius in the first week of August. What I’ve been saying is that this is really a violent combination in and forecasts earthquakes, really heavy natural catastrophes and of these can also result in an increased frequency of mass shootings, terrorist bombings which we are seeing now, and other increased levels of violence.

This combination is particularly notorious and with the transit of Mars recently in the eighth house of suffering (in the natural zodiac), with Saturn in the ninth house, and shortly at the beginning of August, Mars will be moving into conjunction with Saturn, some really intense effects will start to be felt.

You can expect a very powerful shockwave from these planets which will affect many people, so the increased violence that we currently are experiencing will actually be of a much higher magnitude and may not necessarily be a terrorist attack as such. Something pretty significant is about to happen and that's not good news but it’s the job of astrologers to forewarn you so you can make the appropriate adjustments in your life and affairs.


I’m often scolded for saying that we have very little free will. So how can you make any adjustments if it’s all preordained? Even if you’re told a lot of these things you’re not going to change your routine and stay indoors or hide yourself away from the world are you?  I guess it's like a weather forecaster telling you there’s going to be a huge storm and that you should stay indoors. Unless it’s dangerous you'll do best not to miss out on your normal activities like work or social life.

This particularly powerful a combination will more notably affect Aries and Scorpio because Mars is the ruling planet for these zodiac signs and as well, Capricorn Aquarius as Saturn is the ruler of both of these signs. These four signs of the zodiac will be feeling the pinch during August considerably more than some of the other signs. These two planets are very diametrically opposed energies with Mars possessing the outgoing, extroverted, powerful and aggressive vibrations whereas Saturn reflecting conservative, withdrawn and self-contained power. When these two planets come together there is a real problem whereby on one hand you want action on the other hand you feel like pulling back.

These two forces create an immense amount of friction and apart from simply relating to the signs of the zodiac that fall in the ninth house of the natural zodiac the ninth house also relates to philosophy, religion and politics and therefore this conjunction will most certainly be felt in those particular areas of society, and culture. Apart from any devastation as mentioned above in terms of natural catastrophes and disasters, terrorist attacks and an escalation of war consider that there may be also an increased level of conflict amongst the belief systems of the clergy and different religions, the judiciary and in the political arena. A conflict of ideologies as we have seen with radical Islam might also spill over into other more innocuous religions.

This will be a rather frustrating period when we need to really figure out how to direct our energies. In what way are you going to be able to channel this frustration, anger and resentment as well as the fear that Saturn indicates?   Mars is the opposite energy as I have explained, so finding that delicate balance between the two is critical and if you can discover a happy medium it will be a rather constructive combo, depending on where it occurs in your horoscope.

I’ll speak in more depth sign by sign about the full Moon and the new Moon, the new Moon occurring on 3 August in the fifth natural sign of the zodiac in Leo and the full Moon which is also going to be an eclipse in the opposite sign of Aquarius on the 18th.   Do take a look at the videos for each of the signs find out more about how this will affect you.  

In short, the fifth house has to do with amorous pursuits and has an impact on your social activities too. This is a pleasing sort of combination which might just offset the rather difficult conjunction of Mars and Saturn. Interestingly as well, although the Sun will be around 18° of Leo there’s a very loose trine because it's not exactly in a 120° aspect. In terms of the conjunction of Mars and Saturn the new Moon casting its influence in this area fifth house has a very marked impact on the future of humanity so something significant is happening based upon these formidable aspects of planetary positions. These are important karmic developments for our race.

Because this fifth house new Moon in the natural zodiac relates to our future generally as a whole, having a relationship with the ninth house which is considered the past, brings to the fore and ties with past karma, how we’ve acted to each other and our future karma not just as individuals, but as human beings are generally. So hang in there, it should be an interesting month. Let’s get started with the twelve zodiac signs and see exactly what’s happening for the month of August for your individual.

12 Signs of the Zodiac

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