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Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn

Highlights of the month:

Mar 4, 2017 8 AM (Mar 4, 2017 to Mar 5, 2017) Mar Sxtil Sun

Your enthusiasm is aroused. A burst of energy gives you new ego strength. Protect against quarrel or injury. Exercise extra caution with fire, machinery and sharp objects. Channel impulsiveness. Be appropriately assertive. It's a good day for business transactions. For several days you will have extra vigor, recognition and success. You are about to go on a wild, fast furious pursuit. A me-first attitude is in order. Your efforts can bring you recognition. Act on your true desires. Express yourself through positive action.

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Mar 10, 2017 (Mar 8, 2017 to Apr 21, 2017) Mar 7th H.

Mars, the god and planet of war, says that it may be time for you to stop avoiding controversy and take decisive action. Make a new balance between being submissive and assertive. If you've been avoiding confrontation and have just about had your fill of abuse on the job and in the everyday world, then something is about to change, drastically. Sure you want to cooperate with others, but you must also maintain your own identity. It's time to prove yourself. Become more actively involved with the public. If you're in sales, public relations, or the law, expect the action levels in your life to pick up. Romantically speaking, your desire for a relationship will be increasing. You may find yourself impulsively attracted to another. If you are now with someone and it isn't working out you may now want to split. Just like that. The truth is that your urge to merge is about to lead to into a hot little tryst.

Mar 11, 2017 7 PM (Mar 11, 2017 to Mar 12, 2017) Mer SSxt Sun

You're feeling more willful and confident than usual now. It's a day for intellectual work. Your thinking is extra clear. Make the most of it. Initiate some calls. Write some notes and letters. Send some e-mail. You can make a forceful public presentation. Enjoy some commerce.

Take three deep breaths and think deep thoughts. Find a new focus. You are the star. Communicate. People will be extra receptive to your ideas now. Travel is indicated

Mar 13, 2017 (Mar 13, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017) Mer 6th H.

It's a great time of the year for you to make a few practical changes. Take another look at your colleagues and coworkers. Think about new ways to do your routines. Talk more to people on the job. Enjoy a few good laughs about the work world. Enjoy more dialogue with your employees/employer. Study and learn more of the history of your trade. Distinguish yourself by effectively planning your work week. Right now, you can accomplish something really great by paying attention to details. Be objective. Concentrate on the big picture. Get organized. It is time for you to solve some problems. Be pragmatic. If things aren't broken, don't fix them now. Keep busy and work toward your goals, if you do, surely you will attract some favor.

Mar 14, 2017 8 PM (Mar 12, 2017 to Mar 17, 2017) Ven SSqr Sun

You're after the good times. Dissidence could outweigh harmony if you go too far. You could be stimulated to create an artistic piece of work. Your genuine respect can have miraculous effects. You can't get away with being too slack on the job now, maybe you need to take a day off.

Mar 16, 2017 7 AM (Mar 16, 2017 to Mar 17, 2017) Sun SSxt Sun

It's your real birthday. The sun has returned that part of the sky where it was when you were born. It is a great time to make plans and goals for the next 12 months. Start a new cycle of self-expression, leadership, honor and glory.

If you get a chance, stand out in the sun for a few minutes and feel yourself being charged by it's energy, vitality and brilliant radiance. Recognize your own stellar qualities. Resolve to have extra fun on your birthday and for the rest of the year.

Mar 19, 2017 11 AM (Mar 18, 2017 to Mar 20, 2017) Mer SSqr Sun

You're challenged to stay lively and alert. Negotiations are sharp. Back away from confrontations with authorities today. Drop some useless ideas. Double-check all details. Your schedule is more hectic and busy than usual. Take some time to follow your curiosity and pursue some new ideas. Buy some recycled paper, then catch up on your correspondence.

Mar 28, 2017 8 AM (Mar 28, 2017 to Mar 29, 2017) Mer Sxtil Sun

Contacts are much more numerous and lucrative than usual now. Talks and negotiations are fruitful today. The force of your thought is strong now. You can create perfect clarity. It's a favorable day to demonstrate your ideas.

It's a great day for advertising. You can create an effective presentation. Network. Exchange ideas. Enjoy social as well as business meetings. Short trips bring lucky breaks.

Mar 31, 2017 10 AM (Mar 30, 2017 to Apr 1, 2017) Sun SSqr Sun

A reward is yours if you complete a project. Perhaps an authority figure or a certain man is blocking your way right now. With an extra burst of energy you can get through. However, you are challenged to do so while acting in your own best interests. It is time for you to achieve a greater mastery of your talents. It is time for you to become more resourceful and trustworthy.

Read an inspirational biography. Then be decisive and autonomous without alienating anyone, especially you.

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