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August 2016

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Ruling Planets: Mercury

Aug 5, 2016 (Aug 4, 2016 to Aug 30, 2016) Ven 4th H.

You're cycling through a period where you can enjoy more give and take with the family. Enjoy more domestic ambiance. Add a new splash of color to your home. Conditions are ideal to improve your love life by making your home a more lovely place. Fix it up for the fine times. Get the dirt out and get more art and beauty into your home. More than any other time a warm personal environment will please yourself and others.

Aug 11, 2016 7 AM (Aug 10, 2016 to Aug 12, 2016) Sun Sxtil Sun

It's a good time to be with people. Make some efforts at self-promotion. It's a great couple of days for public and community relations.

Positive deeds bring you the benefits and advantages that you desire. Do something that will increase your self-esteem. For example, write down six short term goals and then check them off as you achieve them.



Aug 14, 2016 4 AM (Aug 14, 2016 to Aug 15, 2016) Mer Sqr Sun

You're challenged to stay lively and alert. Negotiations are sharp. Back away from confrontations with authorities today. Drop some useless ideas. Double-check all details. Your schedule is more hectic and busy than usual. Take some time to follow your curiosity and pursue some new ideas. Buy some recycled paper, then catch up on your correspondence.

Aug 21, 2016 4 AM (Aug 20, 2016 to Aug 22, 2016) Ven Sqr Sun

You're after the good times. Dissidence could outweigh harmony if you go too far. You could be stimulated to create an artistic piece of work. Your genuine respect can have miraculous effects. You can't get away with being too slack on the job now, maybe you need to take a day off.

Aug 22, 2016 (Aug 21, 2016 to Sep 22, 2016) Sun 4th H.

Perfect stellar conditions are encouraging you to cultivate new levels of self-esteem by accepting your own feelings. Give yourself a place for stability. Especially over the next four weeks, you will be defined by your living conditions. Your home is a reflection of your self-worth. It is a grand time for you to make your home a nicer, brighter place.

Organize your career among more practical lines. Start working on the next round of Earth Day activities.


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