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Bruce Jenner

October 28, 1945

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner
Career: Sportsman
Sign: Scorpio

Who said women can’t do things as well as men? Take Bruce Jenner for example, the Olympic star of the 1970s, blended-family-father-of-ten ( or was it more ) who has just recently shocked the world by revealing on reality TV that he is in fact, a woman! We were all as shocked as Kim and the whole Kardashian clan! To wait over sixty years to come out and openly admit that for much of your life you felt you were the opposite sex must’ve been one incredibly difficult identity crisis to deal with. Imagine the emotional tug-of-war between the archetypes of male and female; and that is precisely what we see in his horoscope.

William Bruce Jenner is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete. His parents were William  Jenner and Esther McGuire. Bruce had two sisters and a brother but unfortunately, fate took his brother around the time of his Olympic successes. As a child, he attended the Sleepy Hollow High School in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Later he studied at Newtown High School in Newtown, Connecticut, and after completing his education he graduated with a sports scholarship. In 1973 Bruce eventually graduated from Graceland College having earned a degree in PE. In 1976 he won the Gold Medal at Montréal Canada.

Date of Birth: October 28, 1949

Time of Birth: 6:16 AM

Place of Birth: Mount Kisco (NY) (United States)

Tropical Astrological Overview

BruceJennerPlacidushoroscopThe sexual sign of Scorpio rises in the east with the Sun, making him a double Scorpio according to tropical astrology. The Sun is very near to the ascendant and explains his intensity in sport, his drive and willpower to achieve a goal, undeterred, and in the end his extraordinary success as seen from his amazing achievements in the Olympics. But his Sun, his masculinity is challenged to the core, and instinctively so by the hard square of the Moon in the 3rd house in the progressive and individual sign of Aquarius. That this must have been an incredible internal battle emotionally and one that persisted for so long is shown by the inconjunction of Mars to the fixed Aquarian Moon and the sextile to the Sun in Scorpio. With the Sun Square to the midheaven, forming a T-square in fixed signs, the protracted nature of his inner battle has been admitted to by him as it took him years to finally accept himself for who he was, or rather come out and admit it to everyone else.

Bruce’s personality is a complex one and although the desire to reclaim and live out his femininity may not immediately be seen from such strong masculine planets in the foreground ie Sun in the ascendant, Mars and Pluto in the 10th, Pluto’s position as the most elevated planet in the horoscope, 9° past the MC attests to the revolutionary and transformative destiny in store for him. We can see this planetary influence is a very powerful and dominant one as the most elevated planet will usually have jurisdiction over the significant affairs of the individual’s life. Furthermore, look at the incredible mutual reception or exchange of signs of those two foreground planets the Sun and Pluto occupying each other’s houses. Let’s not forget that Scorpio is a feminine sign and being the sign of Scorpio reveals the evolutionary stage of the individual as one requiring a complete breakdown, death and renewal. These descriptions in the Western system of astrology describe perfectly the transformative influence of these planets at the moment he was born.

It’s interesting to note the strong opposition from the Moon to the MC as well. Fixed signs are never easy to deal with and the seesaw effect of the opposition is well known in astrological circles. Again the emotional nature, the female planet in a male sign opposite the point of identity known as the MC and karmic development further strengthens the challenges Bruce was born to deal with in this current incarnation.

The other interesting celestial interaction is the one between Venus, Mercury and Saturn. The desirable sextile between Mercury and Venus is checked by the very hard, disciplined and service orientated Saturn in Virgo. Venus is in the 2nd house while Saturn is in the 11th house and these are houses of practical and material acquisition. His sense of duty is well known and he looked after both families materially and emotionally. The square from Saturn to Venus or any hard aspect between these two planets for that matter is very telling on the emotional and relationship level. There is a deep and underlying sense of disconnectedness in relationships and now looking back I’m sure Bruce would agree that this had a lot to do with his identity crisis and his inability to deal with this issue. Many people having the difficult aspects of Saturn and Venus also go through lengthy periods of trying to resolve matters of intimacy, sexuality and love in general.

Mercury, which I haven’t forgotten in this pattern, also deals with sexuality in that it rules the 8th house of Gemini. The dichotomizing effect of the mutable sign of Gemini produces a flip-flop affect in matters of sexuality which is not helped by the above Saturn-Venus combo. Even the sextile from Mercury occurs in the 12th house of secrets and the indecisive sign of Libra. To make matters even more complicated ( if they weren’t complicated enough ) we see the close conjunction of Mercury with Neptune, the deceptive and sometimes confusing veil in our lives. Neptune is exactly conjunct the South node and this is a powerful testimony to the karmic nature of his lifelong battle extending all the way back into a previous existence where thoughts of his own sexuality would have also predominated but would have had to have been kept under wraps. And we all thought waterboarding Muslim extremists was a pretty tough form of torture. What poor Bruce must’ve gone through with this combination of planets to arrive at a decision in being true to himself must’ve truly been an extended form of emotional torture over many, many years.

Bruce has an unusual philosophical temperament which will deepen and broaden in most unusual and individualistic ways as he grows older. Uranus is in the 9th house, close to the 9th house cusp in trine to the Sun and ascendant in the water sign of Cancer and Scorpio respectively. He is a man of deep emotion, of a caring nature but misunderstood in the way he wants to help and nurture others. Jupiter, and Neptune ruling the 5th house of children and the other water sign, Posces, of his horoscope, are not well placed. Jupiter the old ruler of Pisces has gone to the 3rd house in debilitation. He did have problems earlier in his life particularly with his son but was able to resolve this as seen over several episodes of the Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The dispositor of Jupiter and the Part of Fortune is Saturn whose position on the 11th house in the friendly sign of Virgo augments his chance of resolving any problems he has with his children, even though Saturn is inimical to the rising sign of Scorpio. Saturn moves slowly, coolly and conservatively, and that is exactly why it took him many years to not only work out his own sexuality but to resolve his emotional difficulties with children and family. Planets in the 11th house usually function well by fulfilling one’s dreams. Even the malefic planets are considered lucky in this sector of the zodiac.

Marriage is shown by the 7th house and also Venus which is coincidentally the natural significator of marriage for men. Venus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house show his need for variety, adventure and exploration. Bruce was married three times but again we see the involvement of Mercury and Saturn in this combination which mean a spillover of many of the same issues and of course that makes perfect sense being a woman in a man’s body, being married to three women! With Venus in Sagittarius he may have tried to prove to himself for some period of time that he was in fact a man. Such is the Sagittarian Venus.

Over the past couple of years Saturn has been transiting the sign of Scorpio which contains the Sun, general significator of masculine energy, personality and willpower et cetera. Saturn is karmic in nature and by being located in the 11th house of the fulfilment of one’s lifelong dreams, its transit over the Sun would have precipitated his “coming out”. Actually, the 2nd return of Saturn to its natal position around his 60th year may have been the pivotal year in which he decided to clean up a lot of his past and work towards fulfilling his own needs rather than living in the shadow of other people’s expectations.

There must have also been some rather important developments in his life when Venus was transited by Pluto during the period of 2000 to 2004. At that time Pluto was approaching Venus then went into retrogression indicating the internal to-ing and fro-ing that must’ve been going on. Sometime after this the job of Pluto would have been done, just at the time it would have passed the exact conjunction of his natal Venus around 20° of Sagittarius.

The current transit of Venus which is moving in the upper part of his horoscope will be welcome news for him and shortly will make a conjunction of Jupiter in his 10th house, near his MC. This will be a joyous time and Bruce must now be somehow feeling as if he can truly relax and accept himself for what he is, a woman after all.

Vedic astrological overview

In Vedic astrology Bruce Jenner has the rising sign of Libra with the Sun and Mercury strongly positing the East. His chart shows the Sun had just risen but the Sun for Libra is the karmic obstructor as the 11th Lord of Leo, is unwelcome particularly in the sign that relates to the body, namely the first house. His conjunction with the 12th Lord Mercury which indicates secrets, shows that his desire to be a woman started in an early age. These secrets continued throughout his whole life. Mercury in Vedic astrology is called Kumar, or a young boy and indicates the person’s youthful and exuberant quality even into old age. Bruce does have a very endearing personality, a great sense of humour and a youthful aura. He also admits having the thoughts of being a woman in his childhood.

Sporting greats can be seen to have powerful conjunctions or aspects between Mars and Saturn and relationship to 10th house of career. As with Mohammed Ali, Bruce’s Mars and Saturn are in close conjunction in the 10th house in the water sign of Cancer, with the 10th Lord Moon and also Pluto. Mars and Saturn give him the controlled passion and physical dexterity required for the extraordinary sporting feats he attained and along with the close conjunction of the Moon and Pluto, his emotional drive and willpower is superhuman. These are the traits required of an Olympic champion and these criteria have been fully met by Bruce.

On the issue of the 10th Lord, which is the ruler of one’s Karma, destiny and also career, we firstly see that it is a female planet but it is also in the star of Mercury which being in the East gains directional strength, or Digbala, thereby endowing the Moon with strength as well. This can be considered one of the strong points for his success. Mercury is also a convertible or eunuch planet.  But we mustn’t forget Saturn, the planet which rules his 4th and 5th house and becomes the best planet for the horoscope is also located in the 10th house with the 7th Lord and the 10th Lord. The combination of these angular and trinal lords is very significant indeed and constitutes what is called a Raja Yoga or royal combination. Mars in debilitation receives cancellation of that debilitation by being associated by the Moon in the 10th house which is why although debilitated, he has considerable strength as a result.
The strength of Mars and Saturn is further enhanced by virtue of the fact that they are both Vargottama or placed in the same sign in the 9th harmonic Navamsha chart. The dispositor of the navamsha conjunction of Mars and Saturn is the Moon and is in her own house in the birth chart. Extraordinary power is evident in his career.

The stellar ruler of Saturn, Jupiter, appears to be a problem in that he rules the 3rd and 6th houses of the horoscope. This is neutralised by his position in the 12th house along with the 8th ruler Venus, constituting another powerful combination called Vipareet Yoga. Saturn will partake of this strength as well but the debilitation of Venus you ask? What about this? Well, the 8th Lord being debilitated also elevates the planet in that it brings good results much the way in which a harmful individual being immobilised is beneficial to you by being unable to harm you.

According to the lifecycles of Bruce, he commenced the North node or Rahu 18 year cycle on 7th of March 2011 which is in his 9th house in the friendly sign of Gemini in its own star of Ardra. This is also a case of Kala Sarpa YOga or all planets ( except URanus ) being withing the hemisphere of the nodal axis. In the navamsha chart Rahu is associated with the Moon, the mother or female and shows that it is around this time that he was able to resolve these sexual  karmic issues within himself. This 18 year cycle shows that the initial resolution is something that will still take many years for him to adjust to having lived the pretense of being a male when in fact feeling all along that he was female. The Moon and karmic North node associations always deal with issues of femininity, motherhood, nurturing and emotional identity. In his navamsha chart, this is augmented by the association of Pluto as well. That he had to secretly work through a lot of this throughout his life are shown by the dispositor of this triplicate combo in the navamsha chart, Jupiter, being on the 12th house of the natal chart with the debilitated 8th Lord Venus, another female planet regulating sexual matters and intimacy.

Transit of Saturn over the Sun and Mercury after 2013, may also have something to do with the resolution of issues of masculinity versus femininity. During this period the transiting conjunction of these planets coincided with the powerful 10th house glance or reverse square of Saturn to the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Cancer( Janma or lunar sign ) and the drama came to a head. Let’s not forget that from the lunar sign, Saturn’s transit was in the 4th house and this usually disrupts one’s inner peace of mind and equilibrium. Perhaps this spiritual disturbance forced the resolution and with the passing transit of Saturn into the 2nd house/5th lunar house more recently, positive striddes forward for Bruce can now take place. Scorpio is the 5th house of future karma based on the lunar chart.

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