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Charlie Sheen

September 3, 1965

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen
Career: Actor
Sign: Virgo

You mustn’t assume that every Virgo is meek and mild. This becomes evident when we look at Charlie Sheen, who was born under the sign of Virgo. Actually, many Virgos are highly outspoken due to the rulership of Mercury. This makes them extremely critical and clever in the way they cut their opponents down.

Date of Birth: September 3, 1965

Time of Birth: 10:48 PM

Place of Birth: New York (NY) (United States)

When Charlie left school he decided to become an actor. This is not a typical Virgo trait, but the expressive skills of Mercury do sit well with some people born under Virgo. He made his name in the movie Platoon (1986) and further solidified his career with Wall Street (1987). He went through a rough patch in the 1990s, possibly due to substance-abuse, which some Virgo-born individuals tend to use as an escape. This takes its toll on their sensitive bodies and nervous system, which is why it’s so important for Charlie look after his physical wellbeing.

Mars rules the zone of sexuality for Virgo males, which is why they are often highly sexed. This is why Charlie has been married three times and has five children. In recent years, Charlie has also landed himself in a lot of trouble, but he has still managed to reinvent himself, which is a Virgo trait that few people know about. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, which gives these signs a dual nature. This means that Virgo, like Gemini, often presents one side of their personality, while underneath they hide a completely different temperament. This is why they can be volatile, as is the case with Charlie.

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