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Kelsey Grammer

February 21, 1955

Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer
Career: Actor
Sign: Pisces

Famous sitcom actor Kelsey Grammer like most people was born under the sign of the Fish, he is a talented and multifaceted individual. Pisces is considered a mutable sign, indicating a malleable and adaptable nature. This could be one of the reasons why Kelsey is a five-time Emmy Award winner, and the first actor in the history of television to receive multiple Emmy nominations for performing the same role in three different series’. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has a strong affinity with those in theatrical, cinematographic or artistic lines of work.

Date of Birth: February 21, 1955

Time of Birth: 12:00 PM (unknown)

Place of Birth: St. Thomas (Iles Vierges) (United States)

Kelsey spent two years studying at the prominent Julliard School of Acting and then performed Macbeth and Othello on Broadway. After a stint in live theatre, he joined the cast of Cheers in 1984.

The Piscean temperament is a sensitive one, which may be why Kelsey has filed several law suits to protect his privacy. He has also filed a suit against his former talent agency to recover almost $2 million in commission. Those born under the sign of the Fish have a strong need to see that justice is done, and in some ways they exhibit similar traits to the sign of Libra. Interestingly, the ruling planet of Libra, Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, so there is an astrological link between these two seemingly different star signs.

Substance abuse can also be problem with Pisceans. This is the case with Kelsey as he has struggled with alcohol and substance abuse and spent some time in the Betty Ford Clinic. It is interesting to note that Pisces is sometimes considered the sign of suffering, which is summed up in Kelsey Grammer’s quote: ‘Life is supposed to get tough’.

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