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Leonardo Dicaprio

November 11, 1974

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio
Career: American actor, film producer
Sign: Scorpio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an actor and film producer.

Date of Birth: November 11, 1974

Time of Birth: 2:47 AM

Place of Birth: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)

LeoDicaprioLeonardo finally achieved the pinnacle of acting success by receiving an Academy award recently for his performance in The Revenant, the amazing story of one man’s amazing willpower to survive against all odds in the wilds of Canada.

Leonardo’s focused and penetrating work ethic is shown by the retrograde Saturn in his 10th house which rules his fifth and sixth house of creativity and work. The intense Moon and Pluto conjunction in his rising sign also accounts for his relentless mental application to any work at hand. Pluto rules his third house and his Moon the 11th so it's through the combined influence of these two planets that success is gained by him. The 11th house is considered the house of fulfilment and financial profitability and we can most certainly say that the Academy award will not only elevate his reputation, which was already intact, but promises increased income in future.

At the end of 2014 he exited his difficult 7 ½ year cycle when Saturn left the vicinity of the second house of the Moon thereby ensuring a much better period for him. The third house transit of Saturn is considered a good one and interestingly only just recently was conjunct his North node of karmic possibilities. He has no doubt worked hard and deserves the success he now has.

His ability to sway the masses is shown by the cluster of planets in the second house - Uranus, Mercury, Mars, the Sun and Venus all bringing out the Libran flavour of that sector. Venus is an excellent planet ruling the second and ninth house of good fortune and past karma while disposing of the South node in the sign of Taurus. Leonardo obviously has good karma from these combinations. But Venus is in combustion meaning that the Sun is burning it up and because it rules the 12th house of expenditure both finacially and personally, he must be careful not to overdo his work practices as this could ultimately affect his health. This is also indicated by the eighth Lord Mars in the company of the Sun and combust.

Mercury in conjunction with Mars gives him anamazing oratorial powers and there's no doubt his acting career is underpinned by this powerful conjunction. By sign aspect the South node also plays into this along with Jupiter in the sixth house by trine aspect. Virtually every planet except Saturn, Pluto and the Moon are influencing his second house of speech. In my experience, even the dual aspect or conjunction of Mars and the South node on the second house will result in the person being able to persuade others with his words. This fits perfectly with his acting profession and his primary instrument i.e. his mouth and tongue.

This award has been conferred on him in the very last sub cycle of the North node period under his major cycle of Jupiter. Jupiter is in his sixth house of work and as ruler of the seventh angle becomes an obstructive planet. Being in his work sector indicates the struggle he must have gone through to achieve his goals. Jupiter gives the results of the North node in the third house because it's in the star of Satabishaka which is ruled by the North node. The North node being in the third house aspects his 11th house thereby fulfilling him in his life at this time. And if we take Jupiter as the cycle ascendant for this period the North node falls in his 10th house or professional sector that from. The North node incidentally is conjoined with Neptune, the planet of films, television and acting. The conjunction is very close and the North node amplifies the influence of Neptune which is the ruler of the seventh house ensuring his popularity with the masses. And speaking about his North node, it’s interesting to see how astrologers can pinpoint with reasonable accuracy using Vedic principles when major life events are about to happen. The transit of Saturn touching his North node point which is his life-cycle sub ruler accounts for this.

Leo will soon enter into a new 19 year cycle ruled by Saturn on 9 September 2016. From the position of Saturn the stellium of five planets mentioned earlier falls in the fifth house of creative output. Saturn is a much more serious planet than the Jupiter under which he has been ruled for 16 years and sitting in his 10th house indicates a more serious tone to what his work will be about now. If you watched his acceptance speech you would see the political and environmental message that he gave was strong and you should expect more of that in the coming years under the influence of Saturn. Because Saturn is also in the sign of Gemini don’t be surprised to see Leo moving more into a writing and directorial sphere to express his deeper creative self. On a personal note this fifth house indicates children and this may show a closer connection to youngsters or even perhaps the birth of children. In any case, his creative output will increase not decrease under the coming cycle.

Finally, it might be of interest to note that Saturn, the loner, is the most elevated planet in his horoscope and with the advent of this cycle Leonardo may find himself more solitary and even lonely at times if not more successful and wealthy. Such is success and often the lot of superstars in Hollywood.

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