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Astrologer’s Diary

Astrologer’s diary

Dadhichi Astrologer
Dadhichi Toth Astrologer at 6 years of age

As a record of transits in my own horoscope and in the interest of shedding shed light on the subject for others I thought it might be interesting to what’s been happening in my own life. I figured it might be useful to provide an intermittent diary of my own transits to substantiate what happens under the movement of the planets against natal planets in the birth chart. Let’s see whether or not the classical transits bare out the dicta or not.

Mostly, I’ve used references to Vedic astrology which is my preferred system of studying what happens when a planet touches or aspects another point or planet in the horoscope. Generally however, you will find it irrespective of the positioning of the planets in either the sidereal or tropical system, the transit of planets will occur at the same time so these are valid for both systems of astrology. The house and sign placements will however be obviously different by a difference of around 23° of arc. I have indeed found these transits through houses to be extremely accurate in terms of Vedic astrological division and calculation.

General transits

2014 to early 2017

Saturn transiting through my 2nd lunar house commenced November 2014 and ushered in one of the hardest periods of my life. 2nd house doesn’t seem to relate to family matters that much in separation from the relatives and loved ones however its 3rd aspect on the 4th house makes this abundantly clear. The same transit to place just after my 2nd son Isaac was born in 1985. This was also an extremely difficult period. I have similar effects with very scanty income and also jobs which didn’t seem to fulfil me in any way shape or form.

The transit of Saturn through my lunar star, Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter, saw the commencement of a very trying time. You would think that the transit of Saturn although the 4th and 5th Lord from the lunar star would usher in better results. According to Vedic astrology it is the best planet for the sign of Libra being the ruler of an angle and a trine simultaneously. That was not the case and in fact produced even more difficulties financially. So the fact that it was friendly, in fact the friendliest to the lunar sign, didn’t mitigate the negative influences of the 7/2 year period of Saturn which is known as Sade Sati.

The 2nd lunar house happens to fall in the 9th house from the ascendant and as such sudden become the 11th and 12th Lord, with is you Moolatrikona in the 12th house. Talk Lord transiting through the Anuradha star ruled by himself accounts for the significant losses. The litigation as well seems to have considerable connection to this 9th house although the 2nd lunar house work and for the loss being attributed to money. Soon after these transits commenced a downward trend in the business, huge losses through dealing with others occurred in Indonesia and then big expenses in Melbourne Australia even though things were starting to stabilise.

The transit of Jupiter to Virgo which is my seventh house from the rising sign immediately felt relieving. This seemed to coincide with many of the Scriptures and writings astrology which say that this is a good positioning. Some might ask however why if this planet is transiting the 12th house from the Moon it would continue to be good. The reasoning is that this is also the third and sixth ruler from the Moon transiting the 12th from Moon and this is considered an excellent placement as a negative ruler moving in a negative house seems to function like the mathematical principle of the negative times a negative equals a positive. Although this did usher in a much better period, there were still stresses particularly financially and this relates to the 12th house being house of expense. Seventh house from the ascendant is also business partnerships and this is primarily where many of my costs have been incurred.

July 2017

Astrologer's Diary
The head of an astrologer is like a computer calculating the position of the planets and deciphering their meaning.

Jupiter has now returned to its natal position. I have often predicted that this is the commencement of a new positive cycle especially being my ruling planet according to Vedic astrology. This means now that the fifth cycle of Jupiter is pretty much completed on the sixth cycle will now commence.

The immediate issues now that I’m experiencing over this first two weeks of July seemed to be attributable to the transit of the sale and Mars and Mercury in my fifth house from the ascendant which happens to be the 10th house from the lunar position. This means that Mars is fully squaring the lunar house, firstly now with it square aspect to son, then mercury that Neptune then the node and then the Moon itself. I suffered some digestive upsets but also of a lot of dental pain and also an ulcer on the roof of my mouth. So all in all this has been a rather uncomfortable. So notwithstanding the fact that the finances are picking up, the physical side of things is not so comfortable in all.

July 18

The transit of the Moon across transiting Uranus in my second house hasn’t yet given any extraordinary financial surprises as is usually the case with this transit. The Moon is dark now and is ruling my fifth house. There was a small surprise last night when I rang my ex-wife to ask about my son who was traveling and lo and behold you happen to be that just at that moment that I had called. That was a little surprise which might be accounted for by this transit.

The Sun has just entered into the fifth house which happens to be the 10th house from the Moon. Mars is also now transiting this 10th house lunar wise and I am feeling a more uplifting set of circumstances professionally. Website traffic is up for the first time in a long time and it seems like our advertising campaign to attract more visitors has a lot to do with that and can be accounted for by Mercury transiting the 10th house.

From the Moon, Mars and Sun squaring Uranus which should give some unexpected results, more often consider to be negative by virtue of the square but actually the results are mixed.



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July 27, 2017

Astrologers typically look at the horoscope in a way where it becomes easy to simply rely on second-hand knowledge, book information and the dicta that have been handed down ad nauseam without any real research behind the information provided. As an example take the return of Jupiter in my case. It’s 12 year cycle is usually taken to mean an upswing in personal and business affairs but this hasn’t been the case does. In fact, this has been one of the most difficult periods in my life.

The new Moon recently however has made me feel much better and that is a typical shift we find when a new lunar cycle commences. According to my Vedic horoscope, this full Moon has taken place in my fifth house which relates to creativity, children, and basically romantic affairs. I have indeed found that there has been an improved relationship with my elder son and my creativity has also stepped up a notch.

Part of the reason for my poor health and also physical aches and pains has to do with the transit of Mars and its square aspect to the Sun, Mercury, Neptune etc in my horoscope. Jupiter has indeed protected me from anything much more serious which is the case when trying to establish if a negative transit in one’s horoscope can be counteracted. I was taught by my teacher that Jupiter, while well associated Mercury, Venus or a waxing Moon can indeed be very useful in offsetting some of the damaging transit by Mars, Saturn and the nodes.

The transit of Venus now in its opposition phase to Saturn and its own natal position has created distancing in relationships and an inability to be with my partner due to day-to-day domestic and professional constraints. This should ease with the transit of Venus moving to the ninth lunar position of my horoscope. Let’s hope.