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Eleventh House

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Friendship and Groups (Aquarius is the natural ruler)

11th House of the ZodiacThe Eleventh house encourages us to develop strong relationships with our community and establish a group consciousness, seeing it emerge as the house of friendships. The house influences our influence in clubs, groups, hobbies and organisations.

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The Eleventh House plays an integral role in defining our identity and sense of self in a group situation, ruling our social circle. It defines the way we change our behavior to get along with more than one person in a time, and indicates the friends that we are attracted to and are attracted to us.

Planets in the Eleventh House are concerned with our connection with friends or groups, and the support needed to accept or value our actions. The house is most commonly associated with aspirations, ambitions, shared ideals, friendships, the future, seeing the larger picture and the desire to make the world a better and more wholesome place.


Planets in the Eleventh House


Sun in 11th House is very favorable to intercourse with others and all that is planned with or by them. This position of the Sun indicates many connections with prominent, eminent people who by their personal influence are able to add much to the general success of their acquaintances. Through these connections, the native’s own popularity is considerably augmented, and many enterprises will succeed which otherwise would have had but faint chance of success. Cultured surroundings, good manners and somewhat conventional formalities are greatly appreciated, although the native himself – often on purpose – sometimes infringes on them.

Moon in 11th House indicates social intercourse with many acquaintances who upon the whole are well-to-do and exercise a great influence upon the outer life of the person concerned. An inharmonious aspect here has an unfavourable effect and too often brings the love-element too often into relations which were originally merely friendly; the consequence of this may be intrigues, especially of feminine acquaintances, which may seriously injure the native’s reputation.

A trine aspect, especially of the Sun or Jupiter denotes the possibility of a glorious victory, through the exercise of a noble, dignified self-control.

Mercury in 11th House. Position and attitude in society will be closely connected with acquaintances, relations and other ties. Some friendship of a particular character among prominent and well-developed people will be most important, not only for the native’s career but also for the growth of his character.

Otherwise this position gives great organising talent, clear views on various matters and circumstances which results in suitable and correct conduct. Interest is taken in commercial matters and literature.

When afflicted this position renders cynical, apt to sneer at one’s own feelings and those of other people.

Venus in 11th House. This being the house of friends and in general of wider intercourse with people, it is very comprehensible that the wish for universal brotherhood and peace should be prominent. Intercourse with others occupies an important place in the native’s life. Friends and acquaintances will generally be people of culture and taste – although this condition is not so pre-eminent, as it is with Venus in 10th house of noble, though somewhat conservative feelings. The Venus nature usually feels at home in well-bred, well-to-do surroundings and does not easily disregard etiquette and courtesy, not even in intimate relations or friendships of long standing.

Venus in 11th house gives the probability of much assistance and “luck” in all enterprises; many unsought for opportunities of showing acquired knowledge and capacities facilitate attainment of the native’s aim.

When afflicted obstructions will be caused by jealousy or partiality. Others will often try to profit by a certain degree of good-nature aid condescension and exploit their “friend”.

Mars in 11th House indicates friends who are rather hot-headed, so that differences of opinion will occur fairly often. They are however frank and courteous, so that as a rule a solution will soon be found and the thunderstorm will prove to have purified the air.

Because the 11th house symbolizes also the fulfillment of desires and wishes, this Mars position intimacies that everything depends on the native’s own energy and, personal will-power. It is not only outer work, but especially that which is done within which will bring victory. Not to be dejected by disappointments, but to investigate their causes; if need be, not to fear to blame one’s own egoism or thoughtlessness and then to try and take the lesson to heart – that is the path to victory!

Jupiter in 11th House denotes many connections with older people, of great influence, experience and good position in life; who are much in contact with the public. Acquaintances are sought among superiors rather than inferiors, because in that way a more rapid social progress may be expected. Once he has reached a high position, the native willingly exerts his influence to help others on. Therefore he is very fit for a leading position in a big society or institution where young and unskilled people are trained to greater capacity.

Jupiter in 11th, the house of friends emphasizes the ideal of brotherhood in society and also in religion. When afflicted the native should keep his own possessions and those of other people well apart; should never force upon another what his own mind takes to be true, and never take away from another what is of value to that person. For these things tend to estrange rather than to reconcile; only love and tact can in the end lead to the goal.

Saturn in 11th House indicates many connections with well-to-do and intellectual people and great help from them if their views and ideas are respected. True friends will be rare and they will usually reside at a considerable distance, so that the feelings are only expressed by correspondence or very restricted intercourse.

The native’s attitude to his contemporaries and to those younger than he, is characterized by a peculiar “fatherliness” which however may grow into schoolmaster lines, into a tendency to meddle, which causes irritation in others. It is therefore well for him only to give advice when asked and even then as reservedly as possible. There are only few people able to understand and appreciate all the ways of this character; as a rule he is admired from a distance which for that matter flatters the person concerned – or his masterful air and unreasonable fits of passion give offence; people are also suspicious about his spells of despondency and reserve. To many thee native will give the impression of being eccentric; only those who have much experience of life and knowledge of human nature will prove to be true friends.

Uranus in 11th House. The native will have many connections among romantic, eccentric or bohemian people, with whom he busily discusses occultism and art. Joking, courteous, airily social contact with various people, also of the other sex, may be expected. If not quite strongly and harmoniously aspected the affections will have to grow in constancy, although their intentions are pure.

When afflicted, this position gives a probability of very peculiar experiences in intercourse with others – relations in between love and friendship, connections entered into suddenly, under romantic circumstances and broken off equally suddenly

The native’s feelings of sympathy and antipathy are very strong but changeable. Many acquaintances are found among idealistic, original and unconventional people with whom he talks much and enthusiastically and together with whom he devotes himself to the formation of a new human race and the construction of a new world, in which true brotherhood reigns and money does not exist. But he should be advised not to set to work too rashly or boldly, because trouble with public authorities and the general public may result.

Undeniably the native has a tendency towards philosophy, and cherishes very high ideals regarding justice and love. He should however be careful not to exaggerate these ideas and not be in too great a haste to proclaim them.

When afflicted this position of Uranus makes the native reckless, quickly decided, obstinate and willful, sometimes passionate and unreasonable, hated or feared by many.

Sometimes a rashness contrary to all better knowledge is evident and he turns a blind eye on all the dangers which may be entailed by a thoughtless action. It is desire, the native’s lower nature which must be restrained if he will reach real and lasting happiness; and it may be overcome by emphasizing and increasing his sense of responsibility.

Neptune in 11th House indicates peculiar experiences in friendship, much contact with talented, but often deformed or invalid people; singularly romantic relations which start with an external trifle and take a strange course. Taste in the arts tends to the fantastic, mystical, and symbolic. Music especially has a strong charm. In the invisible world sympathetic relations are sensed, which may be of great support in daily life.

Depending on the strength of the ruler of the eleventh house, the person stands to gain significant wealth and patronage throughout his life. Some Vedic astrologers are of the opinion that this is an indicator of birth into a wealthy family, but not necessarily so as many other factors such as the fourth house need to be looked at to establish that. B. V. Raman indicates the loss of an elder brother in the early part of life but this is more likely if malefics influence this eleventh ruler by hard aspect.

This can create some difficulties in the family particularly if there are some hard aspects involved and the planets are malefic. Because these two sectors of the horoscope, ie the eleventh and second relate to money, the usual results of benefic planets are considerable wealth through self-exertion.

Earnings may be through musical or literary activities as the third house is a strong communication sector. Friends and siblings are usually a source of income and improvement in the life of the person. The elder brother will be courageous and can also act as a mediator or communicator on behalf of the person. The negative aspects to the eleventh ruler diminish the results somewhat.

This placement is exceptionally positive for income and benefits to such things as one’s own mother, real estate and other conveyancing and/or agricultural pursuits. Look at the significators of these other matters eg Mars in strength will certainly result in the acquisition of properties or an interest in real estate. As the fourth house rules ones inner contentment and the eleventh one’s cherished desires, this indicates the person is self fulfilled.

Speculative matters can go quite well when the ruler of the eleventh house is in the fifth. Study the aspects to the ruler of the eleventh house as gamblers are born when malefic aspects are found. Jupiter in hard aspect to planets such as Mars, Uranus and Rahu will be notoriously prone to producing the gambling tendency. On the other hand, if these planets are well dignified the individual can have several children and gain great happiness through his relationship with them.

This is an interesting combination as the sixth house ruling litigation, opponents and enemies can actually give the person the edge, thereby resulting in gains of money through these competitive pursuits. An affliction to the ruler of the eleventh house produces a person who tends to meddle in the affairs of others and alienates himself from friends. One’s elder brother being ruled by the eleventh house, may become a source of trouble or an enemy especially during the period of the planets involved with this eleventh ruler.

The close link between the sectors of profits and gain in the seventh house, which is one’s wife or husband, is an indicator of wealth gained either after marriage or through the association of that person. The negative aspects to the eleventh ruler indicate a tendency to illicit affairs and many liaisons and the person regards relationships more as a New Age activity. Experiencing as many new relationships as possible is desirable for their karmic growth. Offshore businesses will prove to be beneficial especially if good aspects are evident.

This combination is one of the more negative influences in a horoscope, particularly if afflicted in the eighth house. The reason for this is that the ruler of profits is relegated to the sector of loss, debt and calamity. Generally if hard aspects and a poor placement of this planet occur, the person may lose everything or ultimately may have to resort to borrowing to get by. The elder siblings may suffer danger or even death if under heavy affliction.

Fortune is favored by the placement of the ruler of the eleventh house in the ninth house and gives many opportunities for the gain of wealth and general happiness. As well as endowing the person with much wealth, particularly between the paternal lineage, the Vedic scriptures hint at the fact that the individual may also be charitably and spiritually minded.

There’s a constant upward movement in one’s business activities and social engagements when the ruler of the eleventh house is located in the best of the angles, the tenth. Business is strongly benefited by this combination and the person is favored by Lady Luck. When people ask an astrologer “Will I win lottery or gain something suddenly?”, this placement is one of the signals that can be answered in the affirmative. Connections with brothers and sisters in business is also indicated by this placement.

This is an outstanding placement for profitability throughout life and shows the person is lucky, industrious and well associated with friends, brothers and sisters and earns money through them as a result. Depending on which planets are involved in this eleventh house position, the source and nature of those earnings will be evident eg the Sun indicates profits through the father or government, the Moon through women or the mother etc.

Gaining the upper hand in business may not be that easy when the ruler of the eleventh is in the twelfth house. This means the person spends everything he earns or waste it in frivolous ventures. These expenditures may also be related to siblings or friends who suffer illnesses or themselves have some setbacks in their financial dealings and the individual chooses to support them.

This is either because of the others’ debts or because of their own charitable disposition. The person is also be interested in foreign cultures and may spend much money travelling to learn about spiritual matters there.

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