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Ascendant or Rising Sign – Aquarius

Ascendant or Rising Sign - Aquarius

For Ascendant or Rising Sign – Aquarius, they say Aquarians are the individuals of the zodiac. Consequently, they choose to think and sometimes even behave very differently to everyone else. Uranus, the dazzling and progressive planet, rules you. Also, it endows you with power, electric energy and a desire to be completely different to everyone around you. And many reformers and revolutionaries were born under this sign.

Firstly, Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. Secondly, air represents the mind and the ability to think. Aquarian ideas may be unusual, or even original, but once formed they tend to remain fixed. In short, fixed air, in brief, is a metaphor for fixed opinions.

Ascendant or Rising Sign - AquariusCertainly, you live wholly and solely on your own terms.  Likewise,  your life and destiny are carved out by you and for YOU. So, preferring to tread the beaten path is not on your agenda at all and you leave that to less adventurous individuals.

In addition, there can be someone tucked away inside you who is extremely uncertain for Ascendant or Rising Sign – Aquarius true identity. And the Aquarius ego is said to be the most precarious in the zodiac. And this is probably because Aquarius is the sign of non-conformity. Moreover, intellectual genius, practical eccentricity and mental oddity are all linked to Aquarius.

Further, you are determined and forceful in how you deal with others. Firstly, you may come across as somewhat aloof or even snobbish. For instance, you like to assess people and the situation first before laying down your cards. On the other hand, this is a technique for gaining the upper hand in your relationships.

In your childhood, you may have been under the stern control of someone over whom you had no say. And this leaves you quite sensitive if others try to take control. Moreover, as you grow older you’ll be mindful of this fact Ascendant or Rising Sign – Aquarius!

However, you have quite a different philosophy on life than most others. Then, you’ll realize this quite early on in life. And you will tend to keep your dreams and ambitions tucked away in a secret place until you feel it is time to reveal them. But you’re fearful of bringing them out into the light for fear of being ridiculed.

In addition, even as you age you’ll be quite comfortable in the company of young people. Community and social issues involving youth workers may be drawn. Moreover, you want to make a difference in this world. Likewise, you have a social conscience and may work with groups or organizations that have a hand in uplifting the less fortunate in society.

Ascendant or Rising Sign – Aquarius, your communication is very sharp. Similarly, relate extremely well to anyone with whom you come into contact. And have great organizational skills and like to work with others. Also, you like to express your ideas by coming up with unique solutions to both personal and professional problems.

Aquarius being an air sign is notorious for thinking. Moreover, you’d like to get to the bottom of things. So, this is due to your curious and mentally precise insights. And creating through ideas is second nature to you. Therefore, it is believed that people grow and develop with the expression of their thoughts.

Consequently, never let it be said that you’re afraid of challenges. Further, when arguing a point you are most impressive due to your background knowledge. However, unconventional again Aquarius in the way you study, live or present your ideas. But others will have to give you the due credit for your originality.

Communication is your forte and you relate extremely well to anyone with whom you come into contact. Throughout your life, you will continue to evolve and grow as a human being. And a far-reaching attitude sometimes overwhelms your friends and family members and people see you as rather flamboyant, and even harmlessly mad.

On the other hand, Uranus is also abrupt and thrilling by nature so your life will never be dull. However, unexpected and exciting events will occur at every step of your pathway throughout life. But if someone were to describe your day to day existence they would probably say that it was full of thrills and spills.

In short, conventional is a word you really don’t want in your vocabulary Aquarius. And boredom is not a feeling you want in any shape or form. Consequently, an approach to love and relationships is pretty quirky, as long as you are mentally stimulated. And once tediousness appears on the horizon, you are running to book a ticket out of there, wherever you may be.

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