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Ascendant or Rising Sign – Gemini

Ascendant or Rising Sign - gemini

How your Gemini Ascendant Or RISING SIGN Affects Every Aspect of Your Life And Destiny?

I don’t think I’ve ever met what you could call a boring Gemini. Yes, if you’re born under Gemini you have a tendency to talk a lot but for the most part. However, I’ve found that people under your star sign are quite interesting. But if not highly intelligent and always have something extremely interesting to say.

Certainly, Mercury is your ruling planet, which gives you your trademark communication far excellence, which others admire and respect. And this planet also gives you incredibly quick wit, original ideas and an inventive personality. Likewise, creativity of a high order is also evident in people born under the sign of the twins.

Ascendant or Rising Sign - GeminiMoreover, communicating ideas, linking your mind with others and developing new and unusual systems of thought is what you are primarily interested in. In addition, one thing everyone notices about you is the fact that you’re always busy. Therefore, never stopping to take a breath and at the same time quite inexhaustible in your source of energy. “Where do you get that stamina,” people ask?

Well, that stamina may sometimes be short-lived. Consequently, you are in fact a person that gives 110% to anything you do, but you do have the tendency to run yourself ragged. And need to carefully manage your physical and mental energies to optimize your sense of well-being. But you mustn’t burn the candle at both ends.

Further, you’re the type of person who’s curious about life. Therefore loves to learn about anything and everything. However, you have a broad base of knowledge and yes, you can sometimes be accused of being a little superficial. Because you like to taste a bit of this and a bit of that, very much like a connoisseur of food at a smorgasbord. But yet again, you have such a diverse range of interests that you’re happy to forego the “main course” for the excitement of the experience. Certainly,Gemini is constantly on the prowl for stimulation and education.

In addition, restlessness is one of your less positive traits. But here again, we see that it gives you the drive to seek new adventures in life. And to keep learning more and more. For you, the idea of growing old is abhorrent. In fact, your ruling planet, Mercury, is youthful even in old age and imbues you with this quality. For instance, many of the same Geminis that I referred to above that I’ve been in contact with seem to appear much younger than their age, both physically. And in the way, they communicate their experiences. Growing old gracefully is not in your repertoire.

Likewise, Gemini is a dual sign, which means you’re the butt of many “schizophrenic” jokes. Moreover, this does have some truth to it, especially when we delve a little more deeply into the Gemini character to see that you blow hot and cold from time to time. On the other hand, you want something; on the one hand, you don’t. Similarly, sometimes wanting more, sometimes wanting less. For instance, a see-saw of life experiences does present you with a challenge as to who you are and what your true identity is. As a result, try not to allow others to misinterpret this as some sort of deceptive personality flaw.

Above all, getting down to routine is not something you enjoy all that much. Rather, you’d prefer an intense array of variety to keep you on the edge, even if it does affect your nervous system sometimes. But words, poetry and even music and other forms of verbal communication are your forte. In addition, taking an interest in writing, teaching, even if this is not something you would do as a profession, is right up your alley.

Because of your insatiable desire to learn and communicate, you have an extraordinarily wide circle of friends and interests. In fact, you may have several groups of different types of friends to satisfy your never-ending search for understanding. So, try not to spread yourself too thin. However, as you’ll make commitments in good faith only to find that you run out of time and aren’t capable of giving equal time to those you love.

In the same vein, you are a traveler by nature and that restlessness of spirit which is part and parcel of your character will find you. In addition, journeying to many different parts of the world to explore culture, history and anthropology. Similarly,  even if you don’t travel overseas, you find yourself constantly moving, travelling or even just walking to burn off some of that nervous energy

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