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Ascendant or Rising Sign - Taurus

The sign that was ascending at the specific time and location of an event.

You're born with the earthy sign of Taurus rising in the east. This particular Venus ruled earth sign is considered fixed, which means that you persevere in anything you begin. You have great staying power, even if the odds are stacked against you. You never give up, you are hard to budge from your position and when it comes to matters of principal, you see things through to the end.


Venus, as I mentioned, your ruler, presides over desires, both worldly and emotional. An extension of this is the secular energy and attractiveness that Venus bestows on you, making you passionate and sensual. Taureans are tactile by nature.

ASTROLOGY-ASC--taurusYou are slow moving in the way you approach things. Rushing Taurus doesn't work. You are meticulous in the way you approach your plans and the execution of those plans. In this way, you rather plod and perfect than rush and ruin.

There's considerable refinement in the personality of the Taurus-born individual. You can't handle anything crass or abrasive to your sight, your hearing or your taste. You love comforts and pleasures and work hard to make sure that you put yourself in a position to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Being a steady individual, you are dependable, reliable and never shirk your responsibilities. By the same token, your patience means that you want to do things your way and hate any sort of interference. Impulse is not a trait that we usually associate with the Taurus-born native. You won't be pushed without giving adequate thought to any decision you make. Even if others give you a list as long as their arm for justification as to why you should do something, this is still not good enough for you. You, Taurus, will come to your decision in your own good time.

You can be extremely stubborn because of this, and others find it somewhat difficult to sway your thinking. You don't like to fight, but when you're provoked your bull's horns will be exhibited for the world to see. You'll take a stand but if that's still not good enough, you're more than happy to charge. Watch out, world, when this happens because Taurus doesn't take any enemies.

Your ruling planet, Venus, makes you a most social creature and therefore Taureans love to be surrounded by people. You enjoy in particular serving others and making them as comfortable as possible. This makes you a great friend and confidante.

Creating a homely and comfortable environment in which to live is high on your Taurean priority list. You value a comfortable, domesticated situation in which you can share your life with those you love, welcoming family and friends whenever possible into your nest.

You love creature comforts and perhaps a little too much for your own good. Read on in the diet and health section where I talk about how food and drink and overindulgence in these things may lead to some problems in the Taurean individual.

Change is something you don't handle all that well unless, of course, you've had ample time to deliberate and come to your own conclusions. You are extremely uncomfortable when others try to impose their will upon you, and this also brings the ferocious bull out of hibernation, so to speak.

You're generally even-tempered, but can surprise others with your explosive temper if you're pushed beyond your limits. Try to find an adequate outlet for your sometimes pent up energy as some Taurus-born people do tend to bottle up their feelings, thereby creating a lot of inner turmoil for themselves.



You run the risk of overworking, attempting to achieve too much on the material plane and thereby ruining your health in the process. Overindulgence is a danger. Regulating your life and living to a very strict pattern of discipline will not only be comfortable but desirable for Taurus.

You don't mind getting your hands dirty, even if you're a woman. Nothing is beneath you and, if it's going to save you some money and at the same time beautify your surroundings, even better. Gardening in particular not only gives you the opportunity to enhance your surroundings but to also get your hands in the soil close to Mother Earth, which you have a close affinity with.

Graceful and charming Venus makes you attractive and loveable to all who cross your path.

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