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Astrological Profile for Those Born on April 18

Your Star Sign is Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planet is Mars.

You are completely unafraid to disagree with anyone and to make your opinions known. Often quite loudly Try lightening your manner a touch and practising the art of quiet assertion. Your energies indicate constant bickering and squabbling are likely if you don't temper the abrasive side of your nature.

Strangely though your debating skill may in fact bring you good fortune and gains in law, legal disputes, sales or the diplomatic corps. You have great physical power and pride in your bodily strength. There are indications of injury, possibly to the knees and ankles.

People born on April 18 are brave and empowering. They do not sit still, and use their physical energies more productively than they would in other zodiac signs. April 18th people are typically well-groomed, trim, and healthy. Their mental well-being can be affected by boredom or loneliness, however. They can be easily distracted and need encouragement to be productive.

They are compassionate and have empathy. They are restless when restricted or stifled. They also sense the vastness of the horizon and are optimistic about the future. They are likely to be highly successful in the field of business or politics. In addition, they will be successful inventors or entrepreneurs.

Aries born on April 18 need love and loyalty to be happy and fulfilled. They often struggle to do what's right when disaster strikes. They are prone to anxiety and nervousness due to their high energy level, however this is easily overcome by their determination and willingness to act. However, the personality traits of April 18 Aries are a mix of ambition, creativity, and a desire for material success.

Your lucky colors are red, maroon and scarlet and autumn tones.

Your lucky gems are red coral and garnet.

Your lucky days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72.

Famous people born on your birthday include Leopold Stokowski, Little Brother Montgomery, Hayley Mills, James Woods, Conan O'Brien, Maria Bello and Melissa Joan Hart.


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