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Astrological Profile for Those Born on April 26

Your Star Sign is Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Venus and Saturn.

What high principles of living you have. You've probably never classed yourself as a "religious person" but your attitude is in fact very much about doing the right thing to others. This will always have a beneficial reflex action on your life and destiny.

There is a great deal of structure order and discipline to your thinking. If there is one negative trait in your personality it could be that you plan too much.

Be flexible in your future dreams and relationships.

The Birthday Horoscope April 26, the sign of Taurus, reveals that you are both practical and visionary. You have a strong desire for preservation, and may have a penchant for the arts. You may need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly, though. You should not consider April 26 to be a negative sign.

If you were born on April 26, you are likely to be a dedicated worker and colleague. You are often able to work very hard and accomplish a great deal, but you also know when to relax and have fun. The April 26th birthday person is known for their ability to listen and avoid being insensitive. You may be an excellent listener, but you may be too cynical or rude to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

You should understand your personality element, as it has a lot to do with your future. Bulls are a sign of determination and stubbornness. Comfort is important in every aspect of your life. However, you will not give up on trying to get it. Your willpower and determination will not falter, even when faced with tough challenges. Your example could be an inspiration to other Tauruses.

Taurus is the sign of love and romance. Those born on April 26 have good decision-making skills. Although they are picky about romantic partners, they have a natural ability to make connections. Some people may be prone to attract bad people into their circle. They are skilled in financial and business matters. They are not necessarily a great choice for partners, but it is an indicator of their compatibility.

Your lucky colors are deep blue and black.

Your lucky gems are blue sapphire, lapis lazuli and amethyst.

Your lucky days of the week are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71.

Famous people born on your birthday include Marcus Aurelius, Oliver Cromwell, Bernard Malamud, Carol Burnett, David Beecroft, Jet Li, Kane, Jordana Brewster and Marnette Patterson.


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