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Astrological Profile for Those Born on April 3

Your Star Sign is Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Mars and Jupiter.

The beneficial Jupiter is your ruler and reflects your moral and spiritual nature. You have standards that are very high and you aspire to the principles of integrity and fair play in all areas of your life. You exhibit empathy, compassion and a genuine concern for all people, but at the same time may also exhibit good executive ability. You have well balanced and sound judgement, are honest in your dealings, self-confident and are known for your jovial exuberant spirit.

Though long journeys are indicated by the combined influence of Venus and Jupiter, it may well be mental or spiritual in nature. There is no doubt that at some stage on your path some inner awakening may take place. You will have some mystical experiences and be fascinated with the unknown.

Take note that the big plans you have in mind for yourself should always be tempered with the slogan " bigger is not necessarily better".

The Birthday Horoscope for April 3rd is a sign of foresight and ambition. Most people born on April 3 will decide in their youth what they want to achieve in life and follow their instincts. Ambitious people tend to be more focused and make better decisions. They may also dream of what they can achieve. These dreams may even provide insight into the future. You are more likely to have wild and spontaneous dreams if you were born on April 3.

Your intuition is well developed and you will have no trouble getting to the core of a problem. People around you will be able to hear your opinions clearly and find them very instructive. Physical strength can also be a benefit! These strengths make you an excellent leader. The April 3rd is a stubborn breed and can make errors. These are what make them strong.

Aries Birthday Horoscope April 3 reveals that this person will be enthusiastic about their job. They will be interested in careers in which they can earn quick cash. These people like helping others and are interested in jobs that pay a lot. They will also have insights into how they can help others. Their ambitions and drive will be revealed by the April 3 Birthday Horoscope of Aries. When it comes to love and romance, the April 3 native of Aries is an exciting sign to be around.

Your lucky colors are yellow, lemon and sandy shades.

Your lucky gems are yellow sapphire, citrine quartz and golden topaz.

Your lucky days of the week Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75.

Famous people born on your birthday include Washington Irving, George Jessel, Marlon Brando, Doris Day, Wayne Newton, Alec Baldwin and Eddie Murphy.


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