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Astrological Profile for Those Born on December 3

Your Star Sign is Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are blessed with abundant optimism, self-confidence, and cheerful generosity. Your good will and friendliness win you many allies. You also have grand visions and aspirations, and the desire to succeed in life in a big way. You expect the best, and usually get it.

You tend to exaggerate, to promise more than is possible, and to misjudge through over-optimism. However, you never lose your hopes for the future. Restlessness and discontent with responsibilities and limitations in life can be troublesome for you.

People born on December 3 are energetic and enjoy constant change. These people are often creative and enjoy working on community projects. They like to be the center of attention and are often known for their ability to help others. These people are idealists and have a desire to improve the world. They are impulsive, but they're also willing to take time off for travel or rest.

People born December 3 are able to communicate their feelings in a unique way. They are friendly and open-minded. They are also creative and possess a great sense of humor. Their unique personality traits can lead to them forming amazing relationships with rich people and foreigners. They may also be secretive and stubborn.

People born on December 3 have strong wills, enthusiasm, and creativity. This day is a good one to work in creative careers. They're adaptable and generally have a lot of money, though they're prone to impulsive spending. The best time to spend money wisely is for travel! And don't be afraid to enjoy yourself! If you're born on December 3rd, be sure to take advantage of the good fortune!

Your lucky colors are yellow, lemon and sandy shades.

Your lucky gems are yellow sapphire, citrine quartz and golden topaz.

Your lucky days of the week Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75.

Famous people born on your birthday include Joseph Conrad, Anton Webern, Anna Freud, Andy Williams, Daryl Hannah, Brendan Fraser and Jean-Luc Godard.


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