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Astrological Profile for Those Born on January 20

Your Star Sign is Capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Saturn Uranus and the Moon.

Uranus always adds a touch of excitability to nature and in your case, you are no exception. You

have quick responses, lightning speed reaction and may be erratic at times but Saturn and Capricorn do have a steadying effect as well.

You can channel your willpower into imaginative areas with good results, but you must expect tension in your relationships as your quick conclusions and changing moods may make it hard for your friends

and associates to keep up with your electric aura.

Your destiny is an unusual one. For as you struggle along certain lines, providence will see to it

that when you least expect it you will have sudden successes and maybe not at all from the areas you

had at first expected success to come from.

Uranus often has a marked impact on the nervous system. Try to take adequate rest and maintain

regularity in your diet. Daily meditation wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Your lucky colors are cream and white and blue

Your lucky gems are moonstone or pearl and blue sapphire.

Your lucky days of the week are Saturday and Monday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74.

Famous people born on your birthday include George Burns, Fedeico Fellini, Patricia Neal, David

Lynch, Paula Patricio, Jamie Denton, Gary Barlow and Jerry Swindall.


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