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Astrological Profile for Those Born on March 7

Your Star Sign is Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planet is Neptune.

You are ruled by the mythical God, Neptune, which describes your nature most adequately. Just like the vast ocean you are restless, moody and fond of change and travel. You love the water and places connected with the sea.

Your life lesson is to learn the art of defending yourself and not always to retreat into your self-made shell. Your energies at times are very inconstant. Could it be that you give far more attention to the needs of others than to some of the most immediate needs within your own heart and mind?

You have strong psychic abilities that relate to the water element within you and you can use this talent, not only for your own advantage but helping others as well. All of the healing and helping professions are well suited to your nature. Your main lessons are to learn to take better care of your material life so as to enjoy your future fully.

You might be wondering about your future relationship with your partner if you were born on the 7th of March. This date is known for being generous and charming, while they dislike conflict. If you have an argument with your partner, you'll end up feeling bad for days and may withdraw into resentment. Instead, find a partner who understands your need for freedom and flexibility.

A person born on the 7th of March has an extremely adaptable and practical personality. They are often a bit more comfortable being alone but can also be very creative and open to the possibility of working with others. People born on this day are generally focused, but they can also be impetuous and idealistic. They are a great choice of partner but they can also be messy and fussy.

People born on the 7th of March are complex and creative. They are also dreamers, and often ignore reality. This makes them a good parent, but they also have trouble adhering to a daily workout routine. It's up to you to manage the stress. A good source of support is your family and a few good friends.

People born on March 7 have the sun sign of Pisces. This makes them prone to various types of allergies and infections. Because of their heightened sensitivity, they also have a tendency to have problems with the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. It is crucial to be mindful of what you eat, and how much exercise. This zodiac sign prefers a diet high in cereals and vegetables.

Your lucky colors are the darker green shades.

Your lucky gems are turquoise, cats eye, chrysoberyl.

Your lucky days of the week Saturdays and Mondays.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79.

Famous people born on your birthday include Maurice Ravel, Rachel Weisz, Larry Bagby and Laura Prepon.


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