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Astrological Profile for Those Born on November 29

Your Star Sign is Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Jupiter and Moon.

You are tolerant and forgiving, always ready to overlook mistakes and give others a second chance. You expect the best from people and draw it out of them, and you enjoy making others comfortable and happy. Because of your emotional generosity, your life is rich with friends, and often financial blessings as well.

You have a buoyant, cheerful disposition and reach out to others in a warm, open, friendly way. Your emotional generosity and lack of pettiness are well known among your circle of friends, and people often seek you out for help, sympathy, or advice. You are always willing to overlook others' faults, and you sometimes overdo your charitableness.

You are easygoing, agreeable, and tolerant, willing to overlook others' mistakes, forget the past, and begin again on a positive note. You enjoy making others comfortable and happy and sometimes overdo your generosity. You often feel that "everything will turn out all right no matter what I do", and so become lazy and lackadaisical.

You're in the right spot if you want to get a complimentary astrological reading. November 29th birth dates are in the first decan of Sagittarius, so you're likely to be a gentle and caring person. You may also be more observant than most, but this planetary alignment warns you not to fall in love with someone with a Scorpio ascendant.

People born November 29th have unique personalities. They tend to love being around people, and they have a way of getting them excited and motivated. They can be difficult to get along, so it is important that they learn how to mix with others. Learning to be compassionate will go a long way in making life easier and happier. You'll make progress in whatever you do. The world is a better place if you have the strength to stand up for your values and do what's right for the highest good.

Your lucky colors are cream and white and green.

Your lucky gems are moonstone or pearl.

Your lucky days of the week Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74.

Famous people born on your birthday include Amos Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. John Mayall, Jeff Fahey, Cathy Moriarty, Kim Delaney and Andrew McCarthy.


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