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Astrological Profile for Those Born on September 25

Your Star Sign is Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Venus and Neptune.

Neptune opens your eyes to sights that people don't see, your ears to sounds that others can't hear. You are born with celestial connections, psychic vibrations and a remarkable "sense" of knowing. Yours is truly a spiritual and new age energy.

You are forever looking out for the needs or welfare of others, even when you should really be sorting out some of the stuff in your own life. Don't go to extremes and ignore the work that has to be done on your own inner level, as the deeper side of Neptune can confuse and deceive you just as easily. Issues of trust in relationships need to be addressed and stem from daily family conflicts.

Your lucky colors are the darker green shades.

Your lucky gems are turquoise, cats eye chrysoberyl, tigers eye.

Your lucky days of the week are Mondays and Thursdays.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79.

Famous people born on your birthday include Sarah Bernhardt, William Faulkner, Michael Douglas, Christopher Reeve, Mark Hamill, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heather Locklear, Scottie Pippen and Will Smith.


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