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Capricorn Career and Finance

Directions and Predictions for your Work Life.

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ASTROLOGY-CAREER---CAPRIA Capricorn is indeed a hard worker and could be in danger of being regarded as a workaholic, such is their dedication. You, however, do not see it as a problem as you enjoy working, like to see a job well done and it gives you an enormous amount of satisfaction and professional pride.

Hard work fulfills you on so many levels and it suits a Capricorn very well to be their own boss. You are self-motivated and if you have to work under others, you will only see this as a stepping stone on the path of moving away into your own business.

With your organized mind you will do well in a career of law, teaching, mining or other research-oriented activities. You like your workplace to be comfortable, tidy and well organized but not necessarily luxuriously appointed as you see that as a waste of money.

As an employee you may seem to be a bit of a mystery to your work mates as you are not necessarily a good mixer, but others must trust that you are doing the job you are being paid for. You take your responsibilities very seriously and can keep complex operations moving smoothly.


Your main focus us money and how you can best achieve financial security through the work that you do. In the earlier part of your life, you are not even that much concerned as to whether or not the work that you do is particularly satisfying. As long as you can get off to a good start, put some money in the bank and start to realise your dream of financial security.

Because the sign of Aquarius rules your income zone you are likely to have some abrupt changes in your life but nevertheless will always be progressive and inventive in the way that you approach earning money. You do things just that little bit different to others.

Fortunately because you will never be a spendthrift, you are able to save money and don’t see the sense in wasting it. After all, you do work so hard for it, why not put aside a little bit every week for a rainy day, or so you say.

The other planets ruling your income and finance are Mars and Pluto which rule the sign of Scorpio in your eleventh zone of profitability. Pluto indicates that you are sometimes obsessive about money, accumulating and having things. You need to relax this attitude as you could start to find materialism outweighing the more important things in life that are love and human relationships.

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The nice thing about a Capricorn is that they genuinely don’t want to outshine others. They are happy simply to get on with doing their work. The first thing an employer notices about a Capricorn employee is their diligence and commitment to a responsible work ethic. They are just going to love this about you.

The fact that Capricorns are ambitious means that sometimes you are likely to outshine those in positions of authority. Although I commend you on the excellent effort you make in the professional execution of your duties, I must also warn you to tone down your enthusiasm lest you attract the malice of others who feel envious of you.

It takes you a while to warm to the people in your professional environment because you are somewhat shy, conservative, and prefer to work along at your own pace. You do, however, open up in time and, once your co-workers see this, they realize you are quite a team player, even though you often spend large amounts of time working through your tasks as a bit of a loner.

You have a dignified attitude to your work and are always very respectful of others, which is why people may not always understand you but they reciprocate the respect, nonetheless.

In attacking a problem you are always logical, breaking down the issues into the constituent parts. You are therefore able to discover a solution in a very efficient manner but, I might add, not always in the quickest possible time. Deadlines, especially if they are unrealistic, may cause you some stress. You sometimes, however, run the risk of overworking and then this can carry over into health problems and relationship issues as well if you are not careful.

You are not lazy, so you demand that you are paid fairly, in keeping with the job you do. because you are frugal and are an excellent saver, you know that even if you are not paid the highest salary, acquiring wealth is not so much about how much you earn, but about how much you save. In time you are the sort of employee who gets your money to work for you rather than allowing it to work for someone else.

As long as you see there are opportunities to ‘rise up the ladder of success’ in the job you are doing and be offered promotions when they are available, you will be happy to stick with what you are doing. On the other hand, if you feel as if you have been shortchanged and not recognized for the hard work you do, you will quickly make your move to a more appropriate employer.

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Capricorn bosses are hard taskmasters because they want their employees to do exceedingly well in their chosen fields. They’re honest, organised, hardworking and fair. At the same time, they expect their employees to justify their wage with superior work.

Most Capricorn bosses are fanatical about their work and career, often burning the midnight oil long after others have left for the day. In fact, solitude activates their highest potential and helps them come up with their best ideas. Even when on the move, their brains are constantly ticking over and initiating new solutions and efficient methods. They’re highly competent, precise, disciplined and practical.

Those working for a Capricorn boss are well aware of the degree of commitment that is expected, either through the hours they put in or the quality of the work they produce. Shortcuts and halfhearted attempts turn them off completely. If you’re someone who likes to rush through deadlines, regardless of the quality, you’ll be sure to find yourself in the firing line.

No matter how large or small the company, Capricorn bosses take immense pride in their team and want to see each employee happy and productively employed. They view each product and task as an extension of themselves, and if an employee surpasses their expectation and wins the admiration of others, the Capricorn boss will hold them in high regard.

The concept of an ‘off day’ does not exist with a Capricorn boss. Employees who wish to impress them must ensure that they are forever punctual, elegantly dressed, well spoken, dedicated and somewhat conservative in their ideas and approach. Radical ideas and experimenting with the unknown doesn’t excite them in the least. In fact, it may pose a threat to your work appraisal.

Just as in relationships of an emotional or romantic nature selecting the right business partner can be enhanced with astrological insight as these partnerships are just as important. When you think about it, we work so long now that these relationships can, in fact, take up more time than do relationships with our loved ones. Business partnerships involve the 7th and 8th houses of the horoscope. Career matters and profits from the business are dealt with by looking at the 10th and 11th houses.

Some business partnerships are great and others can be absolutely terrible. You want to make sure that you don’t get involved with someone and invest your money and time or other valuable resources only to find that your partner of choice is not compatible with you. Astrologically speaking this is called synastry. In this type of astrology, we overlay the horoscope of one over another and study the aspect between two pairs of planets to draw conclusions. In this analysis, the positioning of the Sun in the horoscopes establishes the worth of the partnership. If eg the Sun has right angles to the other and this will be a challenging relationship is not necessarily one client work. If the planets and the aspects between them are favourable there is a good chance the relationship will work and both parties will benefit from it emotionally and financially.

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Best Pairing:
Capricorn and Libra

The combination of the practical and wise Capricorn with the lively and playful Libra heralds great professional success and fulfil- ment. Astrologically, this is an opportune union due to the affability between your respective star signs. Luckily, Libra also falls in the zone of your career and professional accomplishments, thereby
augmenting your chances of success.

While there is no such thing as a problem-free relationship, there is a great foundation here, both astrologically and temperamentally, that can produce excellent results in the commercial world. Capricorn, you will need to embrace the spirited, creative and social vibrancy of your Libran partner’s personality. While you’re somewhat reclusive and cautious by nature, Librans are social butterflies who crave people and chatter.

The two of you provide divergent contributions to this partner- ship. The greatest benefit in your union is the effortless and strong networking skills of your Libran partner. At the same time, you are more focused on perfection and getting the job done. This is why the two of you complement each other seamlessly.

It’s imperative for you to understand and respect Libra’s sociability, which will help your business garner contacts and interest. This part of their personality is as valuable as your own solitary pursuits of meticulousness and organisation. Do not make the mistake of judging their personality and weighing it against yours. They’re as industrious as you are, Capricorn, though in different ways.

Interestingly, Libra may want you to spread your wings and engage with others as free-spiritedly as they do, to move about in social circles and learn about life and work beyond the walls of your physical workplace. But you, Capricorn, are unlikely to change for them.

As a result, this combination works best if the two of you clearly recognise your assets and work to strengthen them. If you remain true to who you are, success is sure to kiss your feet. Think of it this way: while one mans the background, the other is active in the foreground. Perfect, isn’t it? Once this relationship gets going, financial rewards will flow in bounty, along with a surge of goodwill from those around you.

Worst Pairing:
Capricorn and Aquarius

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Capricorn and Aquarius are at abso- lute loggerheads. Not only are your star signs opposed to each other, there’s an obvious clash in temperaments, one that needs a lot of effort on your part to be fixed. While you are a conformist and slow moving, Aquarius, ruled by the vivacious Uranus, makes you feel lost and trapped in the middle of a tornado.

Ironically, you are both co-ruled by Saturn, which also happens to fall in your zone of income. I’d forgive you for assuming that this common link signifies a good omen. Unfortunately, this ruling planet fails to help your union.

The primary glitch in this relationship is the difference in your respective temperaments and outlook. Even if you choose to pursue this union, a mammoth amount of time and effort needs to be spent trying to balance out each other’s personalities, beliefs, and desires. Some people wouldn’t invest that kind of time and energy into a marriage, let alone a business arrangement. It will be exhausting, to say the least.

Your personal working style demands that you look carefully at the daily workflow and movement of finances, as well as justifying each business decision. You prefer a structured approach, with deadlines and a code of conduct that you can both adhere to. But in this union, there’s only you. Aquarius has spontaneous, unprompted and impulsive tendencies that you absolutely abhor, especially in business. There’s no way you can contain them, and they unnerve you with their spur-of-the-moment decisions, which rob you of your sense of security.

For those already in a partnership with Aquarius, my personal advice would be to engage a mediator to bear the brunt of your contrasting temperaments and bridge the personality gap. That might just work, but ‘might’ is the operative word!

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