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Sagittarius Career and Finance

Sagittarius Career

What Does Your Sun Sign of Sagittarius Career and Finance Reveal about Your FAME and SUCCESS in Life?

Sagittarius Career and FinanceVirgo rules your zone of employment and has much to do with your skills in fine-detail work as well as your big picture views. But some Sagittarians may seem not all that driven or ambitious because of their carefree and easygoing nature. Whereas in fact, many hardworking and successful individuals have been born under this sign.

Certainly, your enthusiasm for the job at hand, combined with your skills and inability to take ‘no’ for an answer, makes you an employee who gets the job done. Then, teaching and corporate or executive training are just made for you. And with Jupiter being your ruling planet, you also have the ability to work in banking, finance, law, foreign relations or the import-export industry, where travel and cultural professions will have an appeal for you.

However, if someone chooses to partner with a Sagittarian in business they can expect honesty and plenty of creative ideas. And it will work even better if you are allowed independence and freedom within it. And even in the most routine of jobs, you will seek out challenges to avoid getting tired and bored.

Moreover, Sagittarians are ‘big-picture people’. So they can be hard to tie down when asked for details on the job they are doing. Further, That is because they prefer to get on with doing it at their own speed, which is usually flat out.

Sagittarius Money and Finance

You are primarily concerned about how to best perform your work rather than constantly harping on how much you will get for what you do. This is due to the fact that you are a committed worker, practical and great at what you do.

And you like to feel as if you deserve what you earn and don’t feel comfortable if haven’t worked your hardest to ‘reward’ yourself.


In addition, Venus and Libra govern your finances and in particular your earnings and money generally. You love to have things – but only if they are useful. You hate to buy things that remain ‘useless’. But it seems to you as if the money could have been more wisely spent.

However, you are sensible in your spending which is why you are able to save money. But at the same time still appear lavish in your habits. On the other hand, you spend wisely and always look for a bargain.

Certainly, Venus shows you can earn well and invest in refined things like art, furnishings and other valuable but aesthetic objects like sculptures and antiques. Likewise, as Venus is fortunate in most matters you will most likely enjoy amassing a good deal of money at some stage.

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Sagittarius Employee

Further, if you want to get the most out of a Sagittarian employee, don’t badger them, try to control them or dictate the way in which they should do things. But you must allow your trust mechanism to operate. And with a little bit of patience, you will see that the Sagittarian does indeed respond better to you. Producing high quality work in a reasonably fast timeframe if you allow them the opportunity.

Even if the tasks allocated to your Sagittarian worker are difficult, they won’t complain and they are cheerful and diligent in executing their duties. Out of all of your employees, they would have to be some of the most enthusiastic and positive people in the office.

They love to do things in a big and lavish way. On this count, if they have access to company funds, you may need to step in early and lay down some clear rules in that respect. Budgets aside, even the toughest projects are going to be tackled by them in a creative and positive manner.

If Sagittarian employees are involved with sales or marketing you might also want to make a note of just how much they embellish their stories. It’s not that your Sagittarian worker is unethical. But clients may inadvertently misread or misunderstand their intent. They do tell a great story, but those stories are usually taller than the Empire State building. Sagittarians need a great deal of encouragement, particularly in the form of appreciation for the work they do. Although they are sometimes a little lax in punctuality, they make up for it with their enthusiasm and the economical time they take to do their tasks.

You should ‘incentivise’ a Sagittarian by offering them bonuses because they like to earn money and fancy themselves as destined for greatness, success, and wealth. But throwing a little more money on the table will only ramp up an incentive that is probably already quite ample. You don’t have to worry about the honesty of your Sagittarian worker because they have a good sense of fairness, integrity and tact.

There are occasions when Sagittarius will lose his or her cool. Don’t worry about this, however. Just give them a moment or two to vent their spleen and you will be quite surprised at how quickly their mood will return to normal.


The path to prosperity often lies in our attitudes and subconscious beliefs, motives, and expectations.

Sagittarius Boss

Sagittarian bosses often come across as intimidating, which is a consequence of their straight-talking and brusque style of communication. They may also be unresponsive and overlook the finer details. But this is usually because they are engaged in multitasking.

On the whole, Sagittarian employers make remarkable leaders because of their ability to deal effortlessly with people and win relationships as they go. They’re able to tactfully boost the morale of their employees and use their immaculate sense of humour and a forward-thinking mindset. A caveat though, is that they’re fickle-minded and unpredictable, which is a challenge for those who wish to keep up. Don’t be impatient with your Sagittarian boss. Go with the flow. Sagittarian bosses want to inspire those who work for them. And an awareness of this should create room for latitude. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

When opinions collide, Sagittarians find it difficult to take failure in their stride. They want to have the last word, and discussions can turn into heated arguments. While other people will watch their world come crashing down on them, the Sagittarian remains unfazed. As I said, they’re easy-going and quick to move on. Don’t get emotional at such times. There’s a lot a Sagittarian boss may say, which you need to filter out.

Sagittarians are essentially big-hearted and forward-thinking, and they create a swarm of opportunities and growth prospects for their employees. They’re profusely supportive of your desire to hone your abilities. Then, they encourage independence and self-development in the workplace.


Sagittarius Business Partnership

Just as in relationships of an emotional or romantic nature selecting the right business partner can be enhanced with astrological insight as these partnerships are just as important. When you think about it, we work so long now that these relationships can. In fact, take up more time than do relationships with our loved ones. Business partnerships involve the 7th and 8th houses of the horoscope. Career matters and profits from the business are dealt with by looking at the 10th and 11th houses.

Some business partnerships are great and others can be absolutely terrible. You want to make sure that you don’t get involved with someone. And invest your money and time or other valuable resources only to find that your partner of choice is not compatible with you. Astrologically speaking this is called synastry. In this type of astrology, we overlay the horoscope of one over another. And study the aspect between two pairs of planets to draw conclusions.

In this analysis, the positioning of the Sun in the horoscopes establishes the worth of the partnership. For example, the Sun has right angles to the other and this will be a challenging relationship is not necessarily one client work. If the planets and the aspects between them are favourable there is a good chance the relationship will work. And both parties will benefit from it emotionally and financially.


Not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead, it focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis.

Sagittarius Best Business Partnership

Best Pairing:
Sagittarius and Leo

This is one of the most remarkable professional match-ups. After all, two fire signs are bound to sizzle. The two of you are an absolute success, not just professionally, but also socially and romantically.

However, you’re high on adrenaline, Sagittarius, with an unusually big appetite for adventure and travel. A Leo business associate is a blessing and adds an element of control and poise to your rather uncontrollable ways. Fire signs share mutual respect, and you both respond well to structure and demarcated work zones. Then, if the two of you can successfully chalk out your respective areas of work, you’re bound to unleash a dynamite-like passion and take your venture to new heights.

Certainly, the downside of the two fire signs is the degree of explosiveness that lurks beneath the surface. Be careful, or a spark could set the entire forest ablaze. The two of you will have to think of ways to exert your respective egos and breathe easy if the other begins to simmer. Neither of you can be chained or dominated, and you both desire freedom and space.

Moreover, you’re both enormously devoted, sincere and brutally honest. These virtues make for a wonderful combination. However, you, Sagittarius, can be a little too easy-going, even when pressures start to rise. On the other hand, Leo plays the hard taskmaster who pokes you into active duty. Further, you respect and appreciate Leo’s passion and verve, and it is in perfect sync with your own style and attitude to life. Together you light up the workplace with exuberance, cheer, dynamism, optimism, grit and painstaking dedication, factors that leave your employees in total awe. Like you, Leo is intuitive, which is quite an asset for any business enterprise. As people lovers, neither of you should have much trouble in soliciting investors or clients. After all, they are bound to feel magnetised by the vibrant and creative spirit of your combination.

Sagittarius Worst Business Partnership

Worst Pairing:
Sagittarius and Taurus

Astrologically, this combination is a disaster. Your respective ruling planets of Jupiter and Venus are entirely opposed to each other, and the fire sign of Sagittarius cannot blend with the fixed earth sign of Taurus.

It’s a pity that your personalities aren’t well suited as Taurus has the ability to stretch their dollar. With your free-spirited and philanthropic ways, especially with regards to money, you would benefit from someone who is prudent and practical with finances. However, this combination suffers due to Taurus’s penny-pinching ways.

Sagittarius can’t be controlled and, more importantly, they have zero tolerance for anyone who questions their integrity or decisions. This is exactly what Taurus attempts to do. You will find yourself assailed by their incessant questions, and they will go as far as monitoring your deposits and balance sheets, which will irk you to no end. This is clearly not your cup of tea, Sagittarius.

Conversely, the wise and steady Taurus will be flustered by your carefree ways and over-reliance on intuition and providence. Taurus will not put up with your oscillating thought processes. They like to carefully plan, whilst you prefer to take the plunge.

You’re dominating, Sagittarius, as leadership runs in your veins, while Taurus is prudent and practical. If you find yourself stuck in a relationship with them, take a step back and allow them to vent their feelings.



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