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Scorpio Career and Finance

Scorpio Career

What Does Your Sun Sign of Scorpio Career and Finance Reveal about Your FAME and SUCCESS in Life?

Scorpio Career and FinanceMars, being one of your ruling planets, can direct you towards independence. But high-pressure work and the military or police service would fit you well. And with the vitality of the Sun ruling your professional destiny, you will shine just as brightly no matter what career you choose.

Certainly, Scorpios are excellent at healing professions. And particularly those that will involve the intuitive part of your nature as well. Moreover, investigating and research are interesting to Scorpios. And you’d make an excellent analyst or strategist, especially given your hard-working nature and dedication to a job.

You love power so other professions that may suit you well are insurance, banking, investing, stockbroker, market analyst, and astrologer or psychic adviser.

In addition, Jupiter holds sway over your finances and the speculative sector of your horoscope. So the stock market may be of interest to you. And you should do well through investments of this nature.

Moreover, you are extremely hard working, whether as an employer or employee, and loyalty and hard work are characteristic of your sign. However, you are self-motivated, imaginative, a problem solver. And you know how to use your intuition to improve your workplace. But sometimes the systems being used was much to the amazement of your colleagues.

Scorpio Money and Finance

Money is extremely important to you, Scorpio. And the fact that your Sun sign rules the 8th sign of the zodiac, it relates to money which is also shared, such as inheritance, joint investments, annuities, and taxes.<

Further, you’re extremely focused on making money and even from an early age tended to value your successes by the amount of cash you have in the bank. Symbols of luxury such as prestigious cars, name brand clothing, jewellery and other objects in your environment that reflect your success. And your ability to earn money are part and parcel of your Scorpio nature.

Then the second sign to Scorpio is Sagittarius and this shows the way that you earn your money. And to some extent, how do you spend it? Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is magnanimous and very large. It shows that you are able to earn large amounts of money. But also very generous in the way you use the income that you earn.

Certainly, most Scorpios are capable of earning a lot of money. But I have found that some of them are not able to really capitalize on their talents until they are considerably older. This is because you don’t compromise on what it is you want to do. And often, those jobs are not all that well-paying until you’ve made a name for yourself. And acquired the requisite reputation to demand a higher salary or fee for those services.


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Scorpio Employee

However, when it comes to any type of work, you are a highly motivated person, so generally, you are capable enough to know what’s expected of you. And do your work in a skilful and timely manner. You are also punctual, like to maintain an orderly approach to your tasks. And have a way of developing systems that seem to make you highly efficient. In fact, you are more efficient than many of the people around you.

You are the type of person who sets objectives—short-, medium- and long-term goals—by which you measure your success. Being tenacious, you also hate to waste time and don’t like to get too involved in the social gossip that may be part of your workplace environment. Consequently, your objectivity can put others’ noses out of place, but this doesn’t bother you because you are totally focused on achieving your aims.

You are disliked by those who see your high output as a threat to their easygoing and perhaps somewhat lazy nature. For this reason, sometimes it’s best for you to hide your talents and not always show what you’re capable of. In this way, you won’t create too many enemies around you.

You are fearless, inventive and are not scared to take a risk. Courage is one of your greatest assets. Therefore, unlike most, you’re not scared to move somewhere else if the current situation you find yourself in does not satisfy you. Or you feel as if it’s a dead-end for your overall career objectives.

Just as I mentioned that loyalty is at the heart of the Scorpio boss, you, too, being a Scorpio employee, are extremely loyal. If the situation offers you the right sort of growth path for your career, you’ll stand by your employers and the people with whom you work.

Money is an extremely important aspect of your work and you do tend to measure your successes by the cash that you acquire. You have a brilliant mind but coupled with your shrewd, logical and intuitive sense, you are an incredibly gifted worker and employers are quick to note this.

With work colleagues, you demand respect and are quick to retaliate if someone insults you or if they question your ability or, more importantly, your integrity. If you perceive an injustice, you are likely to ‘step up to the plate’ and voice your opposition, even if this means experiencing an adverse reaction. Certainly, you are a person of high principles.

Scorpio loves researching and doing a job well. They are also independent and take the initiative in work. Don’t obstruct them, however, or you could risk their sarcastic vengeance.

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Scorpio Boss

Above all, loyalty is all-important for a Scorpio boss. For you, nothing supersedes commitment, and you demand it from your business partners or employees. They must all be prepared to faithfully stand by you and dedicate themselves to realising your vision and goals.

This may sound like a tall order to most, but those who stick by you are fortunate. If they succeed in winning your trust, you will become a staunch ally who stands by them even in the worst crisis.

Scorpios and Scorpio bosses in particular are hugely competitive and hate to lose. Their competitiveness at work manifests as aggression, energy, power, authority, and determination, all of which makes them highly successful in the workplace. You’re an honest, hard worker, and you demand herculean efforts. Not just from yourself, but also from those in your professional circle.

In addition, Scorpios are usually suspicious of others and appear guarded until someone successfully proves their worth to them. There are those who tend to feel left out and discriminated against, mistaking your lack of communication for harsh judgment. However, this is your way of assessing the inherent shortcomings in people so you can utilise their abilities better.

You work hard to create a well-ordered company and expect everyone to be aware of their rightful place. Loyalty, devotedness, timing, punctuality and meticulousness are key factors that enable you to feel secure and motivated in the workplace.

Because Pluto is your ruling planet, Scorpio, you’ll often struggle with the concept of trusting others and letting go. And you’ll end up cramming too much on your plate instead. You must understand that there are people like you who seek challenge and growth. Unless you’re able to delegate these tasks to them, you’ll lose support and impair your own success.


Scorpio Business Partnership

Just as in relationships of an emotional or romantic nature selecting the right business partner can be enhanced. And with astrological insight as these partnerships are just as important. When you think about it, we work so long now that these relationships can. In fact, take up more time than do relationships with our loved ones. Business partnerships involve the 7th and 8th houses of the horoscope. Career matters and profits from business are dealt with by looking at the 10th and 11th houses.

Some business partnerships are great and others can be absolutely terrible. You want to make sure that you don’t get involved with someone and invest your money and time or other valuable resources only to find that your partner of choice is not compatible with you. Astrologically speaking this is called synastry. In this type of astrology, we overlay the horoscope of one over another and study the aspect between two pairs of planets to draw conclusions.

In this analysis, the positioning of the Sun in the horoscopes establishes the worth of the partnership. For example, the Sun has right angles to the other and this will be a challenging relationship is not necessarily one client work. If the planets and the aspects between them are favourable there is a good chance the relationship will work and both parties will benefit from it emotionally and financially.


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Scorpio Best Business Partnership

Best Pairing:
Scorpio and Sagittarius

From a business perspective, this partnership couldn’t be better. The most advantageous aspect of this combination is your respective ruling planets, which are deemed bosom buddies by astrologers. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius falls in the finance sector of Scorpio and this brings great prospects for profit and augmenting your income stream.

Scorpios work best with people who are equally intelligent and love to explore. What you benefit from and appreciate about your Sagittarian business partner is their broad range of knowledge and the open-mindedness they display when it comes to business expansion. At times, they may seem unusually liberal and carefree, which makes you feel somewhat anxious. As a result, trust is critical for the success of this partnership. As long as you maintain a tight rein on the finances, the emotional and mental compatibility between you will make this partnership a walk in the park.

My professional experiences with Sagittarians have been very pleasing. They are positive, liberal-minded and imaginative in their approach. They’re also quite self-assured, so you mustn’t dominate if you really want them to manifest their best. Scorpios are deep thinkers while Sagittarians are adept at managing money, which shows how the two of you can balance each other.

When it comes to professional duties, the relaxed Sagittarian thrives best in an environment of diversity, free will and individualism. If you can afford them this little luxury, Scorpio, you’ll be pleased with the results. Not only will your Sagittarian business associate perform brilliantly, but the company will also benefit hugely in terms of reputation and profits. In short, allow Sagittarius some latitude and watch your partnership and business prosper.

By carefully considering your respective attributes and drafting out the parameters of your association, you can both be inspired to focus. And also support each other productively.

I consider this combination to be one of the best, if not the best, in the zodiac spectrum. Even though you are highly compatible with water signs, when it comes to business expansion. And making money, Sagittarius will stand you in good stead.

Scorpio Worst Business Partnership

Worst Pairing:
Scorpio and Taurus

Like you Scorpio, Taurus is a fixed zodiac sign. This puts you at loggerheads with each other right from the word go. In matters of finance you are like chalk and cheese. You perpetually stress over Taurus’s tendency to probe your finances. Their tight-fistedness will also make business with them a living nightmare. While you feel that your expenses are justified, Scorpio, your Taurus associate will question every cent.

Scorpios are progressive thinkers and doers who continually sniff out new avenues to inspire and grow the enterprise. With Taurus, however, the tried and tested is a much safer bet, which is another basis for head-on confrontation. You’ll always find yourself being examined. And reasoning your way out, only to find that your Sagittarian colleague has scraped together even more accusations. Taurus is not adventurous or a risk-taker. If life ever inspires them to open up, they will. Until then, this business relationship will stay put.

If you involve yourself in a partnership with them, it may be difficult for you to break apart. I say this because there’s a bit of you in Taurus, Scorpio. You admire their drive, dependability and meticulousness, and because you’re a profusely loyal individual, the thought of severing ties would make you feel horribly guilt-stricken. But if you take a bird’s eye view of the scenario, Scorpio, you’ll find that the frustration is mutual.

Your partnership is characterised by power and control. When one of you dominates, the other retaliates by taking over, which creates a cycle of mistrust. Although there are astrologers who consider this a remarkable partnership in the context of friendship or romance, I’d strongly advise against a professional partnership.

Communication is important for the health of any relationship. It thaws differences and builds understanding. On the other hand, silence can be almost catastrophic. When things get rough, both of you go into ‘shutdown mode’. This cripples you personally and professionally. You both dig in your heels, and when the saturation point is reached, an explosive and acrimonious end may occur.

Business with Taurus is absolutely unavoidable, my suggestion would be to clearly lay out your terms of the agreement. And make sure you have mutually acceptable exit clauses. This should help, but the grim reality of this partnership doesn’t change.



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