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Star Seed Children and what they are

A Poem of Wisdom

You hold a power so strong and so true,

a light shining bright that lives inside you,

to know how to use it, know what it’s made of,

connect to your heart you’ll discover it’s love

In a world where children are continually reminded of their limits through competition and comparison, it’s only natural for a child to either withdraw or start seeking a sense of power in negative ways. We must remind our children that at our very core, we all hold the most powerful energy of all, and when used wisely, in alignment with love, a great sense of fulfilment and self esteem can be accessed, regardless of external recognition. Click here for a sing a long fairytale about a shy young girl discovering her true power.

Star Seed energy

A spark of intention, and energy light,

a beautiful song that brought us to life,

and when we all live in our high frequency,

that’s when we can live in true harmony.

As this verse indicates, we are all merely energy vibrating at frequencies inaudible to the human ear, and while these energies cannot be heard, they certainly can be felt. Perhaps the increasing popularity in music and sound therapy is due to the fact that music resembles our very nature, and speaks to our core.

Coupling music with words can have a profound subconscious effect on our children, we must be conscious of what media is being absorbed. Are the lyrics uplifting or disempowering? Is the style of music causing aggression or a state of calm? Click here for an uplifting story coupled with a calming melody. Song Stories: The Legend of Melody.

Star Seed feels and feelings

Fearing the future, regretting the past,

will cost you, losing your energy fast,

the gift in the present is all that you need,

coupled with infinite love energy

With increasing signs of anxiety and depression in our children, often due to the ever-growing focus on negativity in the media surrounding local and world events, the most important thing we can do for our children is teaching them how to bring their awareness back to the present moment, it is here where the fear of the future or the guilt of the past no longer exists. Along with focusing on the breath, music has the ability to bring us back to our centre.

Engaging in a musical activity such as singing, only increases our awareness of the present moment, rapidly changing our state as we connect physically by using our voice, mentally by processing the lyrics, and emotionally as we energetically connect to the vibrations of the music. Finding a calming sing along activity can do wonders. Click here to find the perfect calming sing along fairytale from the Song Stories Series: The Legend of Melody.

Star Seed needs

Just one sending love can fix more than ten,

the ones that hurt others just need a good friend,

a true act of kindness has the power to heal,

with the energy of love, magic is real

It has been proven that participating in a kind gesture, being the recipient of a kind gesture, or even merely witnessing a kind gesture has a profound effect on one’s mental and physical health, with an increase in mood and strengthened immune system! As parents, guardians, and teachers, we like to encourage kindness, however, children can find thinking of others difficult when their own needs are not met. It is important to engage our children in activities that boost their sense of well-being and fulfilment, regardless of outward recognition or achievements. Activities such as singing for enjoyment can access the inner power we all have. Upon discovering this untapped sense of fulfilment and well being, their sense of love and kindness will be overflowing, spilling out into their words and actions throughout the day.

Click here to find the perfect uplifting sing-along activity.

When feelings of anger bubble beneath,

learn to surrender, breathe and release,

never blame others for you have the choice,

when your tormented let love be your voice

The turbulence of growing up can make learning to manage emotions quite difficult for a child, often being swung to the extremes in all sorts of directions. Music can be the perfect intervention, aiding in the transition of mental and emotional states, bringing their awareness back into a centred, and calm position. Not only does it give the mind something to focus on, the energy of the music can quickly change the energy field of the room. Click here for a soothing, peaceful song story that will engage young ones, restoring a sense of calm.

Change how you see things, things will soon change,

it’s funny yet true how perspective’s rearrange,

so when you feel stuck, or feel there’s no use,

try stepping inside someone else’s shoes

The statement, ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” is certainly true. Have you ever wondered why you had spent half an hour looking for your keys in a frazzled state, only to discover later that they were in the most obvious place, waiting for you to calm down and see them! When we see the world through calm, loving eyes, we truly start to notice the magic that is all around us. With an ever growing market in easily accessed media, we need to actively take part in choosing what influences the way our children see the world. Click here for a positive and uplifting read and sing along activity.

We have many layers some true, some earned,

your fears and beliefs are just stories you’ve learned,

waves of emotions, gut feelings and clues,

your spirit is always calling for you

For some it may be alarming to think that by the age of 7, we have created a story of the world and who we are, and continue to live from this place, subconsciously influencing our future actions and choices. Children are always looking to others to learn more about themselves, comments and reactions can be very damaging if we don’t instil a strong sense of self esteem and self worth. Click here for a self empowering read and sing along activity increasing confidence and a calm sense of self.

True sorcery starts when in gratitude,

master your thoughts, and your attitude,

spelling occurs in the words that we speak,

ignited with feeling, we’ll find what we seek

Just as the words we speak to others affect the outcome of our day, so do the words we speak to ourselves. In a world full of continual comparison, it is important to instil a sense of confidence and self worth in our children. Singing is known to help children break through the barriers of confidence issues, increasing the sense of self when engaging in this therapeutic activity of self expression. Click here for the perfect sing along activity coupled with a positive and uplifting message.

Your life’s a reflection of whats deep inside,

bringing the lessons you need right in sight,

be grateful for tough times as hard as they seem,

they’re bringing you closer towards your soul’s dream

Have you ever noticed your child humming to herself when she is completely happy? At that precise moment, the soul is free, it’s not inhibited, it is completely comfortable and content. As the law of attraction teaches, consciously choosing to be in this state can be key to accelerating the manifestation of our hopes and dreams. Teaching your child to access this state can be the greatest gift you teach your child. Click here to find an engaging read and sing along activity to access your child’s powerful happy state.

Respect all of nature in all that you do,

they’re intelligent beings with love energy too,

we’re all connected both near, far and wide,

if you hurt another, you’ll hurt too inside

Music really is the universal language. At our very core, we are all sparks of energy vibrating at a frequency we can’t hear, but we can certainly feel. Connecting with music has the ability to increase a connectedness to self and to others, increasing a sense of peace and fulfilment. Click here to find a musical fairytale instilling a message of love and connection to all.

You’re here for a reason, there’s no one like you,

creating this world in all that you do,

there’s nobody better, there’s no wrong or right,

we need your voice in this music of life

With classrooms only able to cater, recognise and enhance only a small number of talents and personal traits, it is our job as parents and guardians to continually remind our children that the very qualities that make them unique will be the qualities that will be of most value to them later in life. We need to embrace, cherish and develop the unique qualities in our children. Click here for a sing along fairytale about a young girl who felt different from the crowd.

So now that the secrets of life are revealed,

you have your power, your heart and your shield,

a warrior of love creating your life,

unique in your own way you’re shining your light,

by now you would know this was not a mistake,

me writing this poem for your hands to take,

for truly you know all is meant to be,

your destined to be part of a magical team,

one that unites and puts difference aside

for you understand we’re the same love inside,

living in spirit and letting love lead,

welcoming all into team harmony

In a world that tends to promote division and separateness, continually encouraging the concept that we are all connected, we are all the same on a deeper level is paramount for the future peace of the planet. Click here to find fairy tales that promote a sense of oneness.


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