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Aquarius Health, Well-being and Diet

The Astrology of Health and Wellbeing

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Aquarius is an air sign and this influences the thinking processes and nervous system. These areas need careful consideration if you’re to maintain optimum health and vitality. You need to keep a regular regime of work, play, sleep and dietary habits, and by doing this you will be able to maintain good health and enjoy a long life.

ASTROLOGY-HEALTH-AQUARIUS2Aquarius rules the lower part of the body, particularly your shins and ankles. Proper exercise is needed to strengthen these areas, increase flexibility and maintain good circulation. Hat-ha yoga will perfectly meet all of the above criteria. Aquarians are known for their circulation problems, especially as they age.

You have an active mind and an intense desire to do a lot of work. This will undermine your vitality if you don’t have a balanced diet, and you could become prone to vitamin deficiencies in the B, C and K groups. These are vitamins that can rebuild your nerve and skin tissue and make your bones much denser. This will also help you to overcome such things as osteoporosis in later life.

You might like to take a supplement of these vitamins to give you the building blocks of health and vitality. Other foods such as soy bean products, bean sprouts, egg, wheat germ and white meats are all natural sources of these vitamins. Because of your progressive thinking, a macrobiotic diet is something you could try, and quite likely with excellent results.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try including vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach, potatoes (in moderation), mandarins, mangoes and low-fat cheese to increase your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, by including bean sprouts such as mung and alfalfa, and green seafood like kelp, you’ll start to really enjoy wonderful health. Your ruling planet Uranus is an erratic planet and you should avoid eating when excessively excited as this could lead to intestinal upsets. Learning to relax will also have a tonic effect on your whole body.

No diet or exercise regime should be started without an astrological health and fitness report. To get your personalized report, please click HERE!

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Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, governs the legs, shins and ankles. These areas demand greater attention as some of the problems you are likely to experience in life include weakness in the bones, leg injuries and circulatory issues in the lower part of your body.

Since most Aquarians are hard workers and mentally and physically energetic, regulating your breathing will not only help soothe and centre your mind, but it will also help prevent respiratory issues that can cause serious concerns much later.

On the whole, you’re blessed with a robust build and immune system, and your mental vigour is strong. This helps subvert most health issues, which enables you to have a long, healthy life. Don’t forget that you’re an air sign, so allow room for fresh air and plenty of sleep. Also, the secret to maintaining your vitality lies in the consumption of the right food combinations. Ideal foods include spinach, cabbage, lettuce, corn, lentils, nuts and varied fruits and vegetables. Not only do they improve your health, but they also help prevent many ailments. Since you’re active and agile, your natural inclination is towards foods rich in sugar or carbohydrates. Stay away from fattening food as they invariably interfere with your circulation.

Since you enjoy New Age advancements, you may even fancy the idea of a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet. This is not a bad idea, but remember to listen to your bodily needs and responses. When in doubt, consult your physician or naturopath. Because you are fairly high-strung, I’d advice against stimulants like coffee. A more calming option would be herbal teas.

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