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Libra Health, Well-being and Diet

The Astrology of Health and Wellbeing

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Generally speaking, Libra, you enjoy quite good health. Balance is the key with your diet, work, recreation and relationships. Venus, your ruling planet, affects skin, hair and veins, as well as the throat, kidneys and lumbar region. Librans are prone towards weakness in the lower back, and this is the first place in the body to suffer when you overexert yourself.

ASTROLOGY-HEALTH-LIBRAYou are also predisposed towards kidney ailments and skin breakouts. This can be due to a lack of sleep, too much rich food and alcohol. You should drink plenty of water to keep your system flushed and free of toxins.

As an air sign, you tend to be over-active, restless and may suffer nervous exhaustion. This can give you dry skin and hair, insomnia and memory loss from systemic overload, so you will benefit from quiet time and minimal stimulation, which will then allow your nervous system to recharge.

Librans need to avoid raw foods, grains, root crops, yeasty foods and refined sugar, and load up on lightly steamed vegetables, nuts and croutons. Libra’s cell salt is sodium phosphate, which equalises the balance of acids and alkalis in the body and rids the body of waste material. To get plenty of this salt, eat strawberries, apples, raisins, almonds, asparagus, peas, corn, carrots, spinach, beets, radishes, tomatoes, wheat, brown rice and oatmeal. You will function best with a high-protein diet that is low in fat, sugar and acid-producing foods.

Astrologer’s Advice

As an air sign, your meals should be simple and small to avoid the uncomfortable result of flatulence. Don’t indulge in heavy meals. You would be better off with several small meals throughout the day so as not to overload your digestive system.

The flow of energy through your body is important and a weakened nervous system can benefit from mineral support obtained from calcium and magnesium. You can also take gingko, cayenne, garlic, ginger and yoghurt.

The birthstone for Libra is the sapphire and you may also respond to the energies of the opal, chrysoprase and tourmaline. But only wear these stones if you want to bring their lucky influence into your life.

Here’s some more information on your daily Libra horoscope. Each day is a new day and so is your reading.

No diet or exercise regime should be started without an astrological health and fitness report. To get your personalized report, please click HERE!

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Past experience tells me that most air signs, including Libra, are slender in frame and physically alluring. Of course, exceptions abound, but due to the influence of Venus, Libran women display particular charm and grace. They also have beautiful, voluptuous bodies, although they are not usually overweight. Though you are blessed with favorable health, Libra, you must guard against the influence of Venus, which could push you into overdoing things at the cost of your own well-being. Be wary of your love for pleasure, gluttony and lack of sleep as these are bound to impact on your health. Taurus is similar to you when it comes to matters of health as they too are ruled by Venus. Exercise moderation, Libra. You might want to be kinder towards your kidneys and urinary tract as they are constitutionally weak. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys feed the life force to other internal organs. Abundant water intake, minimal fast food and avoiding overcooked food will help bolster your overall health. I have encountered many Librans who are constant victims of headaches and migraines. Libra, you must understand how critical sleep, diet and mental balance are for you. Making yourself physically exhausted due to lack of sleep or over analysis will pose a definite threat to your health. Yoga or deep breathing techniques can provide much-needed respite. Libra, you will gain more benefit from a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and glistening green vegetables rather than milk, ice cream or cheese. Whole grains are an obvious blessing, but ensure that you do not overdo the starch quotient in your body through breads, biscuits or other pastries.

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