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Pisces Health, Well-being and Diet

The Astrology of Health and Wellbeing

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Water is the predominant element of Pisces, and this will have a very important bearing on your emotions and relationships. Your mental and physical health will be very much connected to how you feel. You are like a sponge in the way you absorb the negativity of others, and this can undermine your health. Learning the art of relaxation will help you remove any self-defeating thought patterns.


Astrologer’s Advice

You need a regular routine of work and play, adequate exercise and sleep to maintain optimum vitality. Hat-ha yoga, aerobic exercises and daily stretching are ideal for your star sign and creating a balance in your life. Supple muscles and improved circulation will also help calm and stabilize your emotions.

Your feet, toes and toenails are ruled by the sign of Pisces, so these areas are likely to be constitutionally weak. Internally, your lymphatic system and astral circulatory system, known as the nadis (through which your life force passes), are also under the jurisdiction of Pisces.

When exercising, make sure your shoes fit properly as you want to make fat burning a pleasurable experience that won’t deter you from continuing with your program. The inclusion of Vitamin B complex, beans and legumes will help your circulation and reduce problems in these areas. Ginger is also a great adjunct to your diet.

Pisceans tend to put on weight easily, and as Jupiter rules the fat tissue in the body, you should reduce your fat intake as this can cause problems for your liver. It can also put extra strain on your feet and legs and hamper your ability to exercise. Emotional problems can cause you to overeat as a way of compensation. Vitamins A, B and magnesium are important components and supplements for your health. Lots of fruit and vegetables are important, such as broccoli, celery, green peppers, tomatoes and cherries. The addition of soy bean products, eggs and sunflower seeds are also excellent additions to your diet.

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Your well-being relies heavily on your emotional agility. I say this because your zodiac element, water, has a remarkable effect on your emotions, and this can impact your health and relationships. If you find yourself beleaguered in any way, your health will deteriorate as if were a mirror image of your state of mind.

If you wish to enjoy good health and a stress-free existence, make some changes in your life. It is your state of mind that determines your health and vigor. Firstly, be strict with your schedule at work. Don’t do too much overtime, and chart out exclusive hours for exercise, indulgence and recreation. Limit your sleep to a six- to eight-hour cycle. Sleeping too little or too much can impair your health. You’re a dreamer who can be somewhat lethargic, but the more you fight to create balance in your life, the more you stand to gain.

Pisces rules the feet, toes and toenails, as well as the lymphatic system and the astral circulation coordination that governs your underlying life force. Performing aerobic exercises or Hat-ha yoga will help boost your energy levels and circulation while simultaneously soothing your emotions. If you can find creative ways to de-stress, it will help you to ameliorate the pessimistic thought patterns that are detrimental to your health.

Be wary of your tendency to overeat in order to beat emotional stress. Indulging doesn’t suppress your internal turmoil; it fuels it further. Reducing your food intake will dramatically improve your emotional well-being and physical robustness. Remember, the secret to a healthy digestion lies in remaining active and engaged. Vitamin A, B and magnesium, as well as a colourful platter of fruits and green vegetables, like broccoli, celery, green peppers, tomatoes and cherries, will uplift your spirit.

Soya bean products, bean sprouts, eggs and sunflower seeds are also beneficial dietary supplements. Because the lower parts of your body, like the feet, toes and ankles, are inherently weak, it may be a wise idea to make legumes, beans and vitamin B complex a regular part of your diet.

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