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Pet Astrology – Canine – Aquarius

The life of the party, Aquarius Canine gets noticed. His friends or other animal companions are much more important than you are. Often seen in packs, he doesn’t care who the leader is. 

He can get along with anyone. If left alone you must provide Aquarius Canine with company for his overactive mind.

Aquarius Canine can actually talk and has his own communication system. He loves socializing and can be brought anywhere that meeting with other animals is the objective. Highly intelligent, Aquarius Canine would find rescue work a rewarding activity. 

Visits to nursing homes would make Aquarius Canine feel helpful. His high energy needs to be channeled through exercise to eliminate stress. 

Agility, hunting and sporting activities enjoyed. Aquarius Canine loves to run and chase Frisbees and birds.

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