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Pet Astrology – Canine – Gemini

You are probable enjoying Gemini Canine’s company as you read this report.

In fact he is probably jumping up and down behind you saying, “Come on, aren’t you through yet? We have lots to see and do. Let’s get going, we might miss something and we are already late.” Often

Gemini Canine brings other animal friends to accompany him and is seldom seen alone. He needs stimuli and is often found watching every move you make, waiting for his chance to join you. Travel could be his next favorite thing after socializing with other animals.

Gemini Canine can be excellent in agility, but he is better at herding, racing or hunting for fowl. The Jack and Jill of all trades. Keep him busy and active. Leave a TV or radio on when left alone.

Pacing is not uncommon when bored; sometimes other destructive behavior may be displayed. Always have something for Gemini Canine to do preferably in the company of other animals.

Gemini Canine will not like being alone. Communication is very important to him and he can often be seen attempting to talk back in silly gestures or sounds.

Know more about the CANINE HOROSCOPE.

Click on the ZODIAC you want to know more. 


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