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Pet Astrology – Canine – Leo

Leo Canine must feel equal to his master in every way. Adore him and make him feel every part as special as he is. 

Frequent grooming and attention will provide the bond Leo Canine needs to feel important. 

Leo Canine is looked up to and respected by all other animals in the family. Calm but watchful. Always on the prowl for foe or game. Conformation ring would serve Leo Canine well as it gives him adequate time to be prepped and adorned. 

Others admire and praise Leo Canine’s movements and appearance with ample rewards in the process. He does not like work much but will accommodate you for the praise he knows he deserves.

Loyal in every way, Leo Canine is a good companion and guard dog. Keep Leo Canine’s winning ribbons and pictures on your walls for proof of his accomplishments. Make sure he is included in all social events that make him the center of attention. 

Leo Canine is not a pest and will expect you to come to him for attention. Quite comfortable lying around soaking up the sunshine – give him plenty of time to do so. Leo Canine needs to be an integral part of a family where he is given the respect he deserves.

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