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Pet Astrology – Canine – Pisces

Your true companion equal to and surpassing any human friend. These fine animals read your mind making sure your thoughts include them. Pisces Canine loves you for who you are and is lost when you are not around to comfort him. 

Pisces Canine forms a true spiritual bond with caretakers and lives only for your return. He keeps close to you at all times. Pisces Canine’s feelings get hurt easily and he can be very sensitive to emotional disturbances that occur on the home front.

Pisces Canine cares for other animals in the household as well as you. He will let you know he is here to serve you and love you no matter what. Adaptable in nature, Pisces Canine will change for you, taking on any form you desire. 

Keep him near water; find a favorite swimming hole he can enjoy. You may have seen Pisces Canine cry, and he could suffer a broken heart if left without your love.

Know more about the CANINE HOROSCOPE.

Click on the ZODIAC you want to know more. 


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