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Pet Astrology – Canine – Sagittarius

Pet Astrology - Canine - SagittariusIf you’re not near some woods or trails it would be wise to travel there often so that Canine Sagittarius adventurous side can be indulged in some fun.

These wild and wonderful animals live for outdoor activity and can be seen travelling long distances for hunting or to chase fowl. Free as a bird with loads of energy. Plenty of exercise is a requirement.

Canine Sagittarius goes with the flow but would prefer you take his advice when he is leading on the trail. He prefers other animals in the household to be equally adventurous. The Disney adventures probably use a Sagittarius dog as their main character. Getting into all kinds of mischievous predicaments along the way, this dog usually finishes unscathed but a bit disheveled.

Sagg Canine is lucky enough to escape from most disasters. If you like to run trails and play in the park this is the dog for you. Hunting and sporting trials are where Sagg Canine can excel. Fun to be with and always ready to go is Sagg Canine’s motto. Throw a ball or Frisbee and you’ve found a loyal friend for life.

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