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Pet Astrology – Canine – Scorpio

Secretive and reclusive might be how you would describe your Canine Scorpio. He probably has a whole stash of articles that are buried somewhere never to be seen by human eyes again. He has never forgotten a punishment or command yet.

Whether he decides to obey it is another story. Scorpio Canine holds grudges and remembers those who might have been mean or mistreated him in the past.

Trying to get Scorpio Canine to come out of his shell may be difficult but once the element of trust is established he will be yours ’til the end. Scorpio Canine owns you and don’t forget it. He may allow you to enter his world once in awhile but only with an appropriate bribe.

Sensitive to your feelings and emotions Scorpio Canine will not leave your side during upsetting moments. Scorpio Canine’s job, to protect you until death, is taken quite seriously and let no man or beast come between you. He lives for your approval and acceptance.

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