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Pet Astrology – Canine – Taurus

Taurus Canine can be rather lazy and indulgent at times. Beautiful without lifting a paw, Taurus Canine makes quite a display sprawled across your couch.

Ruled by Venus his attractiveness make all others pale in comparison. Often seen in gardens making dirt piles of your wonderful garden beds. Next time go out and tell him where to dig and get your gardening done twice as fast.

Taurus Canine’s nose is never far from the ground often enjoying the hunt for other animals or game. Taurus Canine is very creative in letting you know how hard he worked at getting the job done. If you hadn’t noticed take a whiff – that new smell might be coming from the cologne Taurus Canine just rolled in to make him/herself more attractive.

You couldn’t get Taurus Canine to escape if you dug the hole for him. Taurus Canine is quite comfortable with his creature comforts and wouldn’t think of budging as long as he gets a good bone once in awhile.

Taurus Canine may also have developed a fondness for root crops. He hasn’t met a potato or carrot he doesn’t like. Keep him away from eating rocks and supplement his diet if you find this to be a problem.

You wouldn’t want Taurus Canine to ruin those pearly white teeth of his so give him plenty to chew on. Taurus Canine will be found lounging around looking like the perfect accessory to your home.

Know more about the CANINE HOROSCOPE.

Click on the ZODIAC you want to know more. 


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