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Pet Astrology – Canine – Virgo

Virgo Canine seems to want nothing but to help others. Often seen cleaning or grooming the other animals in your house, he also will encourage sick ones to eat. 

Virgo Canine may even remind you to take your daily walk to eliminate stress. Tuned in to every move you make he waits with leash in mouth for you to take him on his favorite walk.

Sociable to other animals but not allowing strangers, animal or human, to get too close. Virgo Canine prefers the comfort of his small family. Ready to serve you, Virgo Canine will herd animals as well as children from harm. 

He will be the first to alert you to any hidden danger often sensing when a storm is brewing. Pacing and attention getting schemes will allow you to be aware of changes coming your way. Always watchful even when asleep – one eye is observing all before him. Virgo Canine is tuned in to the whole family.

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