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Michael Jackson Vedic Horoscope: Pedophile or Not?

Technical Vedic Astrology Analysis of the Enigmatic Star

On the heels of the new documentary talking about his sexual proclivities, it’s interesting to note these astrological principles would contradict the so-called testimonies and evidence of pornographic material, naked children and other depraved material found at his premises. But does impotence caused by castration or any other means, necessarily mean that his desire wouldn’t still be strong? That can easily be seen by Mars in the third house in its own sign of Aries.

Here are some interesting astrological points which will be touched upon in this analysis

  • The rising Star ruler is Rahu
  • The rising star sub-ruler as Venus and the ruling star sub sub-ruler is Saturn
  • The rising sign ruler as Saturn and of course in the modern system Uranus will have a part to play.
  • The rising drekkna ruler as Mercury or Gemini
  • The rising ninth harmonic ruler is Jupiter
  • The ruler of the ninth harmonic ruler in the birth chart is Venus
  • The arudha or projected ascendant is Taurus and Venus the ruler
Michael Jackson Vedic Horoscope

Michael Jackson’s Ruling Planets

The ruling planets for the rising sign are Saturn, Uranus and the North Node. The North node assumes a very important role in Michael Jackson’s birth as it is also the ruler of the rising star, Satabishaka.

It’s essential to look to where that star ruler is and more importantly where the ruler of that star is located, to see how it will play out. Rahu sits in Chitra and therefore dominates Rahu. The tamasic Rahu attains rajasik uccha or quality being in the Mars star. This degrades the star ruler. The stellar ruler, depending on its quality, either tamasic, rajasic or sattvic, should be located in a star of pure quality to enhance its nature. In Michael’s case, the stellar ruler is degraded. It is not a good combination.

The third house relates to desire and Mars indicates passion, lust for life and a great dexterity especially in its own sign. I’ve found many people possessing Mars on the third house having exceptional musical skills. In some schools of astrological thought, the third house rules dancing. In any case, it rules music and we know he was a versatile genius in that sense. His musical genius is shown in many subtle ways as well. The ruler of the 9th harmonic ruler in the birth chart is Venus. Jupiter is in the sign of Libra in the birth chart and rules the 9th harmonic rising sign of Pisces. This gave him immense idealism and musical talent.

Michael Jackson had a unique dancing talent.

My research has shown the 12th house which rules the feet, and its ruler must be strong and well dignified to give dancing talent. The ruler is again Saturn, located in the 10th house, in a friendly star, ruled by Mercury, the drekkna ruler. Mercury is the ruler of the fifth and the eighth houses as well. That energy is enhanced by retrogression and being in the angle with co-ruler of his career which is Pluto. Saturn is fully aspecting Pluto and Mercury thus enhancing the already great power and celebrity.

Although there are elements pointing to impotency in his horoscope, the rising star sub-ruler Venus, assumes an important role in the chart being the favourable yoga karaka or best planet for the Aquarius ascendant. Venus has assumed rulership of the fourth and ninth houses simultaneously. By virtue of its association with the ascendant co-ruler Uranus, this is, in itself a powerful connection of planetary energies. The unfortunate thing is that Venus, ruling the ninth of moral and spiritual principles is spoiled in his sixth house. Furthermore, it’s also interesting to note that the ascendant, co-ruler Uranus is in a powerful exchange with the sixth ruler Moon. This is called a mutual exchange or Parivarthana yoga. The combination of these two unfortunate placements undermines his moral fibre. Moreover, the star which rules Venus is Ashlesha and Mercury rules the eighth house of sexuality more predominantly than the fifth house. The eighth house of Virgo is the exalted house for Mercury.

On a sexual note, Saturn-Rahu-Venus in a combination of the sign star and sub relate to blood circulation in the penis. There was some talk about his father castrating him chemically. Horoscope Mercury the rising drekkna ruler is in the seventh house retrograde and aspected strongly by Saturn’s 270° square. This is a powerful aspect and according to tradition produces a eunuch or someone who is quite possibly impotent. Michael’s voice was quite high-pitched for a man of his age.

The association of any of the rulers of the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th with the ascendant creates problems and often this has to do with health. As a research note, the Moon, a bright, white celestial body, in the ascendant will give a fair complexion. Considering it was of African-American background this is fascinating in itself. It was said that he had a disease which affected his skin tone yet others have said he artificially whitened his skin due to the fact that as a child his father would ridicule him over this as well as his large nose. The whitening would reflect the condition of the Moon, the disease planet for his ascendant. There may indeed be some linkage between pharmaceuticals, surgeries, anaesthesia, and other unnatural medical techniques to whiten his skin as shown by this lunar position.

The Moon is also the ruler of the enemies in his life. He must have had powerful enemies. There were indeed people who felt that they had been dealt with unfairly in a commercial way with him.

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Michael Jackson said he had vitligo. Others said he whitened his skin. HIs disease ruler is the milky white Moon.

Take as an example, Paul McCartney. This rift occurred over the Apple publishing company purchased by Michael. Paul McCartney and all the Beatles music was owned by Apple music. One day Michael and Paul were joking and Michael asked Paul for advice on how to acquire some publishing rights. Paul helped him and Michael joked that he might acquire Paul’s Apple publishing company. Later, there was completely blindsided when Michael did exactly that.

We see that the exchange of the ascendant co-ruler on the sixth ruler may point to the fact that he was his own worst enemy. That can be seen by the mutual exchange of the Moon and Uranus as touched on earlier. The Moon sits in the star which is ruled by Jupiter and not conducive of good for the Aquarian ascendant.

Venus is in the Ashlesha star ruled by Mercury. The retrograde aspect of this planet comes through strongly as a recurrent theme. The seventh house has to do with relationships and you can’t discount the fact that the retrogression shows some aberration in the way he reasoned and came to some of his moral conclusions. Mercury, although a friendly planet to the ascendant by virtue of its ruling the fifth house, assumes rulership of its stronger sector, Virgo which is housing his karma, the North Node.

Mercury is, therefore, the karmic control planet. This planet seriously establishes where most of his difficult karma was and what needed to be dealt with. The sexual 8th house of Rahu and the ruler, Mercury in the 7th obviously point to issues of relationship and sexuality underpinning much of what challenged him throughout the whole of his life. The legal ramifications and karmic implications of these planetary positions are shown by the Star ruler of the North Node, Mars, fully aspecting his ninth house of legal matters with Jupiter, also sitting in the Mars star, there in the 9th.

Jupiter’s position in the same star as the North node, although dis-associate by sign, receives the full impact of power packed Mars. In a sense, this is what is known as Guru Choudhry yoga and shows the huge battles he had later. These outer battles also reflect his inner moral battle. Mars casts its immense and hardest aspect on Saturn, his ascendant Lord which is located in the 10th house. One would think that Saturn, the solemn and serious one, would somehow dampen his professional showmanship. No, due to the intense aspect of Mars and it being the ruler of that 10th house, Saturn’s power was in some ways overtaken by passionate Mars. Some astrologers are of the opinion that Saturn on the 10th can indeed give a great fall. It was indeed the case after his legal battles overtook him that his health declined, his reputation was called into question the notwithstanding his incredible talent. Later it was revealed he was addicted to medication and pornography. His doctor was charged with malpractice. An ignoble end to a meteoric and stellar career.

One must always look at the Navamsha or 9th harmonic. Continuing with the thread of Mars, observe in that ninth harmonic chart its powerful association with Neptune in the 10th house. In the birth chart, this resonates in the 11th house of fulfilment. It was this dynamic physical energy and movement which gave him is greater satisfaction. It was his way of dealing with those demons. The Neptune association with Mars also shows the magic of his performance. Neptune is one of the natural rulers of film, stage, performance and acting.

His early life must be looked at but studying the 4th house, its ruler and also the significator, Moon. These factors have a part to play in the foundation of his early life and how his life was impacted in a most unusual and at times abnormal behaviour.

Whenever a planet is in the 6th house, look at which houses and people it rules. In this case, Venus is the ruler and is indeed in the 6th house. When this placement occurs, people and events represented by that planet become enemies or counter-productive in the life of the person. It’s particularly interesting that it was his father who was his greatest adversary on. Note carefully the simultaneous rulership of the 9th and 4th houses, which in Vedic astrology rule the father and mother respectively. This planet assumes identical rulership of both. The Moon being in the ascendant would indicate a greater closeness to the mother but that would also be somewhat toned down by the aspect of Saturn on the fourth house. Nevertheless, this interesting linkage of the Moon and ascendant ruler Saturn aspecting the fourth house shows the closeness between them.

The natural significator of the father is the Sun. It is in the seventh house in close proximity to brutal Pluto. It’s a well-known fact his father abused him as a child and this continued into his teen and early 20s after which he attained some independence. Furthermore, when Pluto connects with any of the personal points such as the ascendant, the Moon or the Sun, Pluto will fully impact the personality with its obsessive, relentless energy. In Michael’s case, all three personal points are strongly affected.

Note also, again, the 8th ruler Mercury retrograde in the company of those two harsh planets. The Sun incidentally, rules the 7th house and becomes a strong maraka or death inflictor. The foreground position of these three planets is further aggravated by the sixth ruler, Moon being full and aspecting them. Although Vedic astrologers don’t necessarily consider Pluto in the scheme of things, the 6th ruler, the full Moon being influenced and influencing Mercury, Pluto and the Sun, is a challenging admixture of energies and complicates his relationships no end.

The identity of a person is shaped by the early signals which underpin the self-talk as one gets older. This positive self-talk was completely undermined by the abuse he suffered. It’s not well-known but apart from the physical abuse, even if he wasn’t actually sexually abused, he was certainly exposed to the sexual shenanigans of his older brothers and father. Many women coming and going in his house along with numerous sexual exploits exposed him to this base sexual behaviour at an early age, and would have obviously impacted his psyche, irrevocably damaging him forever.

It was tragic to see the new documentary called Leaving Neverland. The testimonies of two of his sexual abuse victims, completely unrelated, reveal very similar and quite convincing accounts of the sexual encounters and abuse by Michael Jackson. This seems to contradict the impotency line of logic of Mercury and Saturn’s impact on his 7th house combination. That his enemies are powerful is shown by the full Moon. It’s quite possible that the accounts and accusations, now being given after being suppressed for decades, are possibly an exaggeration of what happened. This is one of the mysteries of the Michael Jackson life drama. In the end, astrology proves that the human condition is not a simple one to understand and that often the most wonderful and transforming personalities amongst us are often human after all with all their inbuilt frailties and wrongdoings.

Dadhichi TothThis article was written by Dadhichi Toth, a seasoned Vedic astrologer of 35 years’ experience. He is the founder and CEO of