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June 22 - July 5


The Moist One, Fresh, Green

Birth Rashi is Gemini and the lord of the Rashi is Mercury.

Your birth name should start with the letter "K00".

Hindu Vedic Interpretations for those who were born in the Ashwini Nakshatra are as follows --


According to Shastras

A person born in the Ardra nakshatra may be hungry, with a lean body, strong and loved by brothers. According to another viewpoint, he may be ungrateful, crooked hearted, proud, short tempered, violent, wicked, lacking wealth and prosperity, engaged in lowly deeds and not stationary in one place.

According to the Modern viewpoint

A person born in the Ardra nakshatra may be soft-spoken, loving towards all, intelligent, knowledgeable about traditional medicine & the power of mantras, skilled at predictions, intuitive and pure-hearted but critical and facing hardships in his period of education. He may have an inventive brain, be skilled at art & fine works, addicted to drugs, consuming tobacco and cigarettes, involved in a defamed work, having a wandering temperament and anxious about past deeds.




Presiding Deity: Rudra

Constellation: The Twins

Range: 6°40' - 20°00' Gemini

Symbol : Human head, Teardrop

Nature : Manushya ( human)

Primary Motivation: Kama

Direction: West

  • Gemini ♊ Zodiac Ruler
  • Rahu ☊ Ruling Planet
  • Mercury ☿ Related Planet

The Nakshatras Portal

These Nakshatras complete the entire circle of 360 degrees of the zodiac. A forecast based on the transit/correlation/inter-relation of planets in relation to the Nakshatras is more accurate than the results predicted on the basis of any other system.

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