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April 7- May 10


Sexuality; Cycle of Birth & Death

You were born in Bharani Nakshatra.

Therefore, your birth Rashi is Aries and the lord of the Rashi is Mars.

Your birth name should start with the letter "Loo".

According to the Shastras (ancient Hindu scriptures) here are the interpretations for those born under Bharani nakshatra are as follows --

According to Brihat Jataka

A person born in the Bharani Nakshatra is truthful, inclined towards high thinking, true to his word, determined, healthy, clever and happy. According to another viewpoint, the person may be cruel, ungrateful, defamed, infatuated by another person's wife, fearful of water, pleasure-loving, lively, wicked and criticized by all.

According to the Modern Viewpoint

A person born under the Bharani Nakshatra is brave, encouraging, romantic, strong, accustomed to staying among people of low status, victorious over enemies and opponents, skilled at making sudden attacks, inclined towards religious deeds, interested in painting and photography, an excessive smoker, fond of food and drinks, successful in attaining his ultimate goal, generally free of ailments & obstacles, clever, pleasant natured and ambitious for progress.



Presiding Deity: Yama, The God of Death; Shakti

Constellation: The Ram

Range: 13°20'  - 26°40' Aries

Symbol : Yoni (female sex organ)

Nature : Maanushya (human)

Primary Motivation: Artha (wealth)

Direction: West

  • Aries ♈ Zodiac Ruler
  • Venus ♀ Star Ruler
  • Mars ♂ Planet Ruler

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These Nakshatras complete the entire circle of 360 degrees of the zodiac. A forecast based on the transit/correlation/inter-relation of planets in relation to the Nakshatras is more accurate than the results predicted on the basis of any other system.

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