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MAR 31 - APR 12
Revati Nakshatra


The Wealthy

Birth Rashi is Pisces and the lord of the Rashi is Jupiter.

Your birth name should start with the letter "Do".

Hindu Vedic Interpretations for those who were born in the Revati Nakshatra are as follows --

According to Shastras

A person born under the Revati nakshatra is physically endowed with all limbs, pure hearted, skilled at work, saintly, brave, scholarly, popular, fond of fighting and endowed with wealth and prosperity. He may be intelligent, cultured, determined, skilled at giving advise, occupying the position of a minister, sensuous and blessed with a wife, son and friends.


According to the Modern viewpoint

A person born under the Revati nakshatra is fond of learning, very talented, double minded, confused, ever changing, impressive, good at premonitions, humanitarian in behaviour, sympathetic, skilled at getting his work done, religious, cautious in taking decisions, humorous, honest and able but may act mindlessly and be too logical and suspicious. Spiritual knowledge may suddenly rise in his mind. He may be involved in social work with the desire of attaining fame.



Presiding Deity: Pushan

Constellation: The Fish

Range: 16°40' - 30°00' Pisces

Symbol : A Drum, A Fish

Nature : Deva ( god-like)

Primary Motivation: Moksha

Direction: East

  • Pisces ♓ Zodiac Ruler
  • Mercury ☿ Ruling Planet
  • Jupiter ♃ Related Planet

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