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Gemini Zodiac Sign: May 21 – June 20

What Does Astrology Reveal About Your Gemini Personality

Symbol: Twins

Gemini Date: May 21 – June 20

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Quality: Mutable

Birthstones: Emerald, Peridot, Diamond, Quartz Crystal, Aquamarine, and Jade

Gemini’s have the most amazing mind and people can be fascinated by the way you can switch from one thing to the other without missing a beat. Your interests are so diverse that it sometimes seems that you are superficial in taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that and matching them up so that they come together as a wonderful idea.

You constantly try to challenge your mental abilities and will make extra efforts to understand anything you put your mind to.

You can’t understand why other people don’t feel the same way. To you, this kind of stimulation is your life blood.

Anyone who engages you in quick-witted and thoughtful banter will win your heart for sure.

Some great communicators were born under your sign such as —actresses Helen Hunt and Marilyn Monroe, for instance. Like them, you take interest in anything that requires a little brain power. Reading and ferreting out information on the internet are a perfect way for you to unwind. Communication would have to be one of your favourite pastimes. Taking up acting classes wouldn’t be a bad idea, either, even if you don’t fancy yourself as an Emmy Award winner. Meeting new people and sharing your thoughts and feelings with them is enough of a blast for you.

Not all Geminis have brains on the brain, though. Anna Kournikova, the tennis superstar, proves that: she puts her focus into physical exercise. She is a superb tennis player, a sport which that requires physical dexterity and mental agility as well. Gemini is also on the top of the list of achievers in sport. But the sport you get into will be one that requires a strategic and intellectual approach. If it doesn’t, it won’t sustain your interest. Tennis, chess, golf and card games like bridge and canasta appeal to you.

If you could be accused of anything, it would be that you spread yourself too thinly, by being interested in too many things. To some people, you seem superficial and flighty. It’s the ‘rolling stone gathering gathers no moss’ thing dilemma—, which means doing a bit of this and a bit of that and not getting too deeply into any one thing.

You see it differently, of course. To you, life is a smorgasbord, and you’re going to taste everything! Trying just one main course, so to speak, isn’t your thing.

Variety, diversity, and experimentation are some of your keywords.

And you can always say, ‘At Well, at least I’ll never be boring, ha!’

The fact that you take on so much also means you risk wearing yourself out and letting your vitality engine slow down. It is not easy for you to pace yourself, but if you can get your self-discipline working on this, you can achieve more than most. Make sure you have enough fuel in your gas tank to get you to where you want to go.

People always love your company—your adaptability makes you interesting. People are amazed at your versatility, at the way you manage to juggle so many different activities. ‘Is there anything you don’t try your hand at?’, they wonder.

Learning will always be one of your passions, for —you don’t ever believe there’s ever a good time to limit to someone’s desire to improve their mind.

You have a great love of the written as well as the spoken word, and will often put pen to paper—or hands to keyboard—to get your own thoughts down. Sometimes this is just so you can work out what you think about a particular issue or event. Lots of many journalists, writers, and advisers are Geminis; their way with words is their best tool for making a lasting impression.

You also have a bconnection to travel and short journeys. You’ll often feel restless, and your itchy feet will set you wandering. These journeys may not be long, but there will be plenty of them, — for you’re always on the go. You are thirsty for new experiences, and, even on short journeys or in transit, you’ll throw yourself into meeting new and unusual people.

You’re fascinated by psychology and the way human relationships work, so you will seek a life partner who is as into communication as you are. You will need this sort of person if you are to achieve emotional fulfillment.

You are the type of person, friends and relatives turn to for advice on their love life. This has an upside for you, too—, as it helps you understand what’s going on in your own life, romantically speaking. Geminis seem to grow younger rather than older. Physically, you will maintain a youthful glow, and you will never lose your fun-loving liveliness. You’re really not into that ‘growing old gracefully’ thing. Vitality and constant stimulation are what you are about. A peaceful old age is definitely not your cup of tea (even if you happen to be over 60).

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Gemini Zodiac Sign: May 21 - June 20

The Gemini Personality and Influences

Key life phraseI Think
Zodiac totemThe Twins
Zodiac symbolAs above
Zodiac factsThird sign of the zodiac; mutable, barren, positive, masculine and airy
Zodiac elementAir
Key characteristicsMulti-talented, thinker, talkative, social, scattered, diverse interests, loves variety and excitement
Compatible star signsGemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Taurus
Mismatched signsVirgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn
Ruling planetMercury
Love planetsVenus and Jupiter
Finance planetMoon
Speculation planetVenus
Career planetsNeptune, Jupiter, and Mars
Spiritual and karmic planetsVenus and Saturn
Friendship planetMars
Destiny planetVenus
Lucky numbers and significant years5, 6, 8, 14, 15, 17, 23, 24, 26, 32, 33, 35, 41, 42, 44, 50, 51 53, 68, 77 and 86
Lucky gemsEmerald, peridot, diamond, quartz crystal, aquamarine, and jade
Lucky fragrancesBasil, sandalwood, thyme, peppermint, and lavender
Affirmation – mantraI am calm
Lucky daysWednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Gemini Profile


I don’t think I’ve ever met what you could call a boring Gemini. Yes, if you’re born under Gemini you have a tendency to talk a lot but for the most part, I’ve found that people under your star sign are quite interesting, if not highly intelligent and always have something extremely interesting to say.

Mercury is your ruling planet, which gives you your trademark communication par excellence, which others admire and respects you. This planet also gives you incredibly quick wit, original ideas and an inventive personality. Creativity of a high order is also evident in people born under the sign of the twins.

Communicating ideas, linking your mind with others and developing new and unusual systems of thought is what you are primarily interested in. One thing everyone notices about you is the fact that you’re always busy, never stopping to take a breath and at the same time quite inexhaustible in your source of energy. “Where do you get that stamina,” people ask?

Well, that stamina may sometimes be short-lived. You are in fact a person that gives 110% to anything you do, but you do have the tendency to run yourself ragged and need to carefully manage your physical and mental energies a little more carefully to optimise your sense of well-being. You mustn’t burn the candle at both ends.

You are the type of person who’s curious about life and therefore loves to learn about anything and everything. You have a broad base of knowledge and yes, you can sometimes be accused of being a little superficial, because you like to taste a bit of this and a bit of that, very much like a connoisseur of food at a smorgasbord. But yet again, you have such a diverse range of interests that you’re happy to forego the “main course” for the excitement of the experience. Gemini is constantly on the prowl for stimulation and education.

Restlessness is one of your less positive traits but here again we see that it gives you the drive to seek new adventures in life and to keep learning more and more. For you, the idea of growing old is abhorrent. In fact, your ruling planet, Mercury, is youthful even in old age and imbues you with this quality. Many of the same Geminis that I referred to above that I’ve been in contact with seem to appear much younger than their age, both physically and in the way, they communicate their experiences. Growing old gracefully is not in your repertoire.

Gemini is a dual sign, which means you’re the butt of many “schizophrenic” jokes. This does have some truth to it, especially when we delve a little more deeply into the Gemini character to see that you blow hot and cold from time to time. On the one hand, you want something; on the other hand, you don’t; sometimes wanting more, sometimes wanting less; a see-saw of life experiences does present you with a challenge as to who you are and what your true identity is.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try not to allow others to misinterpret this as some sort of deceptive personality flaw.

Getting down to routine is not something you enjoy all that much. Rather, you’d prefer an intense array of variety to keep you on the edge, even if it does affect your nervous system sometimes. Words, poetry and even music and other forms of verbal communication are your forte. Taking an interest in writing, teaching, even if this is not something you would do as a profession, is right up your alley.

Because of your insatiable desire to learn and communicate, you have an extraordinarily wide circle of friends and interests. In fact, you may have several groups of different types of friends to satisfy your never-ending search for understanding. Try not to spread yourself too thin, however, as you’ll make commitments in good faith only to find that you run out of time and aren’t capable of giving equal time to those you love.

You are a traveler by nature and that restlessness of spirit which is part and parcel of your character will find you journeying to many different parts of the world to explore culture, history, and anthropology. Even if you don’t travel overseas, you find yourself constantly moving, traveling or even just walking to burn off some of that nervous energy.



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Gemini Cusps

Are you a cusp baby?


Gemini - Taurus cusp

Gemini’s adaptability is nicely offset by the rock solid Taurus if you are born during the first week or so of Gemini (that is between the 22nd and 29th May)

Your ruling planets of Mercury for Gemini and Venus for Taurus will have an impact on your character and personality.

Gemini has an insatiable curiosity, high energy levels and creativity but this is tempered somewhat by the security required by Taurus. This enhances your imagination and gives you a drive to succeed that is not too thinly dissipated by your day-to-day activities.

By being born under the combination of Gemini and Taurus your chances of succeeding on a material level are greater than if you are not a cusp baby.

Being a cusp baby makes you a very sensitive and patient individual, and it doesn’t bother you greatly if success doesn’t immediately come to you. You are patient and hardworking enough to wait for that achievement to come to fruition.

You have a great understanding and appreciation of what your endeavours can bring and whilst you aware of and often seize opportunities that come your way, you will only do this if the practical Taurean can see some value in them.

You are kind-hearted and don’t hesitate to hold out a helping hand to anyone who needs it. You are gentle and have a practical approach to assisting others and with your kind words and direct way of dealing with things, you get right to the heart of the problem.

You have a great work ethic and carry out the most menial of tasks with the same care and precision you would adopt for anything else you do. You are a perfectionist at heart, mainly due to the Taurean influence. You are modest about your achievements but the world will be a better place if you can rise above your hesitancy and share your talents with others.

Gemini - Cancer cusp

Here we have the head and logic of Gemini and the heart and soul of Cancer. This combination gives you a more emotional and sensitive side. Your feelings are also stronger with the Cancer influence.

If you were born between the 14th and 21st of June, you will tend to display many of the traits of the crab, the sign of Cancer.

This combination of two signs may give you difficulty in choosing between “your head and your heart” as the saying goes. As a Gemini, you will naturally pride yourself on the fact that you can be rational about many of the decision you must make in your life. But add the emotional Cancer into the mix and you have a different way of looking at things.

Cancer traits may show up in a more moody Gemini who is not as easily able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. This is especially so when it comes to matters of a romantic nature and may make you usual sharply focused decision-making a little cloudier. This could be an irritation for you, but this is a by-product of being a cusp baby.

You have strong mental traits Gemini but sometimes, emotional issues will fog up your brain. Yoga or meditation where you can chill out, learn to regulate your breathing and let your mind and emotions settle will help immensely. This will also help to balance you out so that you are not swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to the other.

Astrololger’s Advice:

The important thing you need to learn Gemini is how to keep your brain and emotions on an even keel.

Find hobbies that will stimulate your mind, but ones that will enable you to be completely at ease and able to rest.

With Cancer’s connection to the Moon, which tends to heighten your sensitivity, don’t get too upset when someone makes a thoughtless comment. You generally don’t take kindly to criticism, even if it is constructive, and tend to see it rather as an attack on your nature or intention to do well by the world.

The emotional side of Cancer will give you an openness and warmth that other may want to take advantage of. You are generally rather perceptive when it comes to choosing friends and your intuition is spot on and will rarely let you down.

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The Three Types of Gemini


May 21 - June 1

Being born between the 21st of May and the 1st of June makes you a Gemini with a cusp influence of the previous sign, Taurus. Although you’re primarily an intellectual type with intense Mercurial influences, Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also imprints upon you considerable sensuality, grace and charm. You not only love the written word, intellectual pursuits and other forms of communication, but may gravitate towards artistic, musical and creative pursuits to express your inner need for cultural perfection.

June 2 – June 12

If you’re a Gemini born between the 2nd and the 12th of June, you also have a tendency to be sensual but have the influence of Libra as well which makes you at times indecisive about your life path. You need clarity in your choice of partners and must never impulsively rush into any sort of relationship.

June 13 – June 20

If you’re born between the 13th and the 21th of June, the influence of Aquarius and the unpredictable planet Uranus has a sway over your life and your temperament. You are spontaneous in many areas of your life and like to explore the unknown. Your life will swing from the positive to the negative so you must be prepared for some turbulent times in your life. At least you’ll never be bored with the challenges that are presented to you, and as you grow older and develop more wisdom, you’re likely to be regarded as someone with extraordinary knowledge and a capacity to help those around you. Your path is one of compassion and humanitarianism.

Gemini Man ♂

SNAPSHOT: Academic, Excitable, Motivated, Scattered and Humorous


The Gemini male is generally tall, and if he is born in the earlier part of this star sign, he can be muscular and athletic in build. His face is usually long and proportionate, with a high forehead and thin lips.

You are always on the go, Gemini, and tend to be busier than most of your colleagues and friends. You move fast, talk fast and can sell almost anything to anyone. Doing one thing at a time doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, and it is not unusual to see a Gemini male with several projects at various stages of completion.

When it comes to relationships, you can usually talk yourself out of any difficult situation. In fact, your need to talk can be quite overwhelming for a prospective romantic partner.

Astrologer’s Adivce:

What you need to do Gemini, is to develop your non-verbal skills so that you are not always communicating with words.

Remember, less is more.

You are a loyal friend and respond with dynamic energy and speed to their needs. They can rest assured that you will always be there when they call, and this is indeed a wonderful character trait, Gemini. You are not afraid to offer advice, even when it isn’t asked for, but you mean well.

The Gemini male is never satisfied with fame, reputation or money because he thinks he deserves more. If this is how you feel, you will keep searching, even if you know you will never be satisfied.

You like to stand out from the crowd and take great pride in expressing your individuality, whether it is in the way you dress or speak. Ignoring you is about as useless as moving a sand hill with a teaspoon.

You don’t have any trouble attracting the opposite sex, but since you are always on the lookout for change, it may make a prospective partner nervous. You love to be in love as it gives you a sense of security and the comfort of knowing that someone will be there for you.

You can be mysterious and don’t reveal all of yourself at once. Your partners may even feel that they are dating two guys at once because you don’t want them to get to know you too quickly. For you, it is more about the thrill of the chase than the catching of the quarry.

This is why many Gemini males prefer to play the field and may not marry until they have experienced a variety of romances, just to make sure that they have chosen ‘the one’. You are a cheerful partner, with a quick wit and great intelligence. You are also a natural communicator with the ability to captivate a prospective partner’s attention.

Gemini is a mutable sign, which means that you adaptable and easily shaped by your environment. This trait will enable you to overcome adversity and adjust to the highs and lows that life throws at you. Sometimes, however, you need to pause for few moments, if that is at all possible, and think about where you are going and why. Focus, is difficult as your mind can be quite restless and scattered, but this is something you need to master.

You can be the life of the party, Gemini, as you always having a story to tell. You also have an interest in politics, philosophical ideals and other cultural and societal issues, which is why your conversation is never boring. However, you don’t necessarily align yourself with the popular view and will go out on a limb with your own opinion. There is a danger, however, that you may come across as arrogant because you are well read on a subject.

You are always asking questions, Gemini because you need to understand what is going on and why. It is from this well of information that you draw your well-founded opinions, and you can certainly be proud of your intellectual achievements.

Gemini Woman ♀

SNAPSHOT: Snapshot, Funloving, Communicative, Creative, Responsive and Flirtatious


The typical Gemini woman is tall, slender and very attractive. If you are born in the second half of Gemini, the slenderness may be more predominant. Those born in the first half may be slightly more curvaceous and fleshy.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Gemini, try not to become too obsessive about your looks or how others look. You also have a tendency to take great pains to hide the parts of yourself that you don’t want others to see.

Your mind is deep and thoughtfully provocative. When choosing a partner, you will need someone who understands your intellectual needs as you can be quite dismissive of anyone who is mentally lazy. They will also need to be caring, tender, romantic, reliable and well-mannered.

You are ambitious and have the fast thought processes to make things happen. However, you need to be careful not to overreact to statements that others make. You can be hypersensitive and jump to conclusions, but sometimes you can be wrong. This is not something you like to admit, but it can happen.

The term ‘Superwoman’ springs to mind when talking about a Gemini female. You don’t do 101 tasks of a day—it’s more like 1001! You make friends easily as you are always happy to help out, and with your brilliant time management you are able to maintain the balance in your life.

Gemini, you probably invented multitasking and were doing it long before the concept was recognised. Your hand always shoots up at a committee meeting and you can be relied on to start the jobs you volunteer for, even if you don’t always finish them.

You are quite capable of juggling home, family and work, but you should be aware of when your fuel tank is running low, preferably before it hits empty. As your star sign regulates the nervous system, you must be careful not to skip meals. This can have a direct effect on your body and undermine your health over time. Slowing down is certainly not on your agenda, is it Gemini?

Your coffee sessions with friends are just another avenue for you to expand your mind, and you love to be with people who are interested in education, current affairs, and self-improvement. It is unlikely that your social circle will include people who aren’t interested in any of the topics mentioned above.

If an unsuspecting male is privy to your social circle, they will be amazed at your razor sharp wit and lightning-fast comebacks. You are quick on the uptake, well read, and happy to chat for hours about any subject under the sun.

Gemini Child

Children of the Zodiac - Gemini

Your Gemini child is a curious creature, with a well-developed intellectual response to everything. From their earliest age Geminis are inquisitive and keen to know just about anything; they will keep you on your toes with long lists of questions you won’t have answers to.

GEMINI - CHILDREN OF THE ZODIACRuled by Mercury, your little Gemini is full of laughter, fun and practical jokes as well. It’s a well-known astrological fact that you’ll never be able to shut them up — they have to let you know what they’re thinking ( every little detail mind you ), and it also helps them get rid of a lot of the nervous energy that is part of their character.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You will need to keep them busy with activities that engage their brains. This could increase your own brainpower as well, because finding games, puzzles and other activities that are challenging enough will not always be easy.

To keep your Gemini child healthy, feed them regularly, with a good variety of fruits and vegetables, with lean, low-fat protein. If you do this, your Gemini child will maintain optimum levels of vitality, physically and mentally. They seem to have this tendency to burn calories even if they aren’t active. That’s their nervous energy burning calories.

Your Gemini child will be bright and will excel at school. They need to learn to tackle one task at a time, rather than skimming the surface of things simultaneously.

Full of beans they might burn themselves out so take time to nourish them with good food, fresh air and outdoor activities. Of course, don’t be swayed when they tell you they want to stay up to all hours of the night. Gemini children need adequate sleep to handle the busy mental overload. Problem-solving and subjects such as maths, science, communications, writing, singing and music are perfect areas in which they shine.

Astrologer’s Note:

As they get older and reach puberty you need to be a step ahead of them. This is a critical time in their development when they may overstep the bounds of their mental and physical endurance and may not handle it all that well.

Be a friend as well as a good counsellor to them. If you can do so these formative years will help them grow into well-adjusted adults. Your wise counsel will be essential in these formative years so that your Gemini child can grow into a happy, sociable, productive member of society.



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Gemini Lover 💕


If you are dating a Gemini, you will need to provide some stimulating conversation. If you can’t do this, save yourself the time and leave now. If you are the sort of person who wants a full-on relationship after saying ‘hello’, then Gemini is not for you either. Geminis can appear casual in relationships, but this is because they want to develop a friendship before moving on to a more serious partnership.

A Gemini lover needs to connect with someone on an intellectual level before going any further. They want a friendship to develop, and they’re not afraid to ask the hard questions in an effort to establish what makes you tick. In love, Gemini may exhibit a possessive streak, but this is unusual.

Astrologer’s Note:

” Boredom is a romance killer “ so if you want a relationship with this star sign, you better have some witty one-liners or read up on a subject that Gemini is interested in.

At their best, Geminis can be joyful, good-natured, broadminded, experimental, radiant, friendly, enthusiastic, flexible and gentle. At their worst they are unreliable, fickle, insincere, self-focused, restless, critical and temperamental.

LOVE AND COMPATIBILITY REPORTSGeminis have a great sense of humour, which sometimes gives the impression that their conversational style is a little superficial, but this is not so. You may even think they are not interested in you, but don’t judge them too quickly. This is just their way of getting to know you.

If you are a Gemini, you can be a romantic challenge to any potential mate and a mystery as well. Your face is never blank and your expression is either lit from within or eroded by depression and moodiness. In addition to this, your emotions are always active.

Gemini natives are children of the air and they need to feel free to wander, both mentally and physically. More often than not, Gemini, you may find yourself lost and looking for the one who will fill that void in your heart.

Geminis generally marry for passionate love as well as exciting and meaningful communication. You will sweep aside the advice of older and wiser people and go where your heart takes you. Those governed by Gemini are among the lucky few who know the deep expression of being truly ‘in love’.

A Gemini lover can be caring and thoughtful, but they will run to the hills if they feel the partnership has reached a humdrum existence. However, if they find a partnership to be whole and complete, then he or she will be the most dynamic and loyal of mates. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER →» CLICK HERE!«←

Gemini Friend 👏

What You see is what you get


Gemini, as a friend you are completely without any airs or graces. What you see is what you get. You also make people feel comfortable in any social situation.

You have the ability to listen and are a wonderful communicator. Your spontaneity is endearing, to say the least, and while it makes you unpredictable, it is this aspect of your personality that keeps others guessing.

You are outgoing, a stimulating conversationalist, and open-minded in your opinions. You love to come up with a new idea, toss it around amongst your nearest and dearest, and then watch it come to fruition. Boredom is never on your agenda, is it Gemini?

You need to guard against the tendency to gossip as people will naturally tell you things and it is up to you to zip your lips when you know you should. If the story doesn’t seem spicy enough for you, resist the temptation to spice it up to make it more ‘interesting’.

Geminis have busy social schedules and can be overwhelmed by the amount of friends they have to keep in the loop. It is at these times that you need to look at the people in your circle and weed out those who are not actually friends but acquaintances.

Astrologer’s Advice:

If you happen to be possessive, it is not a good idea to cage your Gemini friend.

They will just spread their wings like a butterfly and fly far away from you. There is no way you can tie down a Gemini, so don’t waste your time.

As a Gemini friend, you will be loyal and have friends for a long time, but you are not afraid to try out new friendships. You also like to travel and will meet people from many walks of life.

As a friend, Gemini, you can be somewhat unpredictable, but underneath you are a good solid person who will go to the ends of the earth for someone who is important to you. If a friend does the wrong thing by you, however, you will let them know in no uncertain terms.

You don’t like to get too close to people quickly. You actually pride yourself on the fact that you can count the number of truly close friends on one hand. You are a good friend and enjoy meeting new people but not simply for the sake of it. You shun superficiality and egotism of any sort. Perhaps for this reason you do attract only genuine people who will return your trust and loyalty.

Once you make a friend, you like to hang onto that person, and to develop trust and a depth of connection with them over a period of time. You’re certainly not a type of person who will spill the beans on the first date or the first meeting, but prefer to savor tidbits of information, putting the jigsaw of who that person is over time. In this manner, you can slowly digest the many different facets of a friend’s personality, history and connections with you.

You love to entertain, wine and dine, and therefore friendship for you is a social occasion which usually has as much to do with the lunch or dinner and good wine as it does about the person themselves. You find this to be a bridge between your mind and theirs. You love to enjoy different foods from various cultures and places, and discovering new restaurants is also something that brings you closer to a friend if that is also a pastime of theirs.

You probably have a birthday book, Gemini, and will chuckle while I’m saying this, but I know you’re not the type to forget a special date, a birth date or event and people who consider you a friend really appreciate this about you. Not only that but when it comes to purchasing a gift for someone you love, you spend a lot of time considering what it is that would make them feel happy in receipt of that gift. Often I’ve seen Taureans even go to the trouble of making something very unique and personalised as they have great handicraft skills.

You’re extremely dependable and friends look to you for guidance and stability. Even in times of your own trouble you seem to be rather anchored, stable and earthy in your approach and don’t seem to be swayed by the passing trends and fads of life. This makes you an excellent advisor to others in times of need which goes hand in glove with being a good friend. When people need your advice, you are there to give them a practical assessment of the situation without any embellishment or bias on your part. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS →»HERE!«←

Gemini Enemy 😠

It is better to have Gemini as a friend than as an enemy.


Geminis are WORDSMITHS and they will use their skills in this area as weapons of mass destruction if the occasion arises.

If you want to be on the receiving end of this vitriol, then cross a Gemini and you will experience their venomous tongue at full force.

For the most part, Gemini, you are polite and even-tempered, but if someone upsets you, they will find out about it very quickly. You are open about your feelings and opinions, but sometimes people will take you on because they think they know better than you on a particular subject. This is not a good idea.

You will let them talk, although probably not for long, and then shoot them down with your knowledge and eloquence. You also don’t like people talking behind your back. Backstabbing is not a game you enjoy, and it is one that you do not indulge in. Although you may enjoy a bit of gossip, you don’t like having the tables turned on you!

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Gemini Light and Shadow 🌓


The light and the dark are part of human nature and each star sign exhibits this polarity. It is the yin and yang of life and once we confront these shadowy areas within ourselves the sooner we are able to break free of all self limiting behaviours and habits.

Gemini: The light side 🌕

When conversing with a Gemini, I sometimes find it hard to tell whether their cynical statements are jokes or not. After a while I realise I’ve been baited by their lightning-quick humour.

Amazing strengths: Impish yet attractive sort of humour, which everybody finds irresistible.

Your thinking is original and brilliant but often a little too rapid for others who are slow to grasp the depth of your insights. Sure, your mind is fast and is often considered superficial, but that’s only one side of the wonderful Gemini personality.

You love people and therefore work well in groups and can lead the way with your ideas and enthusiastic proposals. You are the one to lift others out of the doldrums when the going gets tough and you know how to excite others both in a professional environment and socially as well.

Because you’re the ‘twin’, you are always able to see both sides of an argument and this means your objective viewpoints are often useful when trying to bring warring factions together. You’re one of the most adaptable and flexible signs of the zodiac and will always find yourself at home wherever you are.

Gemini: The shadow side 🌑

Are you Arthur or Martha? This must be one of the most difficult questions a typical Gemini asks themselves. You certainly have two sides to your character and this often works against your better interests.

Your mind is a rainbow of colours and with many different sides to your character. Because of this others will find it very hard to pin you down. The term ‘mercurial‘ sums up your everyday life (from your ruler, Mercury, the fast and restless youngster of the zodiac). At times you’ll run yourself around in circles, unable to complete the tasks you set yourself.

Your love of variety and change, unfortunately, leads you to become a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’. A daily dose of self-discipline is essential if you’re to achieve success. You love stimulation but you overload your brain. A regular time-out session will help you regroup your energies and get back on track.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try not to be so impulsive on your eagerness to get things done.

By getting caught up in the moment you’ll overlook the priorities in life and later regret you didn’t pay more attention to the long term.

Gemini – On the Home Front 🏠


Gemini at home is the butterfly of the zodiac. They love to have space to move around in where they can change the furniture around, alter the wall colorings or swap paintings from one room to another.

Your home is the central meeting place for neighbors, friends, and family. Colours are likely to be aquamarine, crystal blue, violet, yellow, orange and light green in a wonderful kaleidoscope. Brightness is important too and your home will likely have large windows that can be thrown open for light and air.

You generally like your furniture arranged so conversations can ebb and flow. Groupings of sofas or a large table with many chairs for dining suit your style of entertaining.

Geminis like their home environment to be neat and clean, especially the bathroom and bedroom. Your rooms will be a temple to taste and elegance with richly patterned rugs and beautiful fabrics.

You like gadgets Gemini and your kitchen may get to look like a small appliances showroom but with your love of entertaining there is a fair chance you will use quite a lot of them. Technology fascinates you and this is where you get a love of the latest “must have”. Communication equipment will also be in abundance with computers, mobile phones and remote controls for as many of your gadgets as possible

Geminis generally are much happier in stylish city living than they are out in a log cabin somewhere in the back of beyond. You like space, but it is more that you like space on the inside of your home, not 100 hectares for a front garden.

Textures within your home can vary from smooth as silk to rough as stone, but they will be tastefully included in a way that is unique to a Gemini. Your main aim with decorating is to have a home that is totally “you” no matter what the latest trends may be.

Geminis hate untidiness and although they like plenty of space around them, it is not there for it to be filled up with clutter. Geminis also like most things in pairs, or furniture with a geometric shape such as square or oblong.

As they also have a great love of languages, it is likely there will be a study or library tucked away, but also used quite a lot. It could even be out of bounds to the rest of the household and will be “my space” to the resident Gemini.

Geminis love their home and it would suit you to have a business that can be conducted within or attached to their residence. It would also be a home away from home and again would reflect just what a Gemini is all about.

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