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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – A brief Vedic Astrological assessment


Here’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – A brief Vedic Astrological assessment…

348px-Brad-PittBrad Pitt’s Vedic horoscope puts his Moon in the otherworldly lunar mansion of Ketu or the South Node as westerners call it. Brad has a deeper hidden philosophical side which becomes more pronounced as he gets older. His connection to women and powerful magnetic appeal is also found in this combination of Moon and Ketu in Sagittarius in the company of Sun and Mercury – all in all a friendly gathering of planets.

The subtle projection of his ascendant is in Capricorn. This does make him somewhat conservative. There is a conventional side to Brad. Also with Saturn and Venus occupying the sign he carries himself and aloof yet charming manner. There are times when he may find it hard to express how he feels.

Angelina has Moon, Mars and Jupiter at right angle to all these planets in Brad’s horoscope. This is challenging to say the least. It’s not good for the lunar positions of a couple to be at right angles. Angelina’s Moon is located in the soft stellar mansion of Mercury. There is no doubt that the karmic influence of the Moon in Brad’s horoscope and of the Moon in Mercury’s this star In Angelina’s scope is a karmic combination and one in which the intellectual side of the relationship is prominent.

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Their physical drives at some point will diverge. Brad’s fiery Mars in Sagittarius is awash with the emotional energy of Angelina’s Mars in Pisces. There is a deeply emotional element to Angelina’s character. Being in the sign of Pisces, the sacrificial sign of the Zodiac, this accounts for her deep need to act as an ambassador for those who are less privileged. She has a natural love of people, children and causes for the downtrodden.

Although their Moons are in conflict, they have a reasonably good overall match in general terms. The positioning of Venus is also very important in the assessment of compatibility and in that case the opposite positions of Venus are considered an excellent omen for this couple. There will be a key social and familial connectedness. Both of them enjoy family life and this is probably one of the strengthening aspects of the relationship notwithstanding some of the other challenges that have been mentioned.

By transit the aspect of Saturn throughout this last two years has been a difficult one. The same applies for Brad. Both have had to change their attitudes and adjust to each other in each other’s needs. But because of the beneficial aspect of Venus they have been able to weather the storm.

It’s excellent news that their marriage has now taken place after many years of speculation by the public and fans worldwide. The recent transit of Jupiter into the position of Cancer ( sidereally ) has made contact with Venus the planet of love and in an excellent position from the Moon, Mars and Jupiter trio in Pisces. This is one of the classic transits for marriage or the birth of children. In any case it is a joyous time and one which elevates spirit and brings depth to the relationship.

For Brad the same transit aspect of Venus from the opposite side of the Zodiac is also sign of marriage. I often predict marriage times from this single transit of Jupiter and its twelve year cycle.

Around 2019 Brad may begin a very difficult cycle. This is a real test of his love and commitment to his family.  The strong positioning of Saturn and Venus indicate a loyal personality but one who does need constant attention and affection. That is the conflict of the five planets in Sagittarius and Saturn and Venus in Capricorn creating a pendulum effect which will be pronounced during the transit of 2017 to 2022.

dadhichiDadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

Stay tuned.

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Religion on Earth – an Alien View


refractionHey planet earth! How is religion working for you I ask, imagining myself as an alien looking down on Earth from a distance some light years away and wondering “What the hell are these Earthlings doing? I ask this question as I repeatedly see the same old global, issues recurring not just year after year but century after century and think to myself that if religion and its leaders were under the same scrutiny as publicly listed companies, they would be deregistered and thrown out on their sorry little backsides yesterday.

I opened the newspaper this week to the story of Israel and Gaza, to a conflict between Jews who worship the Torah and Moslems who worship the Koran to find hundreds being slaughtered in the name of peace and their religions. What a load of BS. Who are they kidding? I see suicide bombers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa on a daily basis driving their bomb laden vehicles into schoolyards, police precincts, shopping malls and other public places mutilating thousands if not millions over the years in the name of their peaceful and loving God. Well God forbid! Is it any wonder I like millions of others are turning to atheism and non-religious, freethinking protocols to base their lives upon. How can anyone of religious persuasion look me in the eye and tell me with a straight face that their religion works? It doesn’t. And to argue their case they would say religion does a lot of good… for the poor for example. Well atheists and nonreligious people are just as capable of helping the poor and they do! There are plenty of organisations which are not under the guise of religion and do good for those less fortunate. Take science, the development of medicine and other life saving technologies, produced by many atheists. In fact one must ask whether those less fortunate are being made even more unfortunate looking at the billions and trillions of dollars stowed away in bank accounts under the name of the Lord.

Donations in the billions are funnelled into Vatican accounts and one huuuuge donation which comes to mind is that of the US$50 million given by a South American government to Mother Teresa in the 1980’s specifically earmarked for the poor and underprivileged. This donation was directly transferred to the Vatican bank. Surprise, surprise. Not really, just a plain downright disgrace is what it is. And especially after visiting the Manila-based Mother Teresa institution for the severely handicapped and disabled I found not one piece of medical apparatus available for these poor unfortunate children. This is over thirty years later mind you!! What happened to the money, the ‘donation’? Of course the US$50 million is still sitting in the Vatican account funding a few more golden chalices and bullet proof vehicles for pompous popes to pounce around the global stage in their strange looking hats and mediaeval garb pretending to be doing something other than feeding their own egos and outdated tribal Middle Eastern philosophies.

Enough! I’m sorry folks, but when I see it the underprivileged being downtrodden, political leaders forming alliances with Christian lobbyists obviously based upon backroom deals to give these religious cults more social and political leverage, I have to weep especially when I see one armed children, blind kids and 14-year-old mothers slinging babies around street corners and intersection stoplights for a few measly cents. Most of them are Christian by the way and obviously not recipients of any type of social welfare system these massive religious conglomerates ought have in place given the money in their holy coffers was donated largely by these sub classes themselves. That’s right, I turned away from established religion many, many years ago even though I was raised a staunch Roman Catholic. I was reared in part by my rosary toting grandmother who chanted so many Hail Marys that the metal beads had worn down to the chain obviously fearful of the consequences of her destination in the afterlife if she didn’t conduct her daily 3 to 4 hour ritual. Deep within herself she was driven by fear.

I say reclaim the churches, the money in the Vatican banks, the stockpiles of gold in the temples in India, and set up social funds to hand back money and property to the rightful owners- that is, the people, you and I and everyone else who throughout the previous centuries suffered through fear of eternal hellfire, who paid indulgences in the early days of the church, believing they had purchased their way back into the light of God and to sit on His right-hand side. On the other side of the ‘war’, Muslims with their fabricated story of heaven and eternal salvation and the dozens of virgins waiting to f** them hard and pleasurably for the mass slayings and their own suicide. Think about this deeply, consider the deeply disturbing ramifications of this mentality, mass education and twisted spin which is considered TRUTH. Children who are yet to develop any level of reasoning are indoctrinated into this philosophy at the ear;iest age. Apart from these direct religious atrocities as I call them, and practices which must see millions of aliens on other planets sitting back at their Friday night cinema watching, laughing, there’s no doubt that even some of the more secular atrocities such as the downing of the Malaysian airlines craft with over 290 civilian deaths including 80 children even if not by religious fanatics, would no doubt have been perpetrated by some visiting their churches and temples on a weekly if not daily basis claiming “God is on our side!” as did George Bush and many other notable leaders in history beforew they had their millions of millions trudge off to the slaughter.

These people claim to believe in a supreme being but have absolutely no regard for their fellow man and would mercilessly extinguish the lives of innocents under this gross pretence. With a dismal situation we human beings find ourselves in by hiding behind this farce of religion and spirituality, of so-called goodness. Look in any direction and you will clearly see the travesty, the tragedy and exact opposite of what these religions propose as being the daily norm for most people. I, like the aliens watching must surely dread where we as a race are headed. Worried about endangered species? I’d be listing homo sapiens as number one on that list and in large part to the role religion has and continues to play in the affairs of our misguided race. Beam me up Scottie! As quickly as possible please.

Dadhichi TothDadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field with more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the international annual best selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]


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The Astrology and Psychology of Happiness


Learn The Astrology and Psychology of Happiness here…

Fourth house of the horoscope –  Personal happiness and early family foundations

In this new series let’s look at happiness, family, self-worth and early childhood traumas and the impact on later relationships.  In many instances I have the opportunity to not only apply the principles I’ve learned over 35 years but to also apply my own personal experience and to repeatedly note similarities in those charts. Clients come to me to unravel the mystery of astrology and see what the planets have in store for them. In short, I am a destiny engineer who looks at the karmic implications of a horoscope.

Today is a case in point where I was able to see very clearly a combination of Venus, Saturn and the Moon. I was able to deduce from the similarities in my own chart the early life issues surrounding her mother. The individual is likely to be raised by a surrogate or sent sent away to be looked after by someone else, possibly more than one person. In the case of this client both Venus and Saturn in the dignified sign of Libra with the Moon I estimated that the critical time was in the first five or six years and that sense of abandonment must still be there underpinning many of the relationship this woman enters into. This planetary dignity protected her from some of the more harrowing events that can befall young children.

In my own chart the same combination of Venus and Saturn clearly affected my early childhood as I too was sent to an orphanage at about the same age of six, fostered out to many families and some years later was returned to my real family. This was a time that I was also separated from my sister. ( Note how I was able to transpose my own experience to this reading by way of similar astrological combinations. )

In the worst case scenario the fourth house of a horoscope is afflicted by Saturn and Mars or other malefics. This testimony is further boosted if these planets are in the fourth or the ruler of the fourth is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses. In this case the person may even be adopted out and is totally disconnected from their biological mother. The early foundation of one’s life are the first and fourth houses and signify the familial relationships one has and whether or not one is going to grow up feeling confident, with a high level of self-esteem. Early childhood emotional scars end up damaging future relationships. Unfortunately that is the case many a time.

I have seen numerous clients with this problem and as I said to my client earlier, she needed to be very careful that in her subconscious, that sense of abandonment wasn’t being dragged into each and every relationship. Yes, it had been the case. Astrologers should therefore not rely solely on mathematical or astronomical techniques. When we repeatedly see the same patterns in dozens and dozens of horoscopes as well as our own charts it make it easy to define outcomes. With some added intuition the life of the person becomes clearly seen. Replication of these celestial patterns is fascinating and this is where an astrologer takes comfort in being able to assert predictions with a high degree of accuracy. I’m not saying that each and every similar astrological pattern will play out precisely the same for each person but there is certainly a tendency towards those sorts of events occurring.

How does early childhood impact on relationships? If the individual is incapable of feeling accepted, loved and encouraged to explore and express themselves freely, later in life we see the effects on pretty much all their relationships. The vulnerability of the child emerges and love is perceived to be withheld and a sense of rejection dominates their emotional experience.

In my own case, during my first marriage, I had this sense that I was not particularly lovable even though I was always told so. The masks that we assume don’t always naturally reflect our inner emotional states. This is why astrology is the perfect tool that can establish precisely what may have been the cause of these problems.  By utilising remedial measures solutions are offered which result in psychological/emotional/spiritual release.

Understanding the problem that we have with our inner selves and others, if that root cause is connected to our past is the initial part of solving the problem. You need to accept that there is indeed a problem otherwise how will you begin to work on it? The astrologer will gently coax his client into confronting those fears and vulnerabilities of early childhood. Ultimately they can go on to become productive, integrated members of society enjoying relationships without the past being superimposed on current relationships.

Without resolving early patterns of emotional abandonment or abuse we run the risk of transposing all our psychological ailments on our partners. This complex psychological maze often results in divorce if neither party is prepared to concede that the problem primarily lies within them.

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DADHICHI-MTAbout the author…..

Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

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Soul mates, who are they?


Did you know your Soul mates, who are they?….

Have you ever had that feeling of missing something in your life that you just can’t point your finger on? A dull, nagging feeling of emptiness that no one and nothing has filled – yet. Up until you meet your soul mate, that is, and everything falls neatly into place.

A soul mate is someone, not necessarily of the opposite sex, to whom you have a very intimate and profound connection on every level of your being. You can sit together for hours without saying a word and walk away with the most insightful conversation you’ve both had.

You usually meet your soul mate at the right time. The time when you are ready to open yourself, when you are finally comfortable to reveal everything about you and expect no judgment, only love and understanding, just as you embrace every single part of your soul mate without resentment but rather love and respect. A soul mate is someone who completes and complements you, uplifting your spirit and invigorating your soul.

You walk through life together, aspiring for the same goals drawing from the same motivations and desires. You think on the same wavelength but you also have your own particular nuances and differences which are appreciated rather than criticized.

The true meaning of soul mates is when you are absolutely comfortable with someone, when you can bare your soul without judgment, when you find that bond that ties every loose end of your life. It doesn’t even have to be a physical connection, just that feeling that your soul is happy, content, whole.

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Pranayama – The Breath of Life by Dr Rama Prasad and Caroline Robertson


The empowering path to self-healing

can be as simple as breathing

when one learns basic yogic techniques to harness prana – the universal life force.

The Power of Prana

“God formed humans from the dust of the ground, breathing into their nostrils the breath of life so they became living beings” – Genesis 2:7

Humans have been known to survive for months without water and weeks without food yet die within minutes when deprived of oxygen. Respiration represents the power of prana, the ultimate expression of energy and life. When prana fl ows abundantly through our beings we become aware of a special glow to our skin and eyes, a spring to our step and the pulse of energy in every cell, vibrating vitality through every thought, word and deed . Conversely, an impeded or defi cient fl ow of prana is marked by constant fatigue, dull skin and eyes and loss of enthusiasm. Breathing exercises are the easiest way to increase the flow of prana in our body and to unleash dormant prana.

What is Prana?

”As the spokes are attached to the hub, so on this life breath, all is connected”- Chandogyopanishad, Ancient Indian treatise
In the ultimate sense prana is the subtlest form of all energies that permeate and sustain life in the cosmos. It is the underlying power supplying all universal forces allowing the ocean to surge, the sun to rise, fl owers to bloom and the earth to revolve. The localised aspect of prana is the force uniting mind, body and spirit together known as the bio-energy fi eld in humans. This fl ows from the spirit and is also absorbed from the atmosphere instantly through breathing oxygen and slowly through the colon with the transformation of food into energy.
Prana travels via etheric channels known as nadis in the body, a concept similar to Chinese medicine’s chi, which travels along meridians. The main nadis are the central staff from the central sulcus down the spinal cord (sushumna) and the two channels, which fl ow vertically around this, on the left side (ida) and on the right (pingala.) These nadis are represented in the medical caduceus symbol. According to the Shiva Samhita there are 350,000 secondary nadis pervading the body, governing all physiological and psychological processes.
Absorbed through the medium of breath, prana has specifi c actions on the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cardiovascular, lymphatic and nervous system functions. Most importantly prana governs all the mental processes including thoughts, feelings, the will and reason. Longevity, health and vitality are all determined by the quality of prana fl owing in our bodies. The root cause of all disease is a chaotic, blocked or defi cient fl ow of prana through the body. Healing modalities such as reiki, homoeopathy, herbalism, bodywork, midwifery, rebirthing, and relaxation therapy employ techniques that create an abundant and harmonious fl ow of prana through the body that eliminates disease.

Pranayama – Mastering Prana

“As wind drives away smoke and impurities from the atmosphere, pranayama is a divine fi re which cleanses the organs, senses, mind, intellect and ego.” – BKS Iyengar, Hatha Yoga master
Pranayama is the art of breath control whereby the mental and physical state is brought to a harmonious state of health and serenity. It is a technique that increases, controls and frees the flow of prana throughout the entire body. The practice of pranayama brings awareness to the breath, which then connects us rapidly with our inner physical and emotional state.
Our relationship with life is mirrored in our breathing. When we’re nervous or excited our breathing becomes shallow, jerky and rapid. A relaxed, quiet state will create slow and deep breathing. Rishis of the past noted that animals with rapid rates of respiration such as mice who take 1,000 breathes a minute have a shorter life span than animals with a slow respiration rate such as the tortoise which breathes four times a minute and can live up to 300 years. In this way life span was measured in terms of the rate of respiration, slow breathing increasing life span and rapid breathing hastening death.
Humans breath about 16-18 times a minute, inhaling about 13,000 litres of air every 24 hours. Due to exercise, anger, passion and anxiety the respiration rate increases, straining the heart and decreasing the life span. The slow, deep breathing and retention of breath in pranayama helps to compensate for the damage incurred by rapid, shallow breathing. Elizabeth Barrett Browning shared Yoga’s view of longevity stating “He lives most whoever breathes most air.” Many of India’s famous Yogis attributed their longevity, photographic memory and boundless energy to their diligent practice of pranayama. Swami Sivananda, born 1887, was a world-renowned Yogi who ascribed his “continuously bursting fountain of energy to the regular practice of pranayama.” It also endowed him with a phenomenal memory and the capacity to do many things at the same time.
Pranayama also ensures a rhythmic harmony between the left bodily channel (ida) and the right bodily channel (pingala.) This is important as these nadis govern opposite polarities in the body. Pingala which is stimulated by right nostril breathing promotes heat, masculinity, extroversion and digestion. Left nostril breathing stimulates ida which encourages cold, femininity, introspection and fertility. Roughly every hour our breathing shifts from one nostril to the other whereas pranayama encourages us to breath through both nostrils in order to maintain our bio-energetic balance.

Experiments with Prana

Jack Shield, Californian Lymphologist planted a minute camera in the human body to discern what stimulated cleansing of the lymphatic system. This is of particular importance as the lymphatic system doesn’t have an in-built pump like the cardiovascular system does.
He concluded that deep diaphragmatic breathing creates a vacuum that literally sucks lymph through the blood stream and accelerates the pace at which the lymph eliminates toxins. Deep breathing such as pranayama and exercise multiplies this lymphatic cleansing process at fifteen times the normal rate. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, Director of the Max Plank Institute for Self Physiology studied the effect of oxygen on blood cells. Dr. Warburg transformed normal healthy cells into malignant cells by lowering the amount of oxygen available to cells. His work was followed up by Dr. Goldblack 1. His experiments involved rats that have never been known to suffer from malignant growths. He took cells from newborn rats and divided them into three groups. Over a period of weeks he deprived one group of cells of oxygen, many died, some displayed stunted growth and the others become malignant. The other two groups of cells were exposed to healthy oxygen levels. After 30 days the cells were injected into three groups of rats. All the rats who received cells deprived of oxygen developed malignant growths. This led to the theory that lack of oxygen may play a significant role in the formation of malignant tumours.
Other experiments reveal that pranayama has the positive effect of reducing bronchial asthma attacks in76% of asthma patients 2 (Bhole 1967), decreasing blood lipids, accelerating adrenocortical functions, increasing total serum proteins3 (Udupa et al 1975a), lowering pulse rate and increasing breath retention capacity 4 (Nayar et al 1975).

“Yoga places a close link between prana and the mind, influencing one influences the other. When the breath wanders the mind is unsteady” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a classical Yoga text.

“Shutting out all external senses objects, keeping the eyes and vision concentrated between the two eyebrows, suspending the inward and outward breaths between the nostrils, thus controlling the mind, senses and intelligence, the transcendentalist aiming at liberation becomes free from desire, anger and fear” – Bhagavad Gita 8.10.

Guidelines for Pranayama

  • The best time to practice pranayama is in the morning when the air is cool and the mind and body are fresh or at dusk.
  • The bowels and bladder should be emptied.
  • It is best to practice pranayama after exercises and before meditation.
  • Wait at least two hours after eating and 30 minutes after drinking.
  • Dress in loose and natural fabric.
  • Find a secluded, quiet, clean, well-ventilated space, preferably free of insects.
  • Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair with the back erect and the head straight. Vajrasana or half- lotus are good positions if comfortable
  • A folded blanket, flat cushion or mat may be placed on the floor for comfort.
  • Keep all your facial and bodily muscles relaxed.
  • Close the eyes and if comfortable do Shambhavi mudra.
  • Rest the tops hands on knees or in lap in Jnana mudra unless you are using them.
  • Breathe only through the nose unless stated otherwise.

Precautions with Pranayama

Pranayama should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience, if you find it a strain you are probably trying too hard or doing it incorrectly. Be careful not to hold your breath for longer than is comfortable and stop if you feel heaviness or tightness in the chest. Don’t confuse hyperventilation or vertigo with a heightened awareness, seek the advise of a yoga teacher if this continues to occur. Those with low or high blood pressure, a heart condition (especially ischaemic heart disease), emphysema, ulcers, colitis, epilepsy, vertigo or pregnant should practice pranayama under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician or Yoga instructor. Before attempting each pranayama read the precautions relevant for each practice.

Preparatory Practices

Few people breath to their full capacity. Respiration may be limited to the upper clavicular region, mid chest, diaphragm or abdomen. In order to practice pranayama effectively one must first learn how to breathe into all these areas by performing a full yogic breath.

  • Preparatory practice 1 – The full Yogic Breath

Lie down on your back, placing your right palm flat over your lower abdomen and your left palm at the top of your chest. The palms help to monitor the wave-like motion of the full yogic breath.

Exhale, emptying the air from your abdomen and chest.

Inhale deeply feeling your abdomen fill with air and rise then your chest up to the clavicle should fill with air and rise. Pause when you feel you have inhaled to your full capacity then inhale further.

Exhaling the chest will first lower as the air is expelled then the abdomen will empty and contract.

Continue this for 5 cycles. Once you have achieved a smooth rhythm proceed to pranayama exercises. The full yogic breath is to be observed whilst doing all pranayamas unless stated otherwise.

  • Preparatory Practice 2 – Increasing Lung Capacity.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back and neck straight.

Place both hands behind your shoulders, palms facing outwards and away from each other and elbows pointing together upwards.

With the chin slightly tucked down and the eyes closed, inhale for the count of 2, retain the breath for the count of 8 and exhale for the count of 4 in a full yogic breath. This is a very effective way to open up the bronchioles of the lungs, expanding the chest cavity and increasing the inward flow of prana. It is an optional exercise which can be done before practising pranayama.

  • Preparatory Practice 3- Jalandhara bandha. (Chin lock)

Sitting comfortably after exhalation drop your chin to fit into the notch between the clavicles.

Do not over strain the neck muscles rather bring the chest up to meet the chin if the stretch is a strain. A rolled up cloth may be placed on the collarbones to reduce the stretch if necessary.

Keep the facial muscles and throat relaxed.

Retain breath in this position for the count of 2.Then return to normal posture and breathing. This exercise is often practised in conjunction with pranayama in order to magnify the benefits. The posture compresses the sinus receptors, which slows the heart rate and calms the mind. It also regulates the flow of blood to the head, heart and endocrine glands, particularly the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck. Swimming is a perfect exercise to complement the deep, rhythmic breathing required in pranayama. When swimming freestyle try to start with three strokes breathing on alternate sides then work upto five strokes in order to practice retaining your breath. The greatest impediment to pranayama can be obstructed nasal passages. The yogic technique of irrigating the nasal passages with warm salted water clears the nasal passages beautifully before pranayama. (Refer ”Jala Neti” WellBeing no. 63)

Five Basic Pranayamas

There are hundreds of different styles of pranayama from beginners to advanced. The following pranayamas are easy and safe. After trying them you may choose to do them all daily or you can select the ones that you prefer.

1. Ujjayi Pranayama (Baby’s Snore)
Best time for practice: Before meditation and before bed

1. Sit in a comfortable position with a straight back and neck.
2. Place your hands on the knees in Jnana mudra and close your eyes in Shambhavi mudra
3. Exhale through the nostrils emptying your lungs and abdomen of air.
4. Slightly contract the throat (glottis) and breath in deeply through the nostrils for the count of 4. This will make a ‘sa’ sound similar to the gentle snore of a baby. The abdomen and chest should fill and rise.
5. Retain breath in Jalandhara bandha for the count of 2 then straighten head and exhale through the mouth to the count of 4. A ‘ha’ sound will be made on exhalation.
6. Repeat this cycle five times.

1. Calms and focuses the mind.
2. Useful in respiratory tract disorders, hypertension, insomnia and fatigue.
3. Relieves nervous tension and anxiety

2. Kapalabhati (Head Cleansing Breath)
Kapala means skull and bhati means to cleanse. Best time for practice: In the morning and before eating.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with the back and neck straight. – Eyes closed in Shambhavi mudra and hands on knees in Jnana mudra.
2. Release any stagnant air by exhaling through the lungs. Keeping the chest and head immobile, breath in deeply through the nostrils, filling abdomen as it expands outwards.
3. Breath out forcefully and rapidly through the nostrils as the abdomen contracts and moves in.
4. The inhalation is passive and the exhalation is vigorous and forceful.
5. Without taking a pause continue to inhale and exhale in this manner for 25 breaths.
6. Then take a deep inhalation and exhalation and relax.

Those with high or low blood pressure, nose bleeds, glaucoma or excess heat should practice only under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician or yoga teacher.

1. Cleanses the respiratory tract, particularly purifying the throat, lungs and oxygen supply to the brain.
2. Removes accumulated mucus in nose and throat.
3. Increases body temperature, metabolism and digestive fire.
4. Relaxes and revitalises the body and mind.

3. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
Nadis are the subtle energy channels in the body and shodhana means purification. Hence this pranayama helps to purify the body’s energy channels. Best time for practice: Anytime.

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with the spine and head straight.
2. Rest the left hand on the left knee or in the lap in Jnana mudra
3. Place the index and middle finger of your right hand at the centre of the eyebrows to rest there until the practice is complete.
4. You should be able to block the right nostril with the thumb and the left nostril with the third finger of the right hand.
5. Keep the left nostril open and close the right nostril with the thumb.
6. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril to the count of 4.
7. Block both nostrils and hold the breath for the count of 2.
8. Block the left nostril and unblocking the right nostril exhale to the count of 4.
9. Keeping the left nostril blocked inhale through the right nostril to the count of 4.
10. Block both nostrils and retain the breath for 2 counts.
11. Unblock the left nostril and exhale to the count of four.
12. Now you have completed one cycle.
13. Continue for at least 2 minutes at first, daily increasing the duration up to 10 minutes.

1. Equalises the flow of ida (left channel) and pingala (right channel) thereby balancing body’s metabolic processes
2. Mental clarity, focus and serenity.
3. Releases carbon dioxide and nourishes the body with fresh oxygen.
4. Improves general stamina, concentration and mental disposition.
5. Especially useful in psychological imbalances, endocrine disorders, anxiety, stress, insomnia, diabetes, constipation, asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling breath)
Sheeta means cooling, which is exactly the effect of this pranayama. Best time for practice: Midday.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with the back and head erect, hands on the knees in Jnana mudra and eyes closed.
2. Make a puckered circle with your mouth then stick out your tongue and curl the edges inwards to form a tube.
3. Inhale slowly and deeply through the tube as if sucking air through a straw to the count of 4.
4. Fill up your abdomen and chest to full capacity.
5. Retain the breath and perform jalandhara mudra for the count of 4.
6. Straighten your head and exhale through the nostrils until all air is expelled
7. This is one cycle. Repeat upto 10 times or as many as you feel comfortable doing.

1. The breath moistened and cooled after passing through the wet tongue cools and rehydrates the body.
2. Eliminates thirst and refreshes mouth.
3. Helps one to control thirst, hunger and sleep.
4. Reduces excess heat hence is useful in fever, sunstroke and eye disorders.
5. Improves function of the liver, spleen, digestive system and blood purification.
6. Encourages flow of prana.
7. Induces mental and physical calm and relaxation.
8. Particularly useful in halitosis, high blood pressure, mental tension and ‘heated’ conditions.

5. Bhramari Pranayama (The Bee Breath)
Bhramari is a bumble-bee that makes the buzzing sound created in this pranayama. Best time for practice: Morning and evening.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with the head and spine straight.
2. Close your eyes, placing your four fingers over each eye and your thumbs blocking your ears.
3. Inhale deeply and gently through both nostrils, practising the full yogic inhalation.
4. With the mouth closed exhale smoothly through the nostrils and produce a gentle, continuous humming sound until the exhalation has exhausted.
5. Practice this for 5 cycles.

1. Excellent exercise before mantra meditation or singing as it heightens awareness of subtle sound vibrations, especially good for singers.
2. Relieves insomnia, anxiety, anger and depression.
3. Helps one to attain inner awareness very rapidly.
4. Especially useful for women preparing for labour.


1. Dr. Goldblack, 1953 Journal of Experimental Medicine .2.Bhole MV 1967 Treatment of Bronchial Asthma by yogic methods. Yoga Mimansa 9 (3): 33 -41. 3.Udupa K N, Singh R H, Settivar R M 1975a Studies of the effect of some yogic breathing exercises in normal persons. Indian Journal of Medical Research 63 (8): 1062 -1065. 4.Nayar H S, Mathur RM, Sampath K R 1975 Effects of yogic exercises on human physical efficiency. Indian Journal of Medical Research 63 (1): 1369 -1376

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The Time Vampire


The Time VampireYou’re probably not aware that there are 168 hours in each and every given week. That’s 24×7. The value of time can’t be overestimated and this fact is becoming clearer and clearer over time as we all struggle to make time for the things we love. More and more we’re working overtime, doing two, even three jobs to keep up with the fast pace and high cost of living.

Those 168 hours can even be summed up in the Chinese philosophy of numbers which allocates certain mystical meanings to each of the numerals. The number 168 indicates daily, the path, to fortune. That is, 1-daily, 2 – the path, 8-fortune and riches.

The last thing we need is someone stealing our time, wasting this valuable commodity we have so little of. But like myself you too probably have someone, a situation, either a family member, a friend or work colleague who constantly erodes your time, takes but never gives. This is the time vampire.

To protect your time which is in fact another form of money you need to be able to simply say the magic word “no”. This is difficult as we all want to be compassionate souls, lifting those in need . But think about it, mostly these individuals usually turns out to simply be insensitive idiots that have nothing better to do than beg for the empathetic ear to listen to their bundle of woes. And make no mistake about it, misery loves company.

Finding the balance between giving of yourself to someone in need and having your life force sucked out of you is a delicate manoeuvre to say the least. Have you ever found yourself in the company of someone who within a few minutes leaves you with a stinking headache? Chances are this person is messing with your head and draining you of vital energy that you must learn to protect.

There are many techniques given online and in books for how you should necessarily protect your aura. One example is surrounding yourself in the white light, drawing in the forces of protection and stimulating the spiritual resistance from within your inner self. This is all very elaborate and often time-consuming. The quicker solution is to simply understand straight off the mark which personalities are likely to be time vampires. With a little practice you can start to identify these individuals within the first minute or so of conversation. Here’s a typical opener in conversation. You’ll spot the keywords

“Hi John how are you?” You ask

“Oh okay I guess but I have some really bad problems at the moment” he replies ( while you just want to roll your eyes but out of courtesy don’t! )

Straight away you realise you are going to be listening to War and Peace – a history of all things that have gone wrong in this person’s life. Assuming you don’t have a lot of time, you’ll want to fast track this conversation to its logical conclusion. Positive distraction is usually the best way of doing this so start by complementing them and telling them

“Hey, you still look great! You must be doing something right”.

Keep bringing the conversation back to the positive rather than reinforcing the negative story that they’re going to give you.

A little trick that I use, and remember I’m an astrologer having experienced thousands of time vampires, and let me assure you that when they’re paying top dollar for my services they’re going to try to extract every last ounce of energy and time out of me that they can. The technique is to use similes. As soon as they start talking about how incapacitated they are ( these are the sickness victims who don’t really have anything wrong with them except faulty self-perception and too much time on their hands ) you can always refer to Stephen Hawking and his life as being confined to a wheelchair, the use of a digital device to speak through, yet he still continues to work and not only work but to produce brilliant gems of subatomic equations and insights into the origins of the cosmos.

Now there are time vampires and of course those who genuinely have a problem but you need to clearly discriminate between those who are going to have a meaningful give-and-take conversation and those who are simply there to use up every last minute of your time for their own selfish ends. I always say that practice makes perfect so rather than running away when you’re confronted by your next time vampire, use the circumstances to gain some insights into the psychological states of these people and practice the way you’re going to deal with them.

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Mercury and the truth about retrogression


Learn more about Mercury and the truth about retrogression…

majortrends-150x150Mercury retrograde doesn’t impact on everyone in the same way. The blanket statement “Oh, Mercury is retrograde” has become the modern buzzword to explain away all our difficulties. It’s a handy little excuse but not grounded in astrological fact for the most part. In truth, the retrogression of a planet affords time, to consider our circumstances more carefully. This is particularly true of Mercury being the ruler of communication and ‘mercantile’ transactions, contracts, purchases, agreements and the like. All other planets except the luminaries – Sun and Moon go through retrogression cycles. The lunar nodes have a generally natural retrograde motion but move forward in the cycles much the same way as the planets move retrograde in theirs. Read more….

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Who wants to look ten years younger than their actual age?


Who wants to look ten years younger than their actual age? Let’s discuss here below…

vegesMetal gets rusty. Cut apple turns brown. Swelling wound result in wrinkled skin scars and other blemishes. That’s how free radical came into play.

We age every second of every day. Scientist believes that free radicals contribute to human aging process. Free radicals have a negative impact on how we look and feel. These are highly reactive molecules that can damage molecules inside our body and this leads to cell damage. It is now well known that free radicals play a major role in many chronic diseases.

As we expose ourselves to radiation, stressful environments, pollution and poor food choices, silently our body is reacting. We can’t stop our bodies producing free radicals but we can definitely do something to protect our body against this oxidative process.

We don’t need to avoid the world and hide from this damage causing process. Mother Nature provides lots of ways to prevent this type of harm our health. To fight oxidative stress we need anti-oxidants! And yes, you are right – anti-oxidants keep your body functioning well and protect it against harmful free radicals. Add vitamins to your diet to help your cells regenerate and rejuvenate. Feed yourself plenty of fruits, vegetables and minerals and these are easy to find and freely available when you go to the market.

The majority of anti-oxidants and vitamins are found in colorful fruits and vegetables – especially those with purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow hues.

Avoid overcooking to get the biggest benefit from your recipe. Lightly steamed or raw food is the best source of anti-oxidants.

Add beta-carotene and other carotenoids as a precursor to vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes, immune system and good eye health and vision. Such foods as as Apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, green peppers, kale, mangoes, turnip and collard greens, nectarines, peaches, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, squash, spinach, sweet potato, tangerines, tomatoes, and watermelon are also perfect additions to any diet.

Vitamin C for immune support such as Berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cauliflower, grapefruit, honeydew, kale, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, orange, papaya, red, green or yellow peppers, snow peas, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes should also be included for optimum health.

Vitamin E for skin health, such as Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, and sunflower seeds should not be omitted if you want to top up your vitamin intake.

Other super foods that are rich in antioxidants include:

Ø  Prunes

Ø  Apples

Ø  Raisins

Ø  All berries

Ø  Plums

Ø  Red grapes

Ø  Alfalfa sprouts

Ø  Onions

Ø  Eggplant

Ø  Beans

“It is just not practical for most people to consume the required servings of fruits and vegetables needed on a consistent basis, whereas taking a once-daily supplement is safe, effective, and easy to do,” Moyad says.

   Article by Hana King 






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Pluto and its effects historically – A vedic insight by Dawn Woodhouse

Pluto and its effects historically - A vedic insight by Dawn Woodhouse

Pluto and its effects historically – A vedic insight by Dawn Woodhouse….

In ancient Indian Vedic Astrology we see an added dimension to the zodiac system. The Sun signs depict 12 months, and the monthly movement of the Sun.

The Nakshatra’s, stella constellations or Moon mansions depict the daily motion of the Moon. The Moon moves through one Nakshatra each day, 27 during the course of the month.

Each Nakshatra is 13.20 in length. This goes back to a system prior to the use of sun signs about 3,000 years ago. The constellations are deeply spiritual in meaning, and relate to the Gods, the three gunas or qualities, and our level of spiritual development. When major aspects of planets occur the exact constellational as well as sign position and the placement of its ruler will give the clues as to the real meaning of the event. In Vedic astrology there are 27 asterisms or stars as well as the 12 signs we are familiar with, Aries though to Pisces. They are each 13.20 degrees in length. Like the 12 signs the constellations all have different characteristics, qualities and functions.

In the sign Scorpio, which is the sign ruled by Pluto we find the 4th section (Pada) of the Nakshatra Vishaska, and the whole of Anuradha and Jyeshtu. With the Constellations within Scorpio we see the connection between the transformational nature of Scorpio and the spiritual qualities embodied by that principle. What is apparent is that the deeply transformational nature of Pluto, is very much linked with the nature of the Constellations there, Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyestha, especially Jyesthu which rules Kundalini Shakti, or the power within us that gives realisation, Moksha or second birth. This is the last section of Scorpio, from 16.40 Scorpio until 30.00 where Pluto’s transit gives the most intense effects. The triple opposition of Saturn and Pluto occurs at around 21.00 Scorpio and the August 2002 conjunctions of Ketu and Pluto occurs also at 21.00 Scorpio. The last conjunction of Ketu and Pluto in December 1500, just after the discovery of the USA by Columbus in 1492 occurred at 9.43 Scorpio which is in Anuradha Nakshatra. The effects would be far less intense in terms of spiritual development. Anuradha gives bhakti, Jyesthu gives the transformation. When the constellations within Scorpio are closely related to the transformational nature of Scorpio. True transformation occurs through only self-realisation or kundalini awakening. Pluto’s close association with Scorpio pertains to Pluto’s alchemical or transmutational function. It transmutes lower energy to higher, or transforms a normal human being into a spiritual personality. It gives that quantum leap in consciousness we have all being expecting. But only through cleansing all that is obstructing that process. 8TH HOUSE and SCORPIO Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the Zodiac. Here we see how the 12 houses progress from House 1, Aries, to House 8 Scorpio.

Starting with birth, then at house 8 we meet the house of death. House 1 is the head, House 8 the Pelvis, where the Sacrum bone is that contains the kundalini. This is birth death and resurrection as a spiritual entity. Scorpio is an intense sign, it is feminine, watery and fixed; where in traditional Vedic astrology the serpent Naga is intimately connected with Scorpio. Naga hides in a cavity and surrounds a precious gem. This symbolises the connection with the secret energy of Kundalini. He protects this knowledge and will only permit those who have the spiritual authority to gain this power. Scorpio is also associated with danger and destruction. Here we can see Pluto’s nature in order to understand how this works: Pluto as Destroyer and Redeemer TRANSFORMS and TRANSMUTES. Signifies longevity, death. It signifies all things hidden. It is associated with the Mangala Sutra, which symbolises the chastity of the married lady. Mars is the protector of the married lady. On a deeper level it signifies the chakras and the Kundalini Shakti. We have seen great changes in the spiritual awareness in our society since this time. Pluto brings to light that which is hidden, the association with the underworld is perhaps the depths that Pluto’s powers reach. More than any other planetary force it signifies that depth According to Jatakabharana, the 8th house refers to ‘going across the rivers and things across the rivers and across the seas and oceans, severe difficulties or path through rough mountainous regions or thorough dense forests, weapons and calamities’. Its association with money relates to its rulership of insurance, debts, inheritances, and unearned income. The 8th house also signifies going astray down the wrong, path. Quite easily while people are thinking they on the spiritual path this can be the case, they fail to discern what path they are really on. Moral and dharmic guidance may be lacking in that respect. Therefore the 8th house is a difficult house for some. Yet there is a hidden deeper side to it. This can either alludes to the kundalini, and the spiritual potential of the 8th house, or manifest in external circumstances. Scorpio and the 8th house are associated with death, and Pluto the hidden depth, signifies rebirth.

The death that takes place spiritually through its auspices is the death of all that is negative and impure, all that clouds the pure spirit within. Pluto forces that which is hidden into the light, working as eliminator and as renewer. Pluto would be all five elements, as Pluto is integration. Its works as integrator on the both individual level, where we are integrated with the spirit within, and on the level of society it integrates all religions, races, creeds, politics and societies. To do this it must first remove all that creates obstacles to this end. Therefore Pluto acts as destroyer to all negative forces, all forces of evil, whether within us or without. VISHAKHA 20 Libra to 3.20 Scorpio ruled by Jupiter The star of purpose, also known as Radha. Dieties are Indra and Agni. (fire) It denotes concentrated power, a sense of righteousness and great courage. The aim is to worship, adore and be complete or mature. It reaches all qualities in the universe.

The last quarter in Scorpio, which is ruled by Agni and is posited in Scorpio concerns the intense trials necessary for spiritual transformation. Until that spiritual transformation is reached it creates an intense desire in the form of restlessness and dissatisfaction with existing conditions in life. ANURADHA From 3.20 Scorpio to 16.40 Scorpio, ruled by Saturn and the deity Mitra.

Dharma is the motivational force, and the symbol is the lotus flower. Dharma signifies morals, righteousness and religion. This means that only thought righteousness can the regeneration spiritual forces of nature become available to us. The start of manifestation of Yogi powers, but not complete transmutation from material to spiritual is signified. But here one can start to discover ones true spiritual nature. Saturn signifies the collective humanity. One has to go beyond individuality to start this journey,

Saturn ruling a constellation within the Martian sign of Scorpio suggests severe trials. The power of worship given by this star, the qualities of Mitra, suggesting love, compassion, Bhakti, are the qualities, including dharma needed to come closer to God to start to realise ones spiritual development. The lotus flower is a powerful symbol of spiritual development and unity. This unity can be realised by co-operation and balance in relationships and society without selfishness. Whilst seeking for God is strong, and purification takes place, it does not grant spiritual union just yet. The trials and spiritualization of ones life are a work in progress. This was the star in 1500 that Pluto last joined Ketu in. Jyeshta 16.40 Scorpio to 0.00 Sagittarius. The ruling planet is Mercury and the deity is Indra, the king of Gods. The primal power flowing through this asterism is kundalini. The symbolism is of an earring, which is a round object of protection, and an umbrella showing both worldly and spiritual attainments. This activates the highest qualities within a person. It unveils hidden spiritual knowledge and wisdom. This signifies significant transformation. Indra has the power to rise and conquer and gain courage in battle* (*footnote: quote Dennis Harness the nakshatras) arohana shakti. Worldly success and wealth in this constellation is through supernatural means, poverty is often experienced here otherwise. For those who are searching for spirtuality this has the potential to put the individual on a new path, for those still engrossed in materialism, their rejection of spirituality will lead them towards greater arrogance, pride. But the awakening of kundalini is the spiritual rebirth. Here we see the potential of man to rise up like the phoenix, [Pluto] from the ashes of his former self into a new spiritual being.

Those who do not wish to meet this transformation meet with Pluto’s other power. That of destroyer. Therefore the transit of Pluto in this constellation is the most intense of all, and the aspects it makes here denote far reaching changes for humanity. Ketu is exalted here. Rahu and Ketu and respectively the head and the tail of the same entity and are always directly opposite each other. Their intimate connection with our karma is connected to Rahu’s signification of Kundalini. The kundalini is the one with the power to give self-realisation, and is carried within us in a latent form until activated from birth to birth. Within it all our karmas are there. Therefore in the chart it is often said that Rahu is future karma and the direction one is going in and Ketu shows the past. Rahu can give materialism and Ketu Moksha: being the two ends of the karmic matters. Many astrologers will say its very difficult to predict what exactly will happen in the time periods ruled by the Nodes, (known as Dasa) because they have a very unpredictable nature. Ketu can give things very suddenly and sharply, and acts unexpectedly and is of the nature of fire, and is equated to Mars. Jyeshta itself is ruled by Mercury, this will give intellectual understanding. Mercury has a dual nature, and that’s perhaps related to the nature of Pluto which whilst extremely powerful to transmute ones base nature through the spiritual fire (alchemy associations) can also be extremely destruction to those who cannot be changed. War, the nuclear and biochemical and other threats are therefore quite real possibilities for a humanity not transformed spiritually at this stage. Jyeshta indicates protection from the eldest, this includes temporal and celestial forms of protection is available at this time to humanity. The temporal may be police or benevolent governments who wish to protect the citizens, and the celestial is the protection of the Gods on humanity. Here this year Saturn makes three passes opposite Pluto in Jyeshta, the last aspect occurring in May 2002 and Ketu joins Pluto in Jyestha on 2nd August 2002. Jupiter opposes Neptune in Capricorn on September 11th 2002. This marks an extremely intense period in world affairs.

After Pluto has left Jyestha in 2005 the world is likely to be a much better place. The potential for upliftment and development of humanity has never been so great as at this time. Uranus and Neptune have travelled through Capricorn, the sign of government and the structures in society for some time, and are part of the process of the changes taking place in this respect. SAMADHI or Self-Realisation at the Sahastrara or crown chakra the bliss of thoughtless awareness is experienced, the planet Pluto in astrological terms transmutes all the lower impulses into their spiritual manifestation or destroys the negativity that cannot be transformed. This represents Kalki who incarnates to destroy all that is not pure. This is the function of Pluto. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the earth and has a highly irregular orbit. Whilst it is normally further away from the Sun than Neptune, for the last 20 years its orbit has gone inside that of Neptune’s, which makes a period of radical spiritual transformation, and shift in consciousness of the masses.

Traditionally Mars has rulership of both Aries and Scorpio. Aries signifies the new birth of the soul, its the first house of the natural zodiac and signifies beginnings. Mars and Aries are both fire element, this element is capable of changing the form of the other elements, earth, air and water. In the Havana ( sacred fire ceremony ), one first gives obeisance to Agni, then to Swaha his spouse] the God of fire, to cleanse and remove, to burn off all that is negative. Mars is seen to destroy old forms so that more highly evolved aspects of the selfhood can take place. This paves the way for Pluto. Whilst Mars changes the form, Pluto’s power of transformation is at a higher octave power: Mars breaks into pieces, whilst Pluto changes the atomic structure. Pluto’s transformation takes the work of Mars one step further, working in a deeper more hidden manner. Pluto is at once the Redeemer, and Destroyer. It works in a subtle way to transmute matter, whether on a physical, psychological or spiritual level. Often equated with alchemy, the changing of base metal to gold, Pluto changes or destroys all that is base and makes gold of us all. It is a rather difficult task of course, and Pluto is necessarily slow moving as a result. Its processes take years, and the more destructive activities are reading apparent. But matter can be resistant to change. Pluto wants to remove all that is negative to let that which is pure shine forth. Sometimes this takes drastic measures, sometimes infinite patience. Pluto forces that which is hidden into the light, working as eliminator and as renewer. Pluto would be all five elements, as Pluto is integration. MEANING OF SOME ASPECTS AND CONFIGURATIONS: PLUTO IN SCORPIO Here Pluto, symbolizing the Redeemer, a planet that has been working in a hidden or underground manner since 1930, now is two-thirds the way through the transformational sign of Scorpio.

Like Scorpio, and the asterisms in Scorpio, Pluto does not give away its secrets easily. In Anuradha, we see that moral behaviour [righteousness] is necessary to take the first steps, and that in Jyeshtu all materialism and gross attachments of the physical, mental and emotions are left behind when one meets with the Kundalini. Here we see the transmutation of Pluto, as She completes the work of Mars started in Aries with the birth of the human being. We have seen great changes in the spiritual awareness in our society since this time. What of the next 4 signs after Scorpio. After Scorpio we meet the 4 signs ruled traditionally by Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter is known as Guru in Sanskrit. Now Uranus also rules Aquarius, and Saturn Capricorn. Neptune rules Pisces.

Ketu which is the South node of the Moon is assigned rulership of Scorpio. Superficially this is because its qualities are equated with Mars which rules Scorpio, but more subtly Ketu signifies Moksha and detachment from worldly concerns. Ketu is powerful in Scorpio, its exaltation sign. Pluto’s transit through Scorpio signals a point where worldwide conflict and destruction reaches a peak. This is a time when the regenerative powers of Pluto are at its peak, in the sign ruling death, and resurrection. Pluto is cleansing in nature, and all that is evil Pluto has been working to expose and eradicate, and the means to do this will come into being through the agencies of Pluto at this time.

As Pluto progresses into later degrees in Scorpio this will become more intense, as time runs out. Neptune and Uranus look as if they are assisting Pluto in this task, as Neptune is 14 Capricorn, the sign of world governments, its position there, exactly opposite President George W Bush’s Ascendant, suggests he may be the agent of a force to bring new concepts of government into being, due to necessities arising, as economic and political structures fall into chaos. The spirituality of Neptune has to be expressed through practical dealings.

By the time Pluto has left Scorpio finally in 2005-2006 tremendous changes in the world will have taken place. Much evil will be cleansed from the world. We are not as yet seeing the full impact of the events that are now in progress, but the many evils of all our world will be purged in this time. Pluto gives this opportunity. That it remains in Scorpio for 4-5 more years indicates that there will be intense struggles in this period to cleanse the world. Later Pluto will meet Ketu in Scorpio. That being a very deep and spiritual combination, in terms of consciousness, occurring in Scorpio, whatever event takes place externally, which may be sudden which is the nature of Ketu, it will be of an effect to change the consciousness of the world. We are a materialistic world, that has forgotten moral and social responsibilities, most of us are quite happy in our own wealth not to consider the many others suffering, even if we have benefited at their expense in some way. Whilst we may think of starving or tortured people elsewhere we have not been prepared to take the drastic steps necessary to bring the world into balance and remove these problems. We have been happy in our own triviality. We are happy to say our religion is correct and our colour, caste, or class or whatever or our ability is better, and that its therefore not our fault that others suffer. Pluto’s transit is a sign that this lack of awareness is changing. The masses (Saturn) will have to change (Pluto) their awareness (Scorpio) by spiritual means only. (Jyestha). As a result of Pluto’s drastic nature in a very drastic sign Scorpio, some dire situations to necessitate these changes have been created. An evil regime, has used the name of God to justify killing innocent people, and have traded vast amounts Heroin, poisoning people and possibly diamonds to fund this killing. The banks have been quite happy to handle their money, no questions asked. So a lot of things are being destroyed by the Pluto energy in one way or another now.

All over the world there has been injustice and evil people have thrived for some long time now. This is the beginning of the end for them all. Pluto is very powerful in that respect. A struggle is apparent, and until Pluto leaves Scorpio after 2005 the energy will be quite intense in terms of purification of the earths energy, and whatever it takes to do that work. Much will happen on unseen levels as well as seen, spiritual as well as mundane. Pluto is hidden in nature and works secretly and in an unseen manner, Scorpio also has that nature, so that will be how it works. But it will be intense, thorough and effective. PLUTO IN SAGITTARIUS 2005-2020 After the tumultuous last years of travelling through Scorpio Pluto finally reaches Sagittarius on Feb 8th 2005. It retrogrades back into Scorpio and finally leaves in early 2006. Here we see Mars escorting Pluto into Sagittarius, and Saturn retrograde in late Gemini. Again we see the significance of the two agents of transformation working together in the sign which signifies the Guru or teacher.

We can only expect to see some significant transformations relating to spiritual values at this time. This will completely transform religion as we know it. Quoting from the Astrologers Handbook by Sakoian and Acker ‘there will be one world religion based on man’s direct intuitive communion with the One Creator. New spiritual leaders will arise to teach the fundamental laws governing all life in the universe. The new world religion will combine all the highest expressions of the great religions of the past.’ Inescapably Pluto’s final years in Scorpio whilst undoubtable promise to be traumatic, are necessary to clear the world of evil for that which is to come. This heralds a long period of peace and calm where there will be no more war, and the establishment of spirituality on earth.

A new awakening of mans consciousness will take place, and come into being in full force at this time. Events will unfold along this path. PLUTO OPPOSITE SATURN This is occurring across the Scorpio Taurus axis. Pluto 20 Scorpio Saturn 20 Taurus currently in October 2001. The dates the aspect is occurring are on 5th august 2001- 2nd November 2001 -26 May 2002. The is due to the retrograde movement of Saturn, which passed over Pluto in forward motion, then backward, and in May makes the final pass. At the time of the aspect Pluto is in the Star Jyesthu ruling kundalini, and Saturn is in Rohini, the birth star of Sri Krishna. Saturn signifies Sri Krishna (Lord Vishnu), and here is Saturn in the star of Sri Krishna, (both Sri Krishna’s Moon and Ascendant ere in Rohini) staying there for all three passes of the opposition. On the day of the US counterstrike, exalted Moon (signifying the female energy of Mother or Goddess) joined Saturn in Rohini, 12th house from terrorist attack. Meaning it will be the negation of the attack, and will be effective. But the aspects are not easy ones.

Pluto is the unstoppable force or transformation, Saturn is structure and form which offers a resistance to that inevitability. Transformation of the environment. A subtle breakdown of old forms, subtle because it will take place over time. In terms of the current world situation, we can expect that old forms will break down subtly. Behind the dramatic events of war many old conditions will pass away. Saturn in the money side of Taurus suggest that financial structures will undergo a breakdown and transformation at this time. This will may break down materialistic tendencies, and create a transformation. Certainly there will be upheaval and change at this time. The opposition between Saturn in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio encourages economic change and rebirth. Both these signs are money and economic signs. Taurus relates to economic capacity of nations, banks, material possessions, currency, national trade and food production. Scorpio to debts, tyranny, insurance, taxation, secrets, mining, underground tunnels, death, secret negotiations. So a major aspect between these two signs, will activate the energies of the involved planets to act in these matters, possibility creating economic crises signally a need for major structural changes in these matters. Mass destiny matters of oppression cruelty violence. Pluto will transform at all costs. Saturn is rigid and resists change, and is also the ruler of tapasya or sacrifice. Saturn’s rulership of agriculture, preserved food items, oil and products produced or taken from the earth, grains and factories, suggest these matters may cause problems. It will affect national expenditure, as Saturn is the ruler of national calamities and emergencies. Its likely that crises concerning these natural resources may occur as a result of the three successive oppositions of Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. The constellation of Rohini also rules oil, petrol and agriculture. Pluto rules the end of things, and the Kali Yuga, age of darkness which came into being after the life of Sri Krishna, and this signal the end of that time. Jyesthu gives divine help. Pluto will give rebirth spiritually.

PLUTO OPPOSITE URANUS This configuration occurs currently, from transiting Pluto to the Natal horoscope of the USA, July 4 1776 chart. 5.30pm. As we shall see from the effect of this aspect, this relates very closely to actual happenings in the USA at this time. This aspects effect coincides with political and social upheaval, a massive and compulsive period of change. Repressive people, or situations can create situations that call for maximum cooperation and unity with others. Clarity towards entrenched attitudes, in order to fix priorities, values and direction is demanded by circumstances. Mass destiny is beset with massive changes, war, violence. Its also an aspect showing extremism and fanaticism. Extreme political. It can also bring economic collapse, and social and economic dislocation as brought about by the changes taking place at this time. If this occurs in an angular position the effects will be very strong. According to the chart about the aspect occurs right on the Ascendant of the USA chart currently. A new path will open up for the future as awareness and insight is gained. Changes in power structures, rooted in the past but emerging suddenly will take place now. The changes can be far reaching in impact. Saturn opposite will bring a careful and well thought out change, using the experience of the past to make the necessary changes. It will give form to original ideas, unusual and sudden responsibilities. It will give some restraint to the force of the changes taking place.


Due to Plutos slow movement around the zodiac this can occur only ever 250 years or so. Pluto take 284 to circumvent the zodiac circle, Ketu in reverse motion takes 18 years. (the nodes do not actually have a physical body as they are calculated mathematically in relationship to the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth, they signify our karmic path and cannot be overlooked). The last time that Pluto and Ketu met in Scorpio was in 1500. At the time of the conjunction Moon has only just moved into Taurus. In Krittika the firey star of Kartikeya, and moving in its exaltation position, Moon Lords it over the chart. As ruler of the sign where Mars Jupiter Sun and Mercury are seated, and aspecting Pluto and Ketu, its in a unique position of strength. At the very beginning of a feminine sign, it is also in its old age. As is Mercury interestingly enough. The fact that Mars is the ruler of the Sign Scorpio where Pluto and Ketu (also rulers of Scorpio) are placed and Mercury is the ruler of the Star Jyesthu which runs from 16.40 Scorpio to 30.00 degrees Scorpio, also uniquely gives strength to Moon as the ruler of the sign these planets are placed in. Its old age may give a clue to the fact that the matter is drawing to a close in some manner. Certainly if a planet is in a sign, and the ruler of that sign is exalted that gives strength to the planets concerned. So we have four planets in the Moons sign and its exalted. Using the conjunction as Ascendant, which is after all what we are looking at, from there, the dharma houses or houses of religion, five and nine are Cancer and Pisces. So we find that group of planets in the ninth house of religion and dharma (morals), and its ruler exalted. Jupiter the ruler of fifth exalted in ninth can is an extremely spiritual combination.

Fifth and ninth houses are past and future karmas. The first house ruler Mars is present. Mars is debilitated, but this is cancelled. So this chart has unique repercussions on matters to do with past present and future karmas. This is a big moment in the karmic development of mankind as a result. The exalted ninth and fifth rulers, Moon and Jupiter show the efforts of mother (Moon) and guru (Jupiter) working positively for the development of mankind, the main power of good comes from these two planets, helped by tenth lord Sun. The Sun signifies ruler or King in the planetary cabinet. Tenth house also signifies ruler. Jupiter is teacher, Mars is military commander, Mercury is communications.

The weakness of combust debilitated ascendant lord Mars positioned inbetween friend Sun and worst enemy Mercury shows severe struggle. Mercury being in highest longitude is atmakaraka, and next is Mars, formly a powerful rajayoga again in the house of guru’s, or 9th house (using the conjunction as ascendant). This suggests the cleansing will be quite a trial at this time, extremely powerful spiritual forces are in motion. The Guru is with the King in the house of religion, morals and righteous behaviour. Both are strong, but the struggle is still very much in progress. The problems basically come from the significations of Mars and Mercury locked in battle here.

Mars also rules the 6th house and Mercury the 8th house, both potentially houses of negative energy, so their weakness is not undesirable from that point of view. But Mars as ascendant lord and both as rulers of the sign and star the conjunction occurs points to severe trauma. A very extreme and dire conflict will be in progress at this time. The external manifestation will be a reflection of the inner development. The presence of God in an extremely powerful manner is quite obvious in the chart, but the outcome of the struggle taking place between the forces of good and evil is a little harder. What is of concern is the ruler of Scorpio’s weakness and the weakness of Mercury.

Mercury in the final degree of Cancer is in what is called a Gadanta, or edge of both a sign and constellation. Its can lead to great spiritual development and perhaps signifies that which is negative within us can be transmuted (Pluto) by the positive force of God into a higher manifestation at this time. Neptune also closely opposes the Sun. Sun 16 Cancer, Mars 18 Cancer, Neptune 15 Capricorn. Neptune Sun aspects are associated with a state of consciousness beyond the ego and increased idealism. Sun as tenth ruler of the chart, Mars as first, and Neptune in the sign of government suggests that increased idealism and attempts to put spiritual principles into practice in Government may be an important positive development now. Yet the conflict and opposition to this is also shown. A major spiritual transformation on a worldwide level for humanity through a great teacher is clearly shown. On September 11 Jupiter at 14 Cancer opposed Neptune at 14 Capricorn. Venus and Mercury were in Libra. This very much looks like an aspect of universal love working through world government (Neptune in Capricorn). This follows quickly on the tail of the Ketu Pluto aspect, suggesting an intense spiritualising force in progress. Interestingly this falls exactly on the ascendant of President Bush, 14 Cancer, suggesting he will be involved in this in some pivotal way.

PLUTO CONJUNCT KETU 11.03 Saggitarius

Pluto conjunct Ketu at 11.03 Sagittarius. January 4, the year 30 AD time of Cruxification and Resurrection of Christ. Sun 16.06 Capricorn Moon/Saturn Moon 25.56 Taurus Mars/Rahu Mars 11.06 Scorpio Saturn/Moon Mercury 26.37 Sagg Venus/Ketu Venus 23.57 Capricorn Mars/Mars Jupiter 5.33 Pisces Saturn/Saturn Saturn 8.13 Gemini Rahu/Rahu Rahu 11.03 Gemini Rahu/Saturn Ketu 11.03 Sagg Ketu/Saturn Uranus 9.42 Leo Ketu/Saturn Neptune 24.12 Capricorn Mars/Rahu Pluto 11.03 Sagg Ketu/Saturn At the moment of a major conjunction, the whole chart has to be seen in order to ascertain the impact and significance of the event.

Pluto’s irregular orbit or 284 years, sometimes taking 12 years in a sign, sometimes 30, means there is limited opportunity for certain aspects. Rahu and Ketu in all probability will each meet Pluto once in each sign as they make a round of the zodiac, ie 18 years. Saturn takes 28, Jupiter 12, Uranus 84 and Neptune ”’160ish 160, Mars 2. Sun, Mercury and Venus take a year, Moon 27 days. So probabilities of particular patterns occurring become more and more remote. There are 27 constellations, and these are sub-divided into 256 sub-sections (sub-rulers). Therefore there may be one opportunity every 284 years for Pluto to meet Ketu in a particular sign, 284 (Pluto’s ) divide by 18 (Ketu’s orbit) = 15.7. So they will meet 16 times in that 284 year period, 1.3 times in each sign.

Sometimes missing a sign, and twice in another. Once in each constellation is mathematically possible every 570 years, and so on. Saturn and Pluto will meet ten times. Uranus and Pluto can only meet every 286 years for example. So to meet in any particular sign mathematically can only happen every 3432 years. Hopefully you are beginning to get a sense of probabilities here. So for certain significant combinations, they occur rarely in a particular place. Next we see the chart, the sign and constellation rulers of the particular combination we are looking at. Then we see all the other planets, particularly the Sun and Moon on the day in question. This chart has the Ketu-Pluto combination in the constellation of Mula, ruled by Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, sub-lord Saturn.

That combination alone will make you suck in your breath. The signs ruled by Jupiter are both (Sagittarius and Pisces) extremely significant in terms of religion; Sagittarius is more about codes of behaviour and morality and Pisces transcendence (Neptune association). So here is Pluto the transmuter of consciousness with the Moksha significator, in the constellation of Mula. This asterism’s significance is relevant here, because that is where the conjuction is posited, and its means is therefore part and parcel of the meaning of what energy is released here.

Mula means root, the foundation or lowest part of anything. Everything else grows from that. Mula signifies the end of materialism and the start on the path to spirituality. It has the power to inflict pain, and sets the path towards God. Its ruled by Nirriti, the Goddess of destruction, who has the power to ruin and destroy. It gives onerous responsibilities, losses and some hardship that must be borne to carry out a mission. Past Karma is all eradicated here. The elephants tail or trunk is the symbol, signifying the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

Christ said he was the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end, the beginning is the root, so this constellation signifies the beginning or root. The act of compassion to sacrifice himself to remove the sins (karmas) of others is seen very much by this conjunction at this time. The amount of compassion is seen by the Sun with Neptune Venus, the act of sacrifice is seen by the Ketu Pluto conjunction in Mula. This act was to open the gateway to show us the way to overcome the continuing wheel of karma. Saturn, the sub-ruler of the conjunction, signifies tapasya, detachment and sacrifice. Its an extremely powerfully significant combination. Sun-Venus-Neptune are joined in earthy Capricorn, in a trinal relationship to Moon exalted in Taurus. The Sun is fire element, the rest at watery in nature, but with the exception of the Sun, which is in the constellation of the watery Moon, they are all posited in fiery constellations: Moon Krittika belonging to Mars, and Venus Neptune Dhanista, also Mars ruled. This signifies the burning off or removal of earth element by fire element. Furthermore to confirm that the eventual outcome of results are seen in Navamsa chart; watery Venus Jupiter Neptune Moon are together in the fiery sign of Leo in the Navamsa. Sun-Venus- Neptune and Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Moon combinations are strongly associated with universal love, compassion, transcending the boundaries of self in a loving desire to embrace humanity and supreme sacrifice. Mars is in the twelfth house signifying apart from Moksha and sacrifice it rules one next life after departing this life. Whether one will go to heaven or hell. So all these planets are ruled by fiery Mars ruling 5 and 12 in Scorpio in the 12th house. The twelfth house is where the soul becomes purified and the ego is transcended. Sun Jupiter and Ketu are spiritual planets, whereby Moon Venus and Rahu represent materialism. Here Mars, signifying fire, is the star ruler of all these watery planets with material associations, in the house from the conjunction signifying overcoming ego, karma, materialism on the journey towards God.. The symbology can further be seen by seeing the houses four, eight, and twelve from the point of view that four shows the previous life, eight shows the time of death, twelve shows the next life or afterlife. The fourth house from the conjunction (Pluto/Ketu) is extremely powerful with the Jupiter there symbolizing universal teacher in Pisces. The eight ruler Moon is exalted. And Mars in the 12th ruling it. All powerful. From Moon the fourth ruler is Sun strongly placed in ninth, powerful previous birth.

The time of death is show by the conjunction the chart is drawn up for between Ketu and Pluto, showing spiritual transcendence and transformation in the eighth from the Moon. A more potent symbol signifying rising from the dead would be difficult to find. The removal of earth element by an act of compassion is clearly seen. The truth of the event is difficult to deny in the chart. CONCLUSION Pluto as we have seen shows remarkable and far reaching changes are now in progress. Taking 248 to circumvent the Zodiac, or constellations, as it orbits the Sun, in its eccentric orbit, Pluto’s passage marks great changes in humanity as a whole. The cleansing process will be intense, require sacrifice, bringing to the surface extremes of good and evil.

Drastic upheavals will occur as we are transmuted into the next level of consciousness. All hate, lust, greed, insincerity, pride has to be transmuted to pure love and compassion. The only way humanity can go on is with love and compassion for one another, as this is the only way we can understand each other. Otherwise there will always be war and hate and conflict. Pluto at this time clearly signals this is about to change. If it cannot be accomplished we will destroy ourselves, Pluto is uncompromising. Pluto also clearly signifies God is at work perhaps as yet unseen by most people.


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In-house Violence Exposure Today; Aggressive Behaviour TomorrowNSCAW surveyed children from ages 3 to 5, 107 were exposed to IPV in their first three years but never again, compared to 339 children who were never exposed. Analysis of behaviour shows that there was no behaviour difference between those who witnessed and who did not. But for such exposure to violence increases the aggression behaviour of children once reaching school age. And that the more exposure the children have, the higher the aggression behaviour became.

Meanwhile, children never exposed to IPV gradually decreased in aggression. Opportunity between ages 3 and 5 is still open to at least help them socialize and learn the right behaviour. Playing and art therapies can help them relieve the foul play they witnessed. Identifying risk and protective measures can lessen the number of early aggression behaviour.


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