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2021: An Astrological and Numerological Insight

How do the Year 2021 numbers stack up?

Although numerology isn’t the focus of my professional work, I have on many occasions employed it to provide me with insight into the people I meet. When birth dates aren’t provided you can get a snapshot of the personality through the name of the person or the birthdates without any horoscope. The letters of the alphabet resonate with certain vibrations and planetary energies. This is according to the Chaldean system of numerology, which I like a lot. The numerical values of the letters are added up to give you a primary resonant number.

The year of life we are living can also reveal many things if studied numerologically. Last year, 2020, has passed. But can we gain an understanding as to the meaning of that year numerologically?

I’ve had a book on my shelf for years called Numerology for Everybody, written by Montrose. I’ve often referred to it because, strangely, it contains some uncanny insights. 2020 is 2 + 0+ 2 + 0 which equals 4. Let me quote from the book and what it says about the number 4 as a vibration:

“Indicates work accomplished through will experience action and realization. deliberate or cautious type shows steadiness inclined to view everything from an opposite angle to others, which brings opposition and secret enemies. The number 4 rebels against rules and regulations and would reverse the order of things in communities and governments attracted to social questions and reforms of all kind, very positive and highly strung and sensitive, easily wounded in feelings, rather indifferent as to the accumulation of wealth. But when acquired surprises others by the way for employers, and the use for puts it too easily becomes despondent and melancholy, inclined to feel lonely and isolated”.


Bear in mind that this also refers to the personality types that this number governs. If you look at it purely from a position of what happened to us last year it seems to have the ring of truth to it, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve also liked this book because it doesn’t only reduce the numbers down to the individual, single-digits. Here we see that it’s a combination of two double digits 20 = 20. And this is the quote that I quite liked in terms of what I thought 2020 reflected. Here’s what it said:

“The Awakening, also the judgment, the awakening of new plans, new purposes, new ambitions. The call to action for some greater purpose, cause or duty. Not a material number, doubtful as far as worldly success is concerned.  As for the future, there’s an indication of delays, hindrances to plans and obstacles which can only be conquered through the spiritual development of man’s nature”.

This last excerpt really indicated what I think 2020 was about in terms of the spiritual implications.

2021 NumerologyNow, naturally, I wanted to see what 2021 has in store. That will be reduced number to the number 5 ( 2+0+2+1), and that, according to this book, is: 

“The fundamental sex number, makes friends easily and gets along with others who are born almost any month. 5 exhausts the nervous strength and often falls victim to nervous breakdown of the worst kind. Easily becomes irritable and quick-tempered under any mental tension.  


Like rubber, is elastic and rebounds at once from the heaviest blow for nothing affects 5 deeply for very long.

5 is attracted to gambling, the Stock Exchange and bond speculators. Dislikes hard manual work and seems natural to drift into always of making money quickly. 5 is quick in thought and decisions and also impulsive in its actions. It lives on its nerves and craves every kind of excitement”.

If we take these numbers to signify anything practically, to me it would seem to indicate tension throughout the world. You’ll also notice that there are strong references to the stock market and the financial markets making money and diversification of income. The sex number is very creative as well. It’s intellectually full of ideas. In Vedic astrology, Mercury rules the number 5. In some systems of astrology, they think that the Sun rules number 5 because it dominates the house of the natural Zodiac. Generally, I take Mercury is the governor of number 5. The letters of the alphabet under its jurisdiction are E, H, N and X. These letters are governed by number 5 and Mercury and should also, according to the system be pronounced in the year 2021.

What this shows us also is that the vibration of the number 4 is one of awakening. There’s no doubt that this last 12 months and the events that have ensued have forced us all into a major rethink. This is a paradigm shift is taking place. Our values are being challenged. People can’t make sense of some of the rules and regulations that have been imposed over the past year. That is also indicated in the number 4, which was last year’s vibration.

Social distancing and isolation can only manifest in a person if they haven’t yet tapped into the creative self. We all need social interaction. During some periods where that’s not possible creative activity as a way of overcoming that sense of disconnection and despair.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021This coming year is showing us that the intellectually creative energies of the number 5 and Mercury Should predominate. We should all avail ourselves of this powerful vibration, to elevate our thinking. We must think more positively about everything, even the difficulties we are in. Those difficulties continue as individuals and communities. But now as a global and unified species, we need to tackle bigger issues that threaten the survival of our people.

A teabag tastes better in hot water. This sentiment was also echoed in the movie Starman with Jeff Bridges. At the end of the movie he stated, “What I’ve learned is that you humans seem to be at your best when you’re at your worst!”.

This reflects the idea that says difficult moments and challenges are indeed the catalysts for change. This means changing our minds, our hearts and deeds. It’s only through a global change that that’s going to happen. Yet the fact of the matter is that it really all begins at an individual level.

You are Awareness by Dadhichi2021 requires an intellectual insight, a perception of your capacity to change the way you think. You must change your belief systems, and attitudes to the particular circumstances you find yourself in. Capitalise on that, rather than being defeated by it. I’m not saying that you’re going to be successful today, or tomorrow. It’s enough to have the awareness that your mind is still thinking in certain ways that are undermining you. You need a shift in that awareness. That’s fuel enough to trigger the needed and appropriate changes in your life.

2021 has just started. Make no mistake about it, the electromagnetic energy of 7 billion humans thinking has an immense impact on not only our personal relationships but the environment. In a previous article, I spoke about bio-magnetic pollution. Could it be that although carbon emissions are endangering our species that are even more fundamental, immediate changes we can make in our own thinking and behaviour?

We should be working harder on our thought emissions as a race. The collective has the power although it’s often unaware of it. Individually we can modify those electromagnetic vibrations to work as a subtle generator of good energy and revitalization of the planet. Remain more aware.

This year I’ll be giving more digital talks and engaging you in some of the open forums that I have planned. If you are interested in participating, please click here. Drop us a line and we’ll put you on the mailing list to alert you. inform you of the upcoming dates for those events.

I wish you all the best in the coming 12 months and look forward to your company again. I’m available at [email protected] if you need to speak with me.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year

Dadhichi Toth- Astrologer

Dadhichi Toth

Astrologer, Founder and CEO

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