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This year, 2022 ushers in the year of the Water Tiger, and many believe this is a turning point after two years of complicated problems for most of us. The total of the Tiger reminds us of its power, courage and ability to overcome its prey. It is a proud and robust animal, and this year exhibits many of the traits that we see in the Tiger.

CHINESE NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2022According to Chinese culture, your actions at the beginning of 2022 are pivotal to good fortune this year. It’s a great idea to set the foundation for your luck and karma in the coming 12 months.

On New Year’s Eve ( Chinese New Year’s Eve, that is ), why not spend the evening with your family and friends and share your goodwill with them. This is said to bring great fortune throughout the coming months.

According to these Chinese traditions, gifting red envelopes to children and older people with money and candy will also ward off bad luck. Good luck to all of you, and happy Chinese New Year!

Lucky colours for the 12 Chinese animals in 2022:

Rat: Red And Blue
Ox: Red And Yellow
Tiger: Orange, Black, And Blue
Rabbit: Green, Purple And Orange
Dragon: Yellow And White
Snake: Orange, Cyan, And Silver
Horse: Green, Blue And Red
Goat: Bright Yellow/Gold
Monkey: White And Baby Blue
Rooster: Yellow
Dog: Yellow, Black And Grey
Pig: Yellow, Green And Black

Gold and yellow colours are generally considered lucky throughout the year of the Water Tiger.

Horoscope Forecast for 12 Chinese Zodiac for the year of the Water Tiger

Rat in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1912  1924  1936  1948  1960  1972  1984  1996  2008  2020


The obstacles and difficulties in life challenge you to be a better person. 2022 will be the year you are under the microscope. Your flaws will be more visible, but so will your capacity to overcome these difficulties and improve yourself dramatically.

For those born under the year of the rat, it’s time to prove your worth! You value freedom and have an opportunity to break free of those binding circumstances. It’s your confidence and independence that underpin this new phase of your life. To rise to the challenge and take what’s on offer is a secret key to your success.

While being aware of what’s approaching is one aspect of your forecast to observe, one more secret to improving your life is not to point the finger of blame at others. Look inside yourself for answers and spiritual strength. Figure out how to consider things to be what they are. Aspire to your inner self and spiritual dimension to create harmony and peace within yourself and your relationships and help you overcome any obstacles ahead.

Well-being requires an intelligent approach this year. You can’t avoid your body signals, especially if you’re feeling that it is telling you all is not well. You’ve been under some pressure, and any illness is likely a result of these stresses and strains. It’s been going on for some time. Consequently, the otherworldly perspective can likewise assist with decreasing this issue. Put forth a mindful attempt to offer yourself a reprieve occasionally. Continuously make sure to be thoughtful to yourself.

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Ox in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1913  1925  1937  1949  1961  1973  1985  1997  2009  2021


If you’re born under the year of the Ox, you should make love and relationships your number one priority this year. You may have been pursuing a path of independence, possibly even a solitary existence. You now realise that you can’t live life alone and have something special to share with others. You are looking for your soulmate this year. So 2022 is likely an essential year for you to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances, as well as find true love.

In terms of your career, Lady luck will open the door of opportunity for you. You must plan carefully and, of course, make sure your schedule is tight and efficient. You’ll be punctual and will command respect. You’ll also be happy and peaceful that you have your appointments and workload under control. Don’t leave anything to chance, as this will cause incredible frustration and cause you to lose great new opportunities.

You will also study others and have an insight into their motivations. Your keen observations of human behaviour are a distinct advantage if you’re in business and will give you the edge. You may meet some unsavoury characters, but you will know which ones to sidestep with your incisive psychological skills. It would be best if you keep your emotions under control as well. Operate from a relaxed intellectual position rather than reacting to feelings.

Tiger in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1902  1914  1926  1938  1950  1962  1974  1986  1998  2010  2022


2022 is a year of destiny for those born under the year of the Tiger. Whatever you do this year, for good or bad, will be noticed by others. All eyes are on you, so you must be on your best behaviour. As this is your year, you can shine and make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your abilities and unique talents. Presenting yourself in the best light gets you ahead in 2022. One of the secrets to maximising your opportunities is the master of time control. Managing your appointments and social activities and balancing these two aspects of life is essential.

Don’t be in a rush for success. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t speculate, especially if your focus is on earning more money this year. Calculating your moves will save you time and money and, in the end, will give you a better return on your investment.

You may resort to retail therapy, in which case you will blow a lot of cash. Better managing your savings and looking to higher yield interest-bearing deposits is a good idea in 2022.

Say yes to too many invitations can be a problem. Of course, throughout the coming 12 months, you will be much more popular, but this doesn’t mean you need to accept everyone’s requests. Some will be genuine. Some will not. You have to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Overall, however, you will dazzle others and be the centre of attention. Bathe in your glory and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame if you must!

Rabbit in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1903  1915  1927  1939  1951  1963  1975  1987  1999  2011


The past couple of years present hasn’t been easy for those born under the year of the rabbit. Now, however, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the windows of opportunity bring in a breath of fresh air! Better planning has a lot to do with your success and focusing on a specific goal rather than dispersing yourself into many different directions.

As a Rabbit, you can start a new business and implement those mothballed ideas you’ve hidden for some time. Don’t be afraid to invest money in your concepts, as this is the time to push forward confidently. You have the support of others who believe in you. It’s best to believe in yourself before gaining the trust of others and the receipt of their money.

You can present yourself in a significant way. In both business and personal matters, you’ll have an aura of attractiveness about you. Your aura is strong, and you should use this to your best advantage. Your savvy style makes you attractive to the opposite sex.

Even if you have moments of difficulty, you should try to remain confident and cheerful throughout. An upbeat attitude will act as a buffer and keep you on track. Others will also look up to you and see you as a role model of sorts.

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Dragon in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1904  1916  1928  1940  1952  1964  1976  1988  2000  2012


This year the only reason you have to be confused about your identity or brand is that you’re allowing other people to dictate how your brand should look and feel. By doing so, you continue to dig yourself into a deeper hole. Unhappiness is caused by a ‘keeping up with the Joneses mentality. You must try to reassert your value, beauty, and integrity throughout 2022. Have no fear of shining your true self in the world. 

You’re in a phase of self-reflection which reveals both the good and not so good in yourself. You must approach things in a low-key manner right now and evaluate things carefully before making decisions. It’s all relative. You find yourself in the company of people who are much more laid-back and conservative in their thinking. Don’t be surprised at their pushback if you’re introducing new ideas into the social group. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to dip your toe in the water and test people’s reactions to your ideas. On a positive note, you are incredibly motivated, given the current circumstances.

Time is of the essence in the coming 12 months. You’re irritated and hamstrung by red tape, queues and time wasters. If you’re trapped, you need a shortcut out of the maze. This is how you will effectively use your time to get the most out of your professional input. 

You desire to meet new people and explore something beyond your everyday routine experience. Interestingly, you may be attracted to a whole new path which could include spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga and philosophy. Antiques, furnishings and interior design may also draw your attention under these stars.

Snake in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1905  1917  1929  1941  1953  1965  1977  1989  2001  2013


Success rests on doing things differently from others this year. Researching unusual things stimulates your mind throughout 2022. There’s a departure from how you’ve done things in the past. You might not have ventured out of your very tight circle of general information or mental interests. Now, you have a chance to break free of those limitations. 

There’s a struggle between responsibilities to family and your career goals and ambitions. Personal affairs and professional goals are more divergent. On the one hand, being inspired by your dreams motivates you, but you are well aware of the practical demands of day-to-day life.

You have tremendous energy to achieve your goals. You have exciting plans because your imagination is now in overdrive. Enjoy the burst of intellectual energy. You will participate in interesting conversations and meet intelligent people. 

Love is not an either/ or scenario but a careful balancing act in 2022. If you are complacent this year, you won’t extract the best response from your partner. Your energy is at a high point, but you mustn’t waste it. Value everything you’ve achieved, including your emotional triumphs. Try to conserve as much as you can. It would help determine how to direct your energies in the year of the Tiger.

Horse in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1906  1918  1930  1942  1954  1966  1978  1990  2002  2014


In 2022, your professional life takes a dramatic shift in direction that will ultimately lift you into bigger and better circumstances. You must be more daring by seeking out the work you know will fulfil you. Look to the people who help you expand newly formed plans for a new life.

If you’re imprisoned in some situation or in a relationship with someone you are no longer happy with, take the appropriate steps to change your circumstances. These self-limiting feelings are likely associated with your career at present. 

Are you doing what pleases you and ignites your passion? Does it make you feel as if you are creatively contributing to life? If not, you need to rethink your path, and although this may be somewhat scary at first, you’ll soon realise that fear is the least of your problems. Expand your horizons and put yourself in an incredibly motivational space for higher consciousness.

You are financially compensated to the degree that you pursue your dreams this year. During this cycle, invisible efforts may account for more than you think. It would help if you went about your business quietly, not worrying about what others say or do. Ignore irrelevant discussions. There’s no need to advertise your strategy. You could call it ‘success by stealth’. 

The bulk of your focus is on money, and your attention to detail is what brings extraordinary opportunities now. Because work and social life overlap, you need to draw the line between both. It’s great that you can look forward to additional income with a little to spare as well.

Goat in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1907  1919  1931  1943  1955  1967  1979  1991  2003  2015


Finances take a turn for the better throughout 2022. A steadier flow of finances follows a sudden influx of money. Additional sources of income are welcome and give you a chance to get ahead if you’ve fallen behind in the past couple of years. 

However, you must also continue to save a little extra for that rainy day. Let your strength shine. The success will be a source of inspiration to others. A personal skill might be the basis for meeting like-minded people.

Living your life dreaming about what you want to do and not doing anything ends up crippling you and making you lame, so this is not an option in 2022. It would help if you had strategies to achieve your objectives in life. During these coming months, you will be dreaming of what’s possible in future. As long as you connect these visions with a practical plan of attack, you should have no problem achieving your goals. Promotion could be sooner than you think.

2022 is about commitment in your relationships. You’ll decide on a family or relationship issue at this time. It would be best to dredge old stories, only inflame the situation. It’s time to step up and take on a heroes role in your love life. Someone has to step up to the plate to be the role model, at least temporarily.

Others may look to you for guidance at this time. You have tremendous feelings of love and attraction to someone in your professional environment. However, try not to overstep the line of professionalism. If someone doesn’t believe in you, you haven’t convinced them of your commitment.

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Monkey in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1908  1920  1932  1944  1956  1968  1980  1992  2004  2016


In 2022, the year of the Tiger, whatever financial misfortune befalls you, is fairly and squarely on your shoulders. While you may have been fiscally prudent over the year also, it’s still not the right time to take any uncalculated risks with your money or investments. 

You’ve saved some money for a rainy day, but if you need to take a punt, don’t blow everything you’ve worked hard for, not just yet anyhow. Someone you know has information that can be of help. Dip your toe in the water, test the environment and research your investments before making rash judgements with your cash. With the right moves, you’ll see a slow but steady improvement in your financial and business life.

Changes are happening in your industry. You may not be quite aware of them right now, but you should be a step ahead of what’s happening so that you can take advantage of it. Expand your understanding of what’s going on in your line of work. 

Technology and new forms of online business may captivate your interest. You can start to make good money in this arena over the coming years. Get up to date with the rules and regulations etc. Technology is moving forward at an ever-increasing rate and could leave you behind if you’re not on top of it.

There are undercurrents of emotional frustration that may dampen your love life at present. If you can’t articulate how you feel, these feelings could build up to volcanic proportions if not careful. Injury, inflammation and other health issues may need effective. A checkup is helpful early in the year. 

You may also be suppressing your feelings and could find yourself dissatisfied with your workplace’s current state of affairs or with co-workers. Resolve these issues now rather than bottling up your emotions.

Rooster in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1909  1921  1933  1945  1957  1969  1981  1993  2005  2017


Throughout 2022 you will start to feel a more substantial measure of success. You will be more in demand as increased social activities arise. This coming year will be lucky for the rooster and inject you with more energy and drive to do what stimulates your passion. Loving what you do is crucial to tremendous success in the coming months.

Eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life, from clutter and disorder in your environment to an unhealthy relationship. Being truly happy means letting go of long-held ideologies that no longer serve you. It also means surrounding yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals. Don’t allow pride to cause you to refuse assistance when offered. Others will enjoy being part of your journey this year.

Good karma is following you, and you should start to see the fruits of your past actions this year. Work is demanding, and you may not be in the mood to retool or adjust yourself just yet. However, the more flexible and amenable you are to improving yourself, the greater the chances of success. 

To make strides in your professional life, improve your skills and the quality of the people you engage. You currently have the universe’s blessings as your good karma returns in good measure. Rest assured, something good should happen to you shortly. 

You want to create more harmony in your domestic environment, and this will also act as a foundation for greater confidence and success in 2022. It will help if you enrich your home, as it’s an auspicious time to do so. A happy mind and heart mean less distraction in your professional activities.

Dog in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1910  1922  1934  1946  1958  1970  1982  1994  2006  2018


You must champion progressive thinking in 2022. If you can think differently, the year of the Tiger will liberate you. If the nudge comes from your spouse or partner, remain mentally open to exploring new ideas. How else will you expand your mind? 

Try to be more empathetic in your relationships to ultimately better yourself. An intuitive approach makes you more receptive to enjoying the benefits that come with compassion. That creates peace of mind and develops a character that translates into tremendous success generally.

This year you mustn’t avoid others simply because you’re apprehensive about a situation. Pay close attention to preserving your respect and dignity. Recommit yourself to friendship. Understand that others may be going through a hard time and that it’s not their fault. You feel that you have what it takes to make some new changes in your life. Your discussions should take a turn for the better during this cycle. This should ensure profitable meetings based on imagination and ingenuity.

Become more involved in your finances as an oversight will lead to problems. If you’re careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. This period will also present you with something exciting if you’re alert enough to recognise and seize the opportunity. 

Diving into entrepreneurial ideas is a more complicated temptation than you expect. You could be lax in your financial affairs. You may need to spend extra time going over the books. Pay careful attention to detail, and don’t be distracted. 

There’s no rush to be involved in a relationship as you are more methodical in choosing partners now. You want to make sure that you don’t make the wrong decisions emotionally.

Pig in the year 2022 of the Water Tiger Horoscope

1911  1923  1935  1947  1959  1971  1983  1995  2007  2019


In 2022, your circle of friends and influence should widen. These people will positively influence you and help you move in higher circles to expand your professional opportunities. Business connections will also improve as well. You’ll have a year where you feel you’ve achieved something worthwhile, with some great professional successes. 

Your trust, enthusiasm, and the ability to channel your energies correctly will bring transformation and an overall general improvement. There could be an increase in your income.

It would help if you had a greater scope to express your creative instincts right now. Supervisors could be obstructive if you’re trying to exercise your creative will. They want you to do brilliant things but aren’t allowing you the initiative to do that. 

You follow others lead but will become frustrated. Try not to overextend yourself or take on more than is reasonable. You can earn more money by cutting overheads. Reducing your expenses is a perfect way to save more effectively.   

Overeating and drinking are likely during the year of the Tiger. Moderation is your keyword for the time being. There’s no disputing the fact that you also need more exercise. Even if you don’t have too much time at your disposal, you must create it. This year is the right time to get cracking on your exercise regime. 

You could be overworking and demanding too much of yourself. Remember that physical overexertion, primarily if run-down, creates rather than heals disease. You want to improve your overall health, so less is more seems an essential key now.

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