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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Break up rumours

The rumors have started again that Angelina and Brad are perhaps experiencing marital difficulties and even though Angelina has openly rebuked these assertions in the media, let’s take a look at the horoscope of both of them to see just how astrologically compatible they are.

I have prepared the sidereal charts of both to analyse the interrelationship of planets in one horoscope to the other.

According to sidereal astrology both of them have water signs rising and in trine aspect to each other. This is an excellent association and shows that they are intuitively and emotionally very powerfully linked. Both of them don’t really need to talk to understand what the other is thinking or feeling.

In our compatibility and conflict report, here are some of the interpretations which sum up the most powerful and positive aspects of their relationship


“…..Angelina’s Moon Trine Brad’s Mars:

You feel more energized, even exhilarated, when you are together. In fact, the intent of this aspect is to activate your moods and stimulate new feelings in each other. Perhaps, even feelings you have never felt before or not in a long time. There is always likely to be a charge of energy between you and you have a way of reaching each other on a deeply emotional level. You will tend to generate energy when you are together the two of you can be counted upon to take action or be in the lead, when you are part of a group. In fact, you may be involved in social causes or any project where goal-setting and forward progress is necessary.

There is a healthy, normal tendency to confront issues that arise between you. Resolving conflict will be easier to handle with this aspect. Although there is a marvelous naturally occurring energy between you, don’t allow habit to make it dull. Be sure to plan new or physical activities together to regenerate and rejuvenate your relationship and keep it fully alive. With a bit of conscious attention, this aspect is excellent for maintaining newness in your day-to-day life with each other. You will both want to create an atmosphere of aliveness and vitality when you are together. The expression of emotion between you is typically direct or candid and in that way involves a healthy release of emotions.

Brad’s Sun Trine Angelina’s Asc.:

This aspect facilitates self-expression and social interaction between the two of you. You are together because you genuinely enjoy each other’s style and life direction. This aspect enhances the development of the personality and encourages a greater ease in expressing who you are in relation to another person. The purpose of this aspect is to enable and encourage the development of personal expression and self-understanding. It is an aspect of enhancement and generosity. It develops and supports a fondness for similar attitudes and attributes, sharing common interests and feelings of happiness in each other’s company. Essentially, this aspect is one of recognition and appreciation of each other’s unique personal abilities. You feel support from your partner to be who you are.

Angelina’s Sun Square Brad’s Jupiter:

In your life together, you will feel compelled, sometimes driven, to seek adventure, learning and travel experiences. The impulse of the aspect is to exceed limitation and to maintain the freedom to explore new experiences. These desires can at times clash with the more stable requirements of a relationship. If you can adventure together often enough, the times when one of you wants to go it alone may be tolerable. If not, this will be one of your issues.

Together, you will desire to challenge yourselves and each other to reach new heights and test your abilities to exceed expectations. It’s possible you will engage in sports and physical activity in general, which will alleviate the restlessness of this aspect. Above all, you want variety and will resist boredom. Reckless excessiveness is more of a pitfall with this aspect of Jupiter between your charts. Grandiosity and ego-excesses can get in the way of harmonious relationships with yourselves or others.

The choices you make will teach you wisdom faster than you can believe is possible. You want to live the good life but you may not have the resources immediately at hand. Refrain from over-extending yourselves unnecessarily either financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Otherwise, your mutual goodwill could erode into blaming each other for spending your resources and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Brad’s Mars Trine Angelina’s Jupiter:

brad_pitt_and_angelina_jolieRisk, adventure and learning are important ingredients in your life together. The intent of this aspect is to broaden your horizons and your experiences through shared inquiry. You are meant to understand your limits by exceeding them in various ways in the course of your relationship with each other.

Traveling and physical activities are likely important features of being together since there is a natural restlessness to the aspect. It’s possible you could give in to too much laziness but it will bottle up your positive output. The mind/body balance is one of the messages of this energetic combination. You are together to motivate, expand and develop your abilities, to take charge and lead yourselves or others into new territories of experience — physically, mentally, even spiritually. You can spread optimism according to your means, and you may be philanthropic. There’s great joy and optimism in this combination and the two of you will continually see the silver lining in any black clouds that drift your way……..”

But there are some difficulties in the horoscopes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as well.  If there is a reason for them breaking up we need to look at these tensions in the horoscope. With Brad Venus conjoining the 7th house cusp of marriage, we see the natural attraction between the two of them however this also has its own problems in as much as the demands of family and career will be a constant pressure on the relationship itself.

Because they both have Mercury opposite each other’s Mercury their communication style could be rather different too. This is where they will need to constantly work on improving this part of the relationship. On the other hand, because they are both highly intelligent they will be able to use this challenge to stimulate their intellects and to learn a lot from each other even if they may not always agree.

One of the most important planetary positions between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is the 12th house Sun in Angelina’s horoscope which is very problematic as far as her father is concerned and we know that for a fact being the daughter of Jon Voight was not all an easy relationship for her. But this 12th house position shows that she may react to Brad in an unconscious way and there may well be elements of aggression in this expression as Mars in Brad’s horoscope is opposite Angelina’s secretive Sun. Interestingly the Sun is on the same side as the South node while in Brad’s horoscope Mars is in close proximity, to his South node, in fact within 2°.

Speaking of the nodes or the karmic point in their horoscopes, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a very powerful connection between the Sun and the North node in both their horoscopes. Brad’s North node or karmic point sits within 5° of the Sun and her North node falls within 2° of Brad’s Sun. This definitely indicates the karmic nature of their relationship and how their personalities are inextricably linked with their combined destinies.

The current transits for Brad and Angelina are certainly not easy and we see slower moving Saturn now at the right angle to Brad’s Jupiter putting a hold on his creative and business ideas. Based on Eastern astrology this can also make him more tightlipped and frustrated during this important transit. This same Saturn is opposing Angelina’s natal Sun to the exact degree right now and can be very debilitating. The additional responsibilities of family life and marriage may start to weigh heavily on her head during this particular cycle. There will also be an inconjunction or quincunx which is a 150° aspect between transiting Saturn and her natal Saturn and during this year Angelina can also expect the same aspect or quincunx to her Venus. This certainly places considerable pressure on the marriage. But this mean the end for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Many are speculating that the marriage may end now however I would suspect that the transit of Saturn to Brad’s natal Venus which is in Capricorn and Angelina’s which is in Cancer between 4 to 6 years from now may be more of a difficult transit than the one they are encountering now. For now, these speculations are merely that speculation based upon the typical ups and downs that any married couple will encounter. Those later transits however are certainly ones we will be continuing to monitor astrologically.

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