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Aquarius Love Horoscope

What does Aquarius Love Horoscope mean?

AQUARIUSL1You’d probably die if anyone saw your secret list of most admirable traits you look for in a partner. They certainly wouldn’t fall into the typical category of your friends, I’m sure. Your wish list might contain some of the most far-fetched and unusual points. You may not in fact secretly desire someone who is tall, dark and handsome; or, if you’re a male, someone typically 36–24–36.

An individual and unique view on life is also extended to your taste in matters of romance and marriage. Yours is not a typical love and the way you approach your relationships may be a little uncomfortable for others because you are just so different.

You need relationships that can help you grow and in which your mind is constantly active. You love to explore the possibilities that are available to you and at times this could break the barriers of what is considered normal in society. In your earlier years you will push ideas to the limits if only to say that you have experienced it. Later, of course, you may settle down to a more normal approach to relationships but with the full satisfaction of knowing that at least you explored those avenues to their natural conclusion.

Many Aquarians prefer to remain single for as long as possible because freedom is an essential part of your lifestyle. If you’re fortunate enough to meet someone who can respect this need, life will be much easier and they can actually enhance your love for them.

You have strong opinions about true love. The way you show your love may be a little disconcerting to those who have been reared in a traditional environment, so perhaps it’s not a bad idea to test the water first before shocking people with your antics.

Equality is extremely essential in any relationship and if someone tries to exert an unfair level of control over you, rest assured it will backfire on them and could bring the relationship crashing to the ground. As long as you have a mutually sharing style of relationship, you’re happy.

You also have no problem asking for your needs to be met, irrespective of what those needs are. You’re honest, perhaps even blunt at times, but there’ll be no ambiguity about where you’re coming from.

Although you are loyal and trustworthy, as a friend and lover—make no bones about it—you need that freedom and independence to explore unique friendships along the way. Hopefully you’ll find a liberal-minded partner who understands that this is your way of growing as a human being.

There’s a strong social element to the sign of Aquarius and your partner will need to accept this. Parties, groups, and also clubs and other organisations that are connected with spiritual or social issues but which offer a socially entertaining backdrop, are all necessary for your mental and emotional wellbeing. If your partner is prepared to join in and support you in these endeavours, well and good. This will only serve to enhance the relationship and the love you have for each other.

If, however, you find yourself being short-changed by someone who is insular and not aware of the world’s greater needs, you’ll be off to greener pastures.

Your main focus is to explore your personal relationships and find the deeper meaning of love and on your terms. You’re not afraid of societal taboos and are in fact even likely to continue to investigate these forbidden sexual and emotional avenues.

Your search for love and meaning throughout your life will be on your own terms and if someone is prepared to join you on this journey and share in the excitement and joy that comes as a result then you’ll both be all the better for it.

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