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Aries female – Victoria Beckham

As Aries is a movable sign, this is why Victoria enjoys travelling immensely. She is constantly on the go and with her famous husband David Beckham, and continues to strut the world stage and attract the attention of the paparazzi across the globe. It doesn’t matter where Victoria travels there’s never a shortage of attention for her personal or professional exploits.ive, famous and sometimes hectic lifestyle which like Quentin Tarantino above is also a unique Aries star sign trait. Being born under the first sign of the Zodiac means she is restless and never likes to stay in one spot. As such, is it any wonder she made her name as a dancer and a singer with the Spice Girls. Once again we see just how creative Aries either male or female can be.

Some Aries born individuals are so high strung and active that they need to be careful not to burn up too many calories. This has been a point of contention and debate in the media over many years which is why Victoria has been accused of having some sort of eating disorder. Was that might be true, you will find that the high metabolic rate of Aries natives is the primary reason for them not being able to maintain their weight. All that go, go, go lifestyle is perfect way to burn up the calories.

Although she leads a glamorous lifestyle, it’s quite a well-known fact that Victoria also takes tremendous pride in her family and in particular her children. This is another aspect of the Aries personality which is sometimes overlooked. Family is always in the back of their minds, even though they pursue numerous activities. Aries indeed love and look after the welfare of their families.

Victoria can look forward to some interesting times throughout 2012 because Venus the planet of friendship, love and financial benefits, activates their profit sector as the year commences. Having the added assistance of Uranus supercharging loving Venus, means they will be fulfilled in their desires and this could happen rather suddenly as the year commences. Friends will be a source of pleasure and profit for them.

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